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  1. Does strike usually get beyond the trillions like it is now in scoring?
  2. Daylight savings was probably involved, now everything won’t be a day behind
  3. Torn between Altina and Winter Sothis, I like Altina more, but I don’t like the vast majority of fliers enough to make a flying team, although she’s workable in tactics. Winter Sothis would fit well in my armor team except her stat distribution is too much like Felicia, and I like Felicia more.
  4. It’s a doubleedged sword, in a world without powercreep, make a 10+ Severa and you might never consider buying a red orb again. But with powercreep it makes all units feel vestigial.
  5. I am getting a lot of single stat level ups, thankfully I'm getting a lot of variations of Fury
  6. I’m more curious on how many indulged in the first place, I put together a team for gardens, but I never bothered with the competitive modes, and gardens itself fell out of favor.
  7. This post made me wonder if they see the soft P2W methods, like encouraging multiple arena and raids teams through elements, as a failure.
  8. Part of me thinks if they made the more lackluster features free, and left the paid portions for unit + costume + misc currency then people wouldn't have been as upset. The value is similar Black Knight and people generally liked that, although the temporary part is annoying too.
  9. I like that the goals are there, and that you can meet their requirements before paying, but that number is annoying. At the moment, I’m not buying the pass because I haven’t been leveling up free units as it is, just supporting a small collection of armored units, and I’m not in the mood to build up other units.
  10. I'm still conflicted, it's a decent value for the money, but I'm already slacking on leveling free units. I've mostly been using seasonal armors.
  11. Aren’t you ignoring that modern infantry gets an extra skill built into their weapons compared to other gens?
  12. I love Faye’s artwork, and I could use an armored archer with bold fighter and armor march built in, so I‘ll try to get 1. The meat is wrong in the right way, I pity that the one person she loves doesn’t love her back.
  13. While I actually like paying for skins I like, I’m sour toward subscriptions. If they had stories that came with them, I’d be a lot more enthusiastic. I’ll play the wait and see approach.
  14. The calendar says the 3 year celebration begins Feb 1st, I’d expect they’d include CYL with other details.
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