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  1. l agree with you. These weapons have pretty basic Skills. Personally, l think that all weapons should be upgradable but those that fall behind (or are favored?) would simply have more options. Like Seigmund (Ephraim's Lance) has 5 options of upgrade and Binding Blade (Roy's Sword) would have like 2 options. Sure, in terms of upgrades it would be a bit unfair, but it would help balance everything in the end. lt may be just me, but it doesn't feel right that ''Normal Weapons'' (Silver and alike) can have more MT than ''Legendary Weapons''. Sure, they can be close of their power (Silver+ at 15 and Legendary at 16, though Tomes at 14, beats me why), maybe even equal, if we push it enough, but not superior. lt may just be me, but this feels plain wrong. l feel ya on this one. Those tomes are at 10 MT when you have them at + version (Unless l'm mistaken, in terms of MT and adding the update, they're the weakest). lt's obvious that many Heroes had a hard time keeping up and giving them a boost is only to make it more fair (at least, l want to hope that is the case), but in this case (especially Seigmung gets it but not Seiglinde), it's almost like favoritism since they both have the EXACT same effect and EXACT same MT.
  2. l see. That does make sense. Though l think the cooldown should be a bit longer, the idea begins to look doable.
  3. Hmm. Another fair point. Hmmmm... How about the limit resets once you've used up all the claim limits on every available characters? Not the best idea, but l'm kinda running out of those. l welcome any of them.
  4. l won't argue with the fact that receiving a 5☆ Unit for free with my idea is indeed WAYYY too much. ln fact, l am opposed to such a thing. That's why l suggested for them to be received at 1☆. That way, whether you want to use them for their Skills or for Merging, you'll still have to invest time and Feathers in them. As you said, no amount could fix a neutral nature but these Units could be used in the meantime until we can summon a real one. Plus, with the ''claim limit'' at 2, you can't abuse this system and you'd have to use these Units wisely.
  5. l see your point. Then, would my idea sound better if we limited the number of times where we can claim the same Hero to prevent this abuse? Something like 2 times for Units that can be summoned and 4 for GHB Units. For example, you can't claim more than 2 Ryoma. Once you've claimed him twice, he's no longer available. More times for GHB Units is only because they can't be summoned like the others and personally, l'd really like to bolster my 5☆ Xander and F-Robin. l understand perfectly but that's why l mentioned that one of the restrictions (and the one l prefer) should be that you can't ''claim for free'' a Hero that you haven't yet summoned. lf you want more of one Rare Units, you must get it legitimately, if l can say it like that. And as l said above, to prevent abuse of merging Units, there would be a limit on how many times you can claim the same Unit.
  6. ln regard to my previous post, which can be found at the link above, l came up with an idea, which l believe may have a better chance of working. Combining many ideas and opinions from many people who answered my previous idea, l may have targeted the main issues that people were mentionning. Hopefully, this idea will suit everyone better. As the title say, a ''customer reward'' system could be implanted. Somewhat similar to the ''first free summon'' recently added, this system would reward people who purchase (not use or obtain freely) Orbs for a certain amount of money. The reward would be a any Hero of their choices (with certain restrictions, of course). All details will be further below. Now, please keep in mind that l am merely giving a basic idea. The ''final product'' would be up to the Devs. For the part of purchasing Orbs : After you buy for 100$ worth of Orbs, you would be rewarded with a Hero. lt would work in a cumulative way until you reach 100$ (spending 100$ in one go is a bit excessive l think). So one week you buy for 30$ (prices are fictive), 40$ the next, and another 40$ after that. That'd make 110$ spend in Orbs so you would have a Hero. Since you passed the 100$ cap, it would return to 0. Thus, you'd still have to buy for 100$ and not 90$ despite having spend 110$ on the first shot. Now, for ''Hero Reward'' part : There are 2 kinds of restriction that could be applied, one of them based on the ''Hero Catalog'' (HC). The details that can be applied regardless of the type of restriction are detailed below. -The first kind would be that you can choose a Hero that you have unlocked in the HC. Meaning that you couldn't get a Hero that you haven't unlocked with the Gacha System, which would help keeping the spirit of the game (personally, l prefer that one). -The second kind is, as you might have guessed, that you can choose any Hero at all. People who are more with a ''Collector Mind'' will like this idea better (though l think it'd be easier for non-collectors to abuse it). Other details : -Regardless of which restriction would be chosen, any Hero received this way will have neutral Stats (no boons/banes or special nature, whatever you call it) and they will all be received at 1☆. This way, we would have to work to get them in proper shape. -GHB Units should also be available, both for those who missed them and the skills they can bring (They are already free so it wouldn't be THAT much of a hit to the devs). -For Exclusive Units such as Spring/Summer Units, l have no real preferences. General opinion should decide that one. -There would be no restriction of 5☆ exclusives. You can pick ANY Hero you want, according to what restriction would be chosen on the 2 aboves. l'm fully aware that we cannot please everyone and that many F2P players may greatly dislike this idea, as it encourages P2W players. Still, l think it'd be better than Trading Units and it wouldn't undermine the game system, nor kill its spirit. Plus, you can hardly abuse this system without (potentially) abusing your own bank account. And with this idea, l don't think we need to worry too much about the Devs losing money over this game. Feel free to add what you think would be best to improve it.
  7. That's something l haven't figured out yet. l was planning to find something if this idea was liked by enough people. Besides, opinions on this idea seem to be divided so l can't even be sure it'd work since both sides provide good points. That doesn't change my position on this, of course, but l have to admit that many points are fairly good, and ideas to make this possible are about as good. Like they say : Let's not worry about that until we have to worry about it.
  8. You won't get off my back, will you? Very well then. Do as you wish. But l'd recommend to drop our little discussion here or to take it in private, for both of us. lt's leading astray from the main idea of this forum and l believe that is also forbidden by the Code of Conduct. You may keep answering if you wish (not like l could stop you anyway), but l will not. As you said, l will follow the Code of Conduct.
  9. Really? Don't take it the wrong way but don't you have something better to do than correcting me or trying to prove... well, whatever you want to prove? lf l want to answer individually, then why shouldn't l do so? As far as l know, there are no rules against that. lf you have something against me, please say it and let's be done with it. l'm not interested in starting anything so if that's what you want, please, l ask you kindly to take it elsewhere. Other than that, l'll keep your sugeestion in mind if l ever need it. Thanks.
  10. True but some shop might eventually arrive. We still have no idea what the Sacred Coins will be for. The fact that they are Coins lets people think it'll be some kind of shop. Likely of Sacred Seals but something else is possible too.
  11. A Hero Shop could have potential but maybe it is what Sacred Coins would be for. Though it seems more likely to be used for Sacred Seals (or so is the general theory), it might be possible. The rest of the idea is pretty sound.
  12. Obsidian.

    1. Emil Amnell

      Emil Amnell

      Yep. l'm surprised someone recognised that skin.

    2. Junkhead


      I main Corrin, so... :d

  13. Oh well. Then please accept my apologies if you saw it this way but l was merely trying to remain polite. Now, let's close our discussion before it turns into an argument, shall we? l'm here to show this idea and you disagree. Case closed.
  14. Well, the 30 days cooldown is mainly to avoid abuses of any kind. Even l think it's a bit excessive but if people get all they want so easily, the Devs would never allow it, and it would sap some fun of the game.
  15. Oh l'm fully aware of that. But if one random person disagreeing with my idea is enough to discourage me, l won't go very far, don't you think? People can disagree as much as they want. That doesn't mean l won't try my luck all the same.
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