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  1. This is a really neat spreadsheet! Thanks for making it @Von Ithipathachai! A few things I've been thinking about though: It is unlikely that classes will have any stat caps at all. The class system thus far has been shown to be extremely similar to Echoes where stat caps are exclusively tied to characters. Therefore, any class is viable late game from a purely stat based comparison, as no matter what class a character is in, they will have the same stats. In fact, I'd say there is a 50/50 chance Commoner/Noble will be the strongest class in the game. In Bravely Default, the Freelancer job (that game's equivalent of the Commoner/Noble) is the default starting class of every character. It is a jack of all trades, master of none job that is almost entirely nonviable. However, it has a unique passive ability that boosts all of the character's stats by 1% for every job they have mastered. If a character masters every single job, they will gain a whopping 24% bonus to very single stat while in the Freelancer job, turning them from a master of none to a master of everything. I'm thinking if you master the Commoner/Noble class in TH, you will unlock a similar skill that boosts the characters stats relative to how many classes they have mastered. If that is the case, The Commoner/Noble could become viable again late game and maybe even as early as the mid game for some characters. As far as class line “optimization” goes, I’d say it’s still a bit too early to tell. If I had to make a guess though, I would say it will be more about what stats you want a character to grow in, and less about what skills will help them get to their “ideal” master class faster. For instance, having Felix, who is shaping up to be one of the fastest characters in the game, waste time in Cavalier/Paladin, two of the slowest classes in the game, just so he can reach Bow Knight faster seems very counterproductive. Is getting to Bow Knight immediately really worth crippling his speed? If instead you trained him in things like Thief, Swordmaster, or Savant, and then at the very end you trained up his skills to have at least a 50% chance of passing the Paladin exam, you would probably be much better off. He’d still have access to all the same weapons as a Bow Knight, and probably the same movement too. So you are trading the Bow Knight’s class skills and a few extra Advanced Seals for much higher speed. That path seems more worth it to me. This strategy is dependent on classes not affecting stat caps, but honestly, that is the way it seems it will go.
  2. Here is a link to the original article. You can also access it by going to the Engadget homepage and clicking on the article in the bottom right corner.
  3. @HTakara82 Here is the video where the school phase is stated to last a "full school year." They mention it around the 37 second mark. Also Japanese schools start in April, not March, and they typically follow a three semester schedule, not two. Lastly, West Point Military Academy is a university, not an Officer's Academy. It lasts 4 years because its graduates receive 4 year degrees upon graduation in addition to officer training as an elective. US officer training at the Officer Candidate School lasts only 12 weeks. EDIT: Sorry if this comes across as curt; I just wanted to point a few things out.
  4. Rogersbase posted his preview video. At 5:49 Catherine is confirmed as a Lv. 9 Swordmaster. EDIT: Other notes from around that same time - Flayn is a Preist. Cyril is a Commoner. Students not from your house all appear to have default classes outside Commoner/Noble.
  5. Just for the sake of completeness, Rhea could also come from Rhea Silvia, the mother of Romulus and Remus. Romulus would go on to be the first king of Rome. As the archbishop presiding over the Monastery, Rhea could be perceived as a "mother" to the students including the future kingdom leaders. Furthermore, Romulus and Remus end up fighting each other to the death as adults despite being raised together as children. And even though Rhea was their mother (the archbishop), they were actually raised (taught) by a she-wolf and a shepherd (the teachers at the academy).
  6. I would agree it is Normal. She had an option to do a skirmish that had no cost which was only available on Normal.
  7. I looked at an unboxing video of the European SE. The pages with Garon and Anankos are absent. It seems the translated sketch notes are also missing from that book. Since it released later in Europe, they might have learned their lesson and removed them for spoilers. I couldn't find anything spoilery in the Echoes art book for example.
  8. The special edition art book actually does have sketches of Anankos' head and neck both with and without the mask. It also has a full body shot of slime Garon, a full page spread of the Vallite Castle, as well as some forms of the Yato (but not the final form). At least in the US.
  9. Fair point, but I'd assume it would be localized as Rhea in reference to the mythological mothers Rhea and Rhea Silvia. Rhea is the mother of some of the Greco-Roman gods and goddesses including Zeus/Jupiter. Rhea Silvia is the mother of Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome. This naming convention would be similar to Sothis, who is named after an Egyptian goddess who was sometimes associated with guiding departed souls, mirroring Sothis' (Three Houses) role as a guide for Byleth. Rhea (Three Houses) is stated in the bio to have a motherly disposition. As the highest ranking Archbishop, she could also be considered the "mother" of the Church of Seiros.
  10. Finished the season with exactly 11,000, so I finally made it to T21. There are now about 2000 people that will be starting in T21. Now that I made it, I think I want to change my defense team from The Royal Altean Wedding to the Super Friends. I've got Batman (Gerome), Wonder Woman (Athena), Supes (Tibarn) and the Wonder Twins (A!Corrins), but I'm missing Duma , so I can't go for the "meanwhile... at the Legion of Doom-A" jokes. I could replace him with Garon, but it is just not the same. Anyways, congrats to anyone else who jumped a tier in this short season!
  11. I'll start by saying I've only played over half the campaign, but I beat all the puzzle maps. I also did arcade mode once. There's barely any narrative in any of the default single player content. I found the gameplay to be very enjoyable, though. The campaign is pretty lengthy and has surprisingly varied missions, yet I enjoyed the puzzle mode more. Both are still fun. On the other hand, I found the arcade mode to be boring. I have't tried any custom content or online yet. If the story is a major deal-breaker for you, I wouldn't recommend the game. At least not until custom campaigns are released with better writing. Otherwise, I'd say it is a safe buy. It is a fun game and is worth the price, and the devs have plans to update the game going forward with regards to fan feedback as well as possible DLC and other content updates. If you're on the fence though, consider following it for a bit longer, and then make your decision.
  12. Ahh yes, I missed that one. That would throw off the numbers. I guess that gets rid of the "need to play my 1 free match a day" problem.
  13. If my math is right, after the update, higher AR tiers will have a maximum of 23 possible matches. Seven free matches. 12 matches from the natural stamina gain plus 20 extra stamina. That makes 18 matches where breaking the pots matters for another 180 stamina. That means an extra 4 matches. Grand total is 23. Maximum possible lift for a double unmerged Eir team becomes 3680. For a triple fully merged Eir team, it is 4370.
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