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  1. The left one reminds me of Laevatein, can’t think of anyone else with split tails like that. the right one could be Laejgarn. I’m curious what the right one is carrying, looks like a cluster of reeds.
  2. Casual player, I usually stay around 18 and I don’t bother with bonus units or elements. My defense team hasn’t changed in over a year. For offense I use a mix of speedy special fighter armors and bold fighter armors.
  3. I’ve skipped the past GCs, I’ll skip this one too.
  4. It was Ike, I’ll probably +10 him on a future banner.
  5. 40 summons and I got +Res Juliá Hubert +Spd Ike Zelgius
  6. Even as a Veronica fan that accessory is too much for me ... Flowers are scarce enough that I don't want to cut off that source.
  7. Forging bonds has some interesting potential. I’ll be pulling for Ike, but due to low orbs, I’ll wait until his next banner to plus 10 him.
  8. Picked Veronica for round three, although she might not even be a villain anymore
  9. Ditched my 300 orbs into blue hoping for the first blue unit I liked in a long time, and I got Forrest and the Red archer instead, same awful luck I had with Holiday Sothis. The free unit is much better than where I would have been.
  10. I picked Lute, combining encyclopedic knowledge with a nice balance in trolling
  11. It feels a bit nostalgic, when spring Veronica and Loki were released I was planning on finally making a flying team, but Armored picnickers from the next month made me drop that idea.
  12. Does strike usually get beyond the trillions like it is now in scoring?
  13. Daylight savings was probably involved, now everything won’t be a day behind
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