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  1. what part of a written standard would help when the only evidence of a problem is audible, and that evidence only exists in the context of joking hyperbole
  2. Loki / Thorr tempt me, except I got lucky enough to +10 Claude last banner, and they have a lot in common.
  3. Then comes children, and most of your free time will be gone, in more optimistic news you won't be bored for a long time.
  4. Isn't her faction only loosely associated with Nergal as a client? I'll admit my memory of that game is bad, as is my memory in general.
  5. I'm more interested in the C skill than the unit itself, but I'd want it on a unit who does something similar like Riev or Loki, but I'm not sure they can survive being within 4 spaces of a Canto unit.
  6. I wish they synth'd Greg's voice to somehow make him sound like a child I' plus 10'd all the other Ikes, so I'll likely plus 10 this one too, just not this banner since the green focus banner wiped all my savings
  7. Still hoping for kitten Ranulf, I’ll settle for any kitten laguz
  8. Not including the freebie, for the 40 summons I got 1 Azura 1 Corrin 1 Thorr 1 Charlotte 1 Zelgius 1 Brave Celica less greens appeared than I would have liked
  9. With Thorr out, I'll go with Azura, I could use a cavalry dancer.
  10. Well Thorr seems more popular and has the multiplier.
  11. While I would love a full green banner, Thorr is the only one of these I want so I'm joining her team
  12. But think of the 15% pull rate on green, we may never get this again, last time I can even remember was the sister voting gauntlet
  13. Summer Hilda’s even recovery and 3 blues is how I managed this, as long as I keep Hilda away from Ike, things go smoothly.
  14. Lucky enough to get Ephraim on new power, -Atk but that can eventually be fixed
  15. Got pity broken by units I didn't even know where in the game like Phinia and Osian
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