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  1. I have a big crush on Shamir but since I am going to play exclusively as female Byleth (unless they give us more gay options for male Byleth), I pray to the forces above that she is a romance option. I would feel most comfortable pairing my f!Byleth with Shamir or Edelgard considering I am not too keen on pairing her with students she isn't close friends with (like Edelgard), but I wouldn't mind digging in a larger pool if wlw romances are limited. Dorothea, Petra, Mercedes, Ingrid, Hilda and Leonie are also girls I could pair my protagonist with. If they deliver us a bit more mlm options for m!Byleth other than Lynhardt, I could possibly go for one run in which I pair him up with Seteth, Alois, Claude, Sylvain, Caspar or Raphael. In any case I'm just a chaotic bisexual starving for some lgbt rep and I'll make the most of it in this game. 😩
  2. This is such a mood LOL! I'm definitely the type of player who would still do the same reckless thing after a close call because how beneficial it was. Granted, this is hard mode, so there's bound to be more risky plays! I still can't believe how lucky your Lance got. In my playthrough my Lance was stuck with 6 in Strength until he was like level 12! It got better, but it's still a below average Strength at this point. Gotta bank on some lucky level ups for the future...
  3. Your Lance is having such good level ups, damn! Started a playthrough of Binding Blade yesterday, and I gotta say, my Lance is pretty good, but hasn't been THIS lucky in his first three level ups.
  4. Do you have a favorite gemstone ? I'd love to go to England and visit the places where the 2005 movie Pride & Prejudice was shot. I always LOVED the aesthetics of this film and I'd literally die if I could just retrace Elizabeth's steps in the movie. The Cuckoo's Egg sounds like a fascinating story. I'll look this up!
  5. Finally, a clever life motto worthy enough to be tattooed on my lower back. Isn't Ninian story relevant, though ? I didn't think she could die.
  6. Can you share some of your fears ? I don't! :( It's an instrument I wish I could play! If time and money allows, I plan on learning how to play the violin after I'm done with school. The 'violinist' part in my username comes from an anime called Your Lie in April. The main girl from this anime plays the violin and let's just say her part in the story moved me so much to the point where I decided to make it part of the username I use almost everywhere.
  7. Nice going on that chapter, @This boi uses Nino! I personally never saw Ninian once in any kind of battling situation (she was always back of the line), I almost forgot she could die LOL.
  8. LeafGreen: Squirtle HeartGold: Chikorita Alpha Sapphire: Torchic Platinum: Piplup Black: Oshawott White 2: Snivy X: Chespin Sun: Rowlet As you can see, I seem to have favoritism for Grass and Water types. There's never been a Fire starter that I liked better than either the Water or Grass starter except Torchic. I'd love if the next starter I picked was the Fire type one, but I always go for a favorite, and not based on what I need, so only designs will tell!
  9. Bouncing back the question for you! Any dubbed animes/games you enjoyed ? For games, I'd say Nier: Automata! I had the option to play in either languages, but decided to go for English because reading subtitles is somewhat distracting in a game like this. I was extremely happy with the dubbed voice acting in this game! Props to the team. For animes, I made the mistake of watching Fullmetal Alchemist/Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood in English, but thankfully Vic Mignogna, Edward's English voice actor, does an amazing job at capturing the emotions of our beloved blonde-headed milk-seething goblin! Same with Alphonse's voice actresses.
  10. Uuuuugh Ursula!! That Hector death at the end is painful for me and I ain't even playing!! Your Canas died, right ? It's a tragedy; he can kill pretty much anything with Luna, Ursula included. And with such a good level up for Rebecca too! You have my support D:
  11. What was the book you read most recently, and what was it about ? Likes: obviously the accessibility of the material (mostly for games; original animes are usually easy to find); Dislikes: most of the time the dub is not acted as well as the original is (the emotions conveyed sound more forced); the songs aren't as good because they have to be rewritten; dubs are often cringy as hell. But one thing I noticed is that whatever I start watching first is the one I can't unhear. Most of the time I watch my animes in Japanese, but if for some reason I start watching one in English, it will be hard for me to make the switch to the original.
  12. I'll throw in Ray for you! I think you've yet to use this little guy! I'm curious to hear what you think of him. :)
  13. Thank you all for your input! I've been reading a lot of 'Rate this unit' threads on this forum and I've rearranged the party a bit. I think I should be good. I've got a good mix of generally favored characters, as well as a few personal favorites that might be a bit subpar.
  14. Favorite video game series besides Fire Emblem ? Elizabeth and Darcy are obvious choices but they're just THAT good, and considering the focus is mostly on them, it's hard not to appreciate them. I also liked Jane and Mary a lot, the former speaks for itself, and the latter because I liked how outspoken she can be on things she's passionate about and I also lowkey wished Mr. Collins had noticed her crush on him.
  15. Do you have any guilty pleasures or pet peeves ? Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen.
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