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  1. My biggest complaint is that I'd want there to be a boss at the end. Maybe give us a sneak peek of it ahead of time so we can build something to defeat it. The last level was easier than two levels down due to unit luck.
  2. I'm going to miss this x5 multiplier, probably beats tempest trials for grinding
  3. As far as the plot goes, is their plan to copy what happened in dead Ask,r knowing that it failed, and with no insight on how to fix it. I feel like something's not adding up, but I'm not sure if I'm missing something, or if the protagonists are following their only lead.
  4. I planned to SP grind armors, but outside of Eirika, most of mine need skills more than they need hp. Fury bow goes great with cavalry healer, might try to throw together a last minute horse team, but I haven’t pulled for horses since CYL 2, so putting together a whole team will be rough.
  5. I’m surprised how aggressively people are playing this, I’m worried about getting bored. I got celica tome, pent’s swift sparrow tome, and hone speed 4 on alm, so I’m not having speed problems any time soon.
  6. So that new aether raids item let’s players use Hectors 20 damage skill twice?
  7. I'm am torn between really liking everything about Hector, and not needing another red sword I'll still go Red because I need distant counter the most out of these skills.
  8. This is the worst luck I’ve had with getting multipliers.
  9. Really sad that new Hector is a red sword armor, the artwork is great, but I already have a lot of resources put into Valentines Ike, while my other armors desperately lacking The new mode interests me, my only worry is that it might be too easy to put all eggs in one basket, and only lvl 25 unit for example outperforms 4 level 15s
  10. Legendary Hector, he keeps getting sidetracked by other projects
  11. Personally, I could never get over that hair over half his face look. Dr. Blight can pull it off, but she’s a rare exception.
  12. I’ll probably go Rinea, Inigo is a back up. Don’t have the others
  13. i intended to finish off spring veronica, and i wanted to eventually get thrasir, so I'm happy no idea what team I'd put her on though, most units i'd like to pair her with to make her b skill work are also a green mage.
  14. Thanks, that was probably what caused it in the first place
  15. is there any trick to getting a non 5 multiple of feathers other than culling my friends list it randomly gave me 4 feathers Sunday, and it's bugging me a little bit
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