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  1. My apologizes, but I did say 'before the game is released'. However to claim lazy on a playable development branch that was used for demoing at E3 is... honestly odd to me. If the game was already released and the tree still looked like that then you would have more of a point... sorta. There are other more likely factors to consider such as scope... which they may have very well underestimated. Besides, in big studios developers generally have to show their work to a director, being lazy is just going to get that developer sent back to the drawing board till they can show something that passes. However if time is starting to run short, the priorities would certainly change. (Get things done, polish what you can after.) In that case, they could delay the release to work on things more... but that also brings in a few more complications. (Missing the big holiday, investors, etc.) I personally don't mind delays at all, but investors are pretty finicky. (Seeing how Nintendo's stock dropped after Animal Crossing delay was announced...)
  2. This announcement personally doesn't bother me much, I do like catching all the pokemon I see, but I only really end up training about 18 of them per game. (...Please don't get made at me N.) Even if some of my favorites don't get in, it gives me a good excuse to get to know the other pokemon better. ...besides, I think there is a good possibility of SW&SH getting an update allowing for more pokemon when the Diamond and Pearl remakes hit. (It's definitely not that simple, but if it's planned well enough in advance that'll help all the necessary factors to align.) Honestly the only thing bothering me is all the misconceptions of game development going around. (If I see the word 'lazy' one more time before the game is released, I'll... sigh in disappointment I suppose.)
  3. Great choices! Those are the other characters I nearly always have in my party. (With Aerith and Vincent switching places due to the well known spoiler ...which I am starting to realize is no longer as well known as it once was.)
  4. I am also mainly interested in Nintendo, but will definitely check out the summaries of the other conferences at least. --Nintendo -Pokemon Sword and Shield info -FE: Three Houses info -Luigi's Mansion 3 info -Switch Indie highlight reel -Smash Bros. DLC Character reveal -Animal Crossing info -Link's Awakening --Not Nintendo -Halo info of some sort. (Either Halo 6 or a release date on when the MCC is releasing on Steam.) -More Final Fantasy VII Remake info -Octopath Mobile info -Maybe a rather early trailer for Octopath 2 (It was said to already be in development when the Mobile game was announced... if I recall correctly.) -Maybe Kingdom Hearts 3 info regarding another update.
  5. It's rated M, so in theory it should be fine regardless due to the age restriction; (Same with Warframe) If we were in an alternate universe where it was rated T though; I am actually not sure... though considering how TF2 already has a way for people to buy exactly what they want, (Be it through the in game store, or through the Steam's Community Market) they could probably find a way to make enough money to keep going.
  6. Haha, it's probably because I started the series with Days and then Birth By Sleep before all the other games, but personally I was quite content with the ending of KH3 as it finally provided closure for the characters I started the series with; That was all I wanted from the game. (Meanwhile I already felt like Sora and co got a nice ending from KH2, and... so... I am actually kinda fine with their more bittersweet ending in KH3, it truly expresses Sora's character.) So I am open to KH4... but I definitely have my complaints with KH3 that I don't want to go through again. Kingdom Hearts aside; I must say, it's been nice to read so much discussion on Cloud's character, it's definitely one of the things I am quite concerned about with this remake.
  7. I’m not crazy about it but I’m also not upset. I actually missed unbinding the dragon and other rewards so it coming back is great. More than anything I’m happy that their showing interest in rerunning events at all. It’s great for the people who missed it their first time and for people who failed to get all the rewards and it should also be a nice break away from the game for those that already completed it. Or at least allow them to focus on some less intensive grinding. ^ That basically sums up my thoughts as well. I already fully unbound the event dragon, but having a breather from events is very much welcomed. Plus I only just realized that Chapter 8 was already released, so I'll likely casually focus on that and void battles during the event.
  8. Yeah, the combat definitely looks very similar to FF15, though I do hope materia is used in a similar fashion as FFVII: Crisis Core. Haha, I am still slightly torn on the change from turn-based to action, but... it does give me a reason to replay the original game even if the remake turns out to be really solid.
  9. Quite the intriguing topic! Rondo Alla Turca is certainly an interesting choice, I can definitely picture being used it in an elegant manor with a equally elegant villain making you dance (fight) to his tune (battle tactics). Two tracks came to mind thus far. Pachelbel's Ciacona in f minor: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDdRD6Gi4rQ This performance specifically, the organ used has a particular tone that makes some notes sound off, and yet at the same time it also makes it all the more emotionally chaotic. I can picture being used in a similar way as "Don't speak her name!", though in that case both phases would use the same track... (The enemy phase could have more off-ish notes... just don't want to upset the balance too much.) My other choice: Professor Layton: Last Specter: Final Battle: https://youtu.be/IJ_xkONg5ek It's already well set up for the player phase, but for the enemy phase: I'd try removing the all the strings expect for the contrabass, which in theory would sap pretty much all the hopeful/positive energy out of it and leave just the sense of direness and impending danger. Then maybe I'd have something play main melody, but only just parts of it now and then, never fully leading to that hopeful and determined musical phrase.
  10. I am definitely looking forward to that auto AI upgrade, having two healers for auto-ing tougher battles might not be necessary anymore. :0 That direct weapon crafting is also very exciting! (...I am probably going to end up not crafting any weapons till that update. XD )
  11. Not sure which house I will join first as I am equally interested in all three. I suppose my choice will end up depending on what characters come with each house.
  12. @bottlegnomes The wiki has a nice list of the changes: https://dragalialost.gamepedia.com/Version_Changelog#Adventurers_2 Probably one of the most significant things is that 3* & 4* Character co-abilities will now match the strength of 5* Character's co-abilities when fully unlocked.
  13. I have been enjoying this event way too much. XD It's been really fun seeing all the characters interact with each other. (I also like Alfonse much more now.) Will definitely be looking forward to the next part of the event's story. On a side note; I didn't realize just how many quality of life changes happened recently. Aside from reduced summoning costs and Wymprints no longer being in the pool. I didn't realize that the daily bonuses for clearing Avenue to Power, Fortune, and etc have been doubled with the amount of bonus clears reduced by one. (I can pretty much skip ticket my way through all the daily clear bonuses that I am currently interested in now.) Also I didn't know that all 3* and several 4* characters have been buffed. (Very nice!) Haha, I suppose now is as good of a time as any for me to thanks the developers for the game by purchasing something. Oh, as an extra side note; I randomly came across this visual guide on where you can find Wyrmprints now.
  14. There goes my orb stockpile. XD I was mainly aiming for Hector, Roy and Marth, and did manage to get both Hector and Roy plus some other characters. I am quite content with the rolls; Now to decided if I should invest any new orbs toward getting Marth, Picnic characters, or just save them for a later event. (choices, choices.)
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