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  1. my mistake I read it wrong >.< I shall grab my glasses next time lol
  2. The eyes are are always the big problem for me. The mouth I can sometimes get it right. Also I'm horrible at drawing >.<. I don't think I could ever make any sprite mug look pretty. If I had just the main protrait of the mug then I could just deal with the splicing myself. Really my big issue is the artwork to be completely honest. Do you have a video or some instruction guide to how to splice correctly? I know there is a guide picture where you just paste the splices like so but that just didn't work for me. I spent sooooo long time trying to do this splice thing. I spent maybe weeks on it and yet I couldn't get it right or make it professional looking. I could probably nail the splice thing but the art work it would look absolutely horrid I would be way to embarrassed to even play the hack myself. Is really to much to ask for just that one part of the sprite is the full face one?
  3. Tbh i have mutiple times and failed and i will try again when I have time. I'm in not a super big rush so it's no big deal to ask thanks for the advice though ^-^
  4. Pretty please can someone make this mug sprite for me with whip cream and a cherry on top. I have a picture of what I would like the mug sprite to look like and a picture of the battle sprite to give you an idea of the colors. It doesn't have to be greatly detailed or anything like that. Just a normal decent face mug sprite. The picture is only to give you an idea of what I'm picturing in my head. Thank you so much in advance and feel free to be creative :). Also that picture is not mine whatsoever I just googled what I wanted and picked this one as a reference.
  5. Thank you for all the advice and info ^-^. I know hacking needs devotion and is hard work it's just I wish I had more freedom like in rpg maker. I won't give up on it just wondered if I had a better easier option. If I could do it on rpg maker I could probably even make it better graphics. I want good quality and a fun game and I know that takes hard work and bumps in the road no matter what road you take. It's just an interesting thing to think about and see if it's possible. P.S. thanks for the help and encouragement
  6. I'm currently trying to make a hack of fire emblem and I finally got help with the one question every newbie seems to have when hacking which is the battle script. After that problem was fixed another one popped up sigh. Soooo on to ask my question. When this problem came up up I wondered is it much easier just to create a game of fire emblem instead of hacking one? RPG maker XP is and awesome program for making rpg games and doesn't have a lot restrictions like hacking a rom does. Has anyone ever created a fire emblem game with rpg maker? I always see info on hacking but not creating from scratch so this is why I ask. If anyone has made one or looked into making one from rpg maker or has any advice on that could they please tell me. Thanks in advance
  7. Thank you so much for answering my post I've been waiting forever to get some help.
  8. Is anyone still alive? If anyone reads this forum and knows how to help me please reply and if it's to old by then seems like it's heading to be that way :( then you can message me if I've been away for awhile and haven't been on. Been really busy with life so I might not be on as much. Anyway please do give advice if you have any thank you so much in advance.
  9. I made this account specifically to get help for my hack so I found the question forum right away. If you go on there you can see one of my posts asking for help with battle animations.Thank you for suggesting it though ^-^ Glad to know this place is still quite active I was a bit worried lol. I was like oh no! I finally joined and then it go's dead O.O no fair! Well glad my worry was for nothing :). Also sure if I ever get unstuck with it I will try to post some stuff about it, and show you guys. Just been mostly really busy with real life more these days.
  10. Hiya you can call me pink :). I've been a long time fan of this site but never made an account until may 19. I'm a big fan of fire emblem since I was kid and currently working on a hack FE7.It;s driving me crazy XD. I'm stuck on a couple of things, so I've had to stop sadly. Hopefully I can find out how to get unstuck soon so I can get back to it. Very happy to join the forums, and hope I can be of some help, and get some help back as well. I notice it's been really quiet lately around here. Where did everybody go o.o? I love to edit and Photoshop pictures. It's a favorite hobby of mine. Is there a forum here that people request for that? Perhaps someone would want it for a game or something. No claiming it as there own though. I don't do anything related to that. If it's anything other then that and following the rules then I'd be happy to help.
