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  1. oh i see, that explains why i've never seen it before on my physical copy
  2. hewwo i finished the prologue after we had some trouble with dolphin orz we begin our journey on normal mode idk how hard this will be seeing as neither of us have played in 4+ years and only on easy c: ike gets destroyed by his dad and falls asleep "BOUT TIME!" uwu and just in case we didn't realise ikes mummy singing the same song as mist is their mummy we get a fade over image of her amazing.... anyway, we start chapter prologue!!!!!!!!!! mercenaries!!!!!! boyd should know that ike's movement won't take him that close so he's just being mean.. :cccc and here we have the best lines in the game... amazing writing right here guys tfw ur healer gives you a vulnerary ike stabs his dad a few times and becomes lucky just lucky, nothing more, nothing less. a perfect level up and here i leave mist's parting words to us in chapter prologue c:
  3. i'm really late but this cosplay is really nice and you look great! well done :)
  4. does it not occur to you that this paragraph makes you sound insane?
  5. an actual day where i've made an effort and am not wearing sweatpants
  6. egg? egg on toast or with baked beans? fish for breakfast, yes or nah? what languages do you speak? if you could live anywhere (including game/movie etc places) where would you live?
  7. not sure if i'm going to continue posting here or not next year, so here's where i am online: Twitter Tumblr Ko-Fi Twitch Instagram Here's a Sumia commission I finished today for @Julius Nepos ^^
  8. hello hello going to be streaming tonight at 8pm gmt! probably going to be my last one before next year (i may even put together a playlist of my favourite christmas songs hehe) https://www.twitch.tv/ylilea (here's what i'll be drawing)
  9. Yay Rezzy is back! I still need to catch up but details
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