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  1. It's in Awakening because that's what I'm playing atm and it's way easier with a small cast, but you're more than welcome to expand if you like :3c LMAO YES I did Sully too actually. Gr8 taste my pal. The other one was Libra, who I'm 99% sure is the human embodiment of Depression Comedy. Like seriously someone check on him. Multiquote's choking on mobile, so I'm gonna respond with tags, sorry: @uniqueme too :( thassom relatable content right there. @NinjaMonkey feel free to tag a mod or something to have them move it, then.
  2. Ya gorl got her data back today. Time to waste it on another long, incomprehensible dumpster fire of a thread =) This thread was really fun when we did it for main series games, so let's do it for our fave mens and womens in this particular bad boy. Without using names, tell me about your favourite characters as poorly as you can. (You guys could turn this into a guessing game or s/t, I don't care. I just wanna see what you silly sonofagunz have for me.) And MAKE IT FASHION. I've got two files running right now with two different spouses, and they're both tied for fave at the mo', so here they are. Spoilered for pg-13 language again, sorry mods. :) istillloveyou K go, make me chortle. Bonus points if you use the word "chortle" in your post.
  3. I still love your avatar.

    Don't do drugs, kids.

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    2. Junkhead


      wait wat britney

      wait I actually meant your signature

      your avatar also goes well with all the doop

    3. Junkhead


      okay mine's a cute little britney chibi

      that's one way to see it

    4. Chad Radwell

      Chad Radwell

      OH yeah my signature is actually art c': I've been kind of meaning to update it tho? What characters should I throw in there if I do tbh, I may make a group shot

  4. Whaaaaaaaat? I'm gonna hard disagree on that, friend, but you do you and I'll do me.
  5. Yknow, for a hot second there I was confused at all the people saying Nolan was anywhere close to Boyd, because my last Boyd was an unkillable god who no one except maybe Gatrie (who I baby the hell out of, 'cause he's my bro) and Aran/Nephenee could compare to. Then I remembered that I gave Boyd Vantage, and he barely took a hit for the rest of the game. That was a trip. Anyway, long story short, I don't think any of the DB are explicitly better than the Greil Mercs, though it does depend on how you take care of them. My Laura and Rhys have wound up pretty equal in almost every run, as have my Aran and Nephenee. There's no reason not to use DB over GM, but using all of them is probably gonna put some of your Laguz units at risk, and Janaff is too precious to me for that amount of snackrifice.
  6. This topic could have gone in General or in FFTF I guess (and if it ends up there I won't be surprised ffpgpft) but this is the installment that brings out my Regina George complex for whatever reason, so it's here. Anyone else do that thing where you have a character you don't like, so you just let them suffer in whatever silly, petty ways you can think of? I don't mean killing them off; just reclassing them, benching them, or setting them up kinda goofy because you're Game God and you can do whatever you want? (It'll be really awkward when the responding response is "no" lmao oh well) And as for things that have basically no effect, at least in my files, you can bet my Xander in every run is gonna have the effigy mask on, just so I don't have to look at him and wonder how we got here. That noodle-hair ho looks like he stans the Chainsmokers, the fuck. Get outta here. (...please come be petty with me. I'm very lonely and we're between rpdr seasons.)
  7. Aw yiss, a Fire Emblem x LISA crossover. My loins burn in anticipation.
  8. This is how I write my own stuff c': it's dumb and shallow, absolutely, but I'm glad you find it as funny as I do! Hey, hit my inbox up, we'll make this dream a reality. (I'm absolutely reading your blog right now, lmao.) Also, everyone on this thread is savage AF but also no chill, uh, like that one vine. You people are sadistic and I LOVE it.
  9. True, but I'm pretty sure it is some kind of record among horrible gremlins who look like this Ankles that weak won't win you any ladies IRL.
  10. WHAT!!!!! girl same I beat you to this by like three days Frozen yogurt is going to be your friend for the next little while, for real. Get the yummiest froyo you get find and watch Heathers. Heathers is always good. Try not to play around with your stitches too much. They will come out soon, on their own, but if you rip at them they're gonna sting like hell. Also, if you just wanna chat, hmu!
  11. Even though I just put this in the discord, I wanna make sure everyone involved with this site gets a chance to think about this hayato can potentially have sex with 14 different women. discuss.
  12. Oh my god I LITERALLY just got to post this, and now I get to use it again. Is this Christmas? Homeboy isn't even crackalackin in Heroes yet. i feel like the odds for warriors are W E A K.
  13. Why am I not surprised that this thread is also a salty mess. Jeepers. Y'know, Lyn is a character that's hugely recognizable outside of the Fire Emblem fan base. Do you guys maybe possibly think that featuring her in a trailer reveal like this might be a way to draw attention to the game for fringe fans and people outside the fandom? Remember, it's a crossover title. It's designed to appeal to a general mainstream audience, not just veterans who are going to be picking it apart for every anti-FE sin it commits. On that note, on the Ike discourse: he will almost definitely be a late reveal or available a couple months into the game, to get people talking about it again after hype has started to die down. As of right now, are weapons and game representation unbalanced as hell? Yes. But at this point, marketing is a much heavier force than balance. Shit, a lot of the game's initial audience isn't going to care about balanced weapons or game rep at all. You're all taking this way too seriously. Don't be a clown.
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