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  1. Karin and Selphina are my guesses, I’m assuming the right’s sleeve appears to be a false pony tail
  2. Tomas and Kronya arguably had the best timing in losing their disguises, if you assume their plan was to sabotage any chance of Byleth uniting with the Flame Emperor, who has been their face. They need Edelgard to defeat Rhea because she has the sheer force army numbers to win. But Edelgard would prefer keeping Byleth alive if not an adversary. Slither probably prioritizes Byleth’s death over Rhea’s, because of their tie to Sothis. Having Byleth under Edelgard’s protection is their nightmare scenario.
  3. I remember Chrom being oddly protective of Inigo, like asking Noire to watch over him, but that could also have been a sign of seeing him as an incompetent liability.
  4. Yeah if the left unit isn't Severa or Leajarn I will be shocked I'm thinking the right is Klein, maybe Wil; I'd be tempted to add Wolt but he already has a seasonal.
  5. I was hoping Marianne would have came with a new staff With the near ridiculous amount of skills I just gave Valentines Veronica, I'm gonna pass on blue mages for a while
  6. I had the oddest luck with my free pulls, four five stars in a row. Leo on his banner when I wanted to go colorless for Elise Got a Sirius when I tried to go for Gatrie Mila when I was going for Claude. Then today a Nailah going for Valentine Lyn
  7. Am I the only one thinking Loki is the dragon that created embla and has been influencing Veronica and Bruno They, and even some resplendents, share that black feathered collar and dark colors.
  8. I’ve been wondering, was Nemesis released on purpose or was the containment broken from the javelins.
  9. a big fan of the character and unit, but I'm out of orbs kinda disappointed he didn't get the white wyvern from the barbarossa class
  10. I went with something quick Death Blow 4 Special Spiral Rouse Atk/Def Quickened Pulse Glimmer
  11. So does everyone else just see each other Kiran's now? I wouldn't mind the feature if you could customize them as much as Corrin, but with the few choices, and many of my friends having a foreign language, I'm not a fan.
  12. I think they're planning on having Bruno turn evil or have him be a plot device, I'm still confused with what he was doing in Chapter 2. The only thing that makes sense about the overlying plot is that Loki is puppeteering a good portion of it, and the reason it's confusing is because she wants it to be.
  13. The problem with Sharena is that because they don't let her engage in conversations, she doesn't have deep relationships, and it's weird fitting in a character without relationships into a love day. At least Veronica has an established relationship with Xander and Bruno, and a deep fear of loneliness. Sharena's other problems are that there are only two living males excluding current antagonists, neither of which are in the same country, and the player character issue ...
  14. I'm almost surprised they didn't have Lif attack brave Ike, everything on Lif seems designed to answer him
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