  11. I've tried countless time to make my own face sprite but I have failed. I can't get the positions right and my request to have the one I made fixed isn't getting anywhere and I'm sick of looking at it because I've tried so hard to get it to work lol. Anyway on to my request. I need a tactician face sprite female with green hazel eyes. I want her to have a hijab pretty please. The colors I I would like to be similar to the battle sprite. I will include one frame for you to be able to have the color pallet. If you could make it look somewhat like the battle/map sprite you know with the cloak . Maybe add a crescent moon or something like that a pretty decoration maybe if it's not to much trouble. I'll include a picture to give you some inspiration and a general idea okay. Thank you ahead of time. P.s.you don't need to add the face veil it's not a must. It does look really cool though probably easier as well not having to do the mouth animations. I want this to not be complicated or a trouble for anybody so if you think the face veil would be so much easier for you then go for it. I don't want her looking quite so oldish either. If it's alright could make her look like Guinevere's age maybe. I'm going for an early 20's age.. What ever you think would make it look nice, and of course it does not have to be this detailed as the picture lol. Have fun with this and take it easy.
  12. I'm really at a lost here I have no idea why this is not working. I've read that tutorial to death and I'm suppose to be doing everything correctly but it's still giving me this error.I made more frames to see if that was the problem but I got the same error. I even thought I was being a dummy and didn't think I knew what dash lines were lol, so I looked it up on google. According to the tutorial I copied the script correctly and left out the dash lines which are these of course ----. Now does anybody know what I'm doing wrong here?
  13. No prob already got it right here and ready for you. /// - Mode 1 C03 - C07 - 3 p- standing.png /// - Attack Frames C04 C1A C1F /// - Frames after hitting but before stopping to wait for HP depletion C01 /// - RETURN TO BASE 3 p- standing.png C06 C0D ~~~ - /// - Mode 3 C03 - C07 - 3 p- standing.png /// - Critical Frames C04 C08 C1F /// - Frames after hitting but before stopping to wait for HP depletion C01 /// - RETURN TO BASE 3 p- standing.png C06 C0D ~~~ - Mode 5 C03 - C07 - 5 p- standing.PNG C05 4 p- standing.PNG C01 4 p- standing.PNG C06 3 p- standing.png C0D ~~~ - Mode 6 C03 - C07 - 5 p- standing.PNG C05 4 p- standing.PNG C01 4 p- standing.PNG C06 3 p- standing.png C0D ~~~ - Mode 7 C02 2 p- standing.PNG C0E 3 p- standing.PNG C01 2 p- standing.PNG C06 2 p- standing.png C0D ~~~ - Mode 8 C02 2 p- standing.PNG C0E 3 p- standing.PNG C01 2 p- standing.PNG C06 2 p- standing.png C0D ~~~ - Mode 9 3 p- standing.png C01 - ~~~ - Mode 10 3 p- standing.png C01 - ~~~ - Mode 11 3 p- standing.png C01 - ~~~ - Mode 12 C03 - C07 - 3 p- standing.png /// - Attack-That-Will-Miss Frames C04 C1F /// - Frames after hitting but before stopping to wait for HP depletion C01 /// - RETURN TO BASE 3 p- standing.png C06 C0D ~~~ - End Animation Data Now in the tutorial Blazer did say copy and paste everything between the dash lines which I'm assuming he meant these -------. After this problem kept coming up I started deleting more like these ///// and the ~~~ but that just brought up a whole new error it would say it was an invalid script. I tried only having the code in there to like just C0D and so forth but that wouldn't work either. I tried deleting the explanations only to but that didn't work. I tried deleting standing.png to thinking maybe that was the problem. That was not the problem it only created a new problems so I just left it like I pasted here and it doesn't say invalid script or whatever. I also made sure it was a text file and the picture was a png. I tried and read everything but yet I still can't get this thing to work. If I made a serious dumbo noob move forgive me I've honestly never hacked anything in my life until this game XD. Here are the screen shots of the error it's showing me. I included the one where I insert the script only and then try to save to file and the one where I insert the script and the one frame as well. I get the same exact error for both. P.S I also included the frame I'm trying to put in the game.
  14. Nope he said that every frame has to be the exact same 16 colors. I'm only using one frame to so that wouldn't be the problem either. I trying to test one single standing frame like blazer suggests in the tutorial. I will take screen shots of the error so you will be able to see.
  15. Hi I was hoping someone could help me with my face sprite. It's of my tactician in Blazing Sword I made her already but I'm having some issues with her in the game because of the positions. I tried so very hard to do this without requesting, but I got so frustrated with it I can't even think about it to much or I'll break my laptop lol. Most of the work is done for you so it won't be to much trouble. I just need someone to make her look good in the game. I kept getting her face to look longer, or it was very clear that her face was changing pictures to create an animation. I'l include the face sprite in here so you can fix her. Thank you so much :).
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