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  1. I think that's a fair point that he probably didn't sustain his injuries until a few days before we actually see him in Chapter 5, but on the other hand I disagree that he had all that many places to run to/hide in before then. Anywhere in Grandbell would have been a no-go, Yeid was probably crawling with Lopts, and Isaac presumably would have been extremely hostile towards any Grandbellian. This comes up in the plot when Oifaye is too afraid to set off there alone until Shannan is with him. In the eyes of the average Isaachian, Grandbellians murdered their King, the heir apparant, and by that point in the plot are now busy conquering cities and subjugating the populace. I really don't think that would have been an ideal situation for Vylon to get in to.

  2. That's a good point, I hadn't really considered that Vylon also had been leading a full compliment of (presumably) elite troops who could have split up and gone separate ways once the betrayal hit and it probably would have taken quite some time for Rangobalt and the others to hunt down every last one of them. Two years is still an awfully long time for an old and critically injured man to be evading pursuers though...
    P.S. I absolutely love your signature. Glad I'm not the only one who finds the 'semi-official' translations of names and locations for this game to be mostly terrible (at least I presume that's that statement being made ;P)

  3. So I'm in the process of making my 30th FE4 run (or something like that, I just love this game...) and I've two things to ask about: One concerns gameplay, what I think is a glitch I've never seen (or even seen mentioned before) and one is a question about a storyline aspect that I never really thought about too hard before.

    First the 'glitch' - so, on this play-through I'm doing some unconventional and silly things I've never done before - the relevant part of that is that it's taking me AGES, without a doubt the slowest play-through I've ever done (Just started chapter 4, 60+ turns taken on both chapter 2 and 3! good lord