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  1. With the most popular characters already released, my thinking is now well being seeing more banners with 3 obscure characters and 1 ascended hero as flower bait.
  2. i really can't remember the last time the game gave me a focus unit got a Silque and Louise while trying to pull Fjorm and i got a free Zeke from the bonds banner although in these cases I'll admit I like them more than the banner's focus
  3. Mixed feelings On the one hand, I'm annoyed there's yet another stat boosting resource to collect, especially tied to low percentage chance, high resource expenditure focus summoning; but on the other hand, this also means we may get more variations of Ike, Hector, Veronica, e.c.t. which makes me happy.
  4. Anyone else heartbroken Sophia can't have giant spider accessories?
  5. was the last thing we heard about Bruno's arc that it somehow involves the taguel?
  6. Do the Menace (like Atk/Spd Menace) skills inflict a Penalty that would fulfill Catch (like Atk/Spd Catch 4) skills requirement?
  7. I'm tempted to go for Jorge, just for being part of my team that beat Veronica's boss battle all those years ago, but I don't know anything about him as a character Biased to either Shinon or Claude at the moment.
  8. I doubt they’d end it without Bruno and Loki finishing their plot threads.
  9. Well my 400 orbs got me junk this time around, other than freebies I got 1 original Dimitri 1 Nagi 1 Gatekeeper 1 Eirika 1 Dieck I'm abandoning plans to +10 gatekeeper
  10. I was really hoping gatekeeper would have been a blue unit, over the 4/5 years there’s been an especially low number of blue units I wanted to use. Still planning to plus ten him, butane 400 I’ll need to wait for his 2nd/3rd focus
  11. Karin and Selphina are my guesses, I’m assuming the right’s sleeve appears to be a false pony tail
  12. Tomas and Kronya arguably had the best timing in losing their disguises, if you assume their plan was to sabotage any chance of Byleth uniting with the Flame Emperor, who has been their face. They need Edelgard to defeat Rhea because she has the sheer force army numbers to win. But Edelgard would prefer keeping Byleth alive if not an adversary. Slither probably prioritizes Byleth’s death over Rhea’s, because of their tie to Sothis. Having Byleth under Edelgard’s protection is their nightmare scenario.
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