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  1. True I wasn’t able to find anything but I could have sworn I saw it somewhere
  2. I know that I saw it somewhere. Let me see f I can find it if it turns out that I was wrong then my apologies
  3. A school employee took the knife from the female," police said. "The female assaulted two school employees and the school resource officer."
  4. I’d like to point out since the movie is PG13 Pikachu can say the word Fuck once I really want Pikachu to say Fuck
  5. Probably knight im slow, fat bulky, and I’m pretty quiet
  6. this: xenoblade Chronicles one spoilers follow honestly so many moments i could choose from this game
  7. Saying that it’s your favorite is different than saying it’s the worst by most metrics most metrics implies that it statistically did worse, like in sales numbers which is far from true
  8. Same here man id just be glad for a character that isn’t a 4th link IF ONLY IT WAS GIRAHIM!!!
  9. As weird as he dude is he’s he pretty hilarious to play as, just look at him in hyrule warriors plus with plant in smash anything seems possible
  10. if(strand1[pos] == 'G' and strand2[pos] != 'C') return false;
  11. Hope you had fun reading about him.
  12. i played a game once against a friend with a deck he let me borrow it was fun and i actually ended up beating him with his worst deck
  13. yeah probably something like this since it wasnt an official job
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