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  1. Well I deleted it, it’s nice in small doses, but I don’t want to play the same map dozens of times without more randomness.
  2. I need to get back to work in a bit, maybe another time. My backup plan was just watching story mode on youtube But this probably is a good indication that the game wants more grinding than i’m willing to tolerate
  3. There’s a strength minimum to enter, I’m about 4,000 below it
  4. Well I think I’m locked out of Veronica’s Trial and the rest of story mode ... I’m starting to reconsider uninstalling all over again
  5. Is there any precedent for a potential character like Loki being added at the May 3rd date I'd like to preemptively grind the right resource
  6. so Loki isn't confirmed as a playable unit, I'd say I might have to hold back, but even with my 10ish full summons, I have low expectations
  7. I always thought of them as a good not great class that doesn’t shine until postgame
  8. at least it has some characters i like, now i just need luck
  9. was hoping Felicia would have had traded less def for more res
  10. right when I'm supposed to start hoarding for Ike's and Veronica's reappearance ... I'll prioritize the twins, while Genny will likely be nice, I have more than enough cavalry staff units
  11. Was this the first time they removed orbs from the daily rewards?
  12. Anyone else get a special event today, had a shooting star in the hot springs and 60 points.
  13. Am I the only one who thinks it’s odd we didn’t get silhouettes yet, I’m predicting White Day, Valentine’s Day was closer to a funeral holiday this year, so I’m ok with the similarity.
  14. I surprisingly didn’t get sent back to 18, even more surprising is that my defense team is winning a few with a 2 fortress level deficit
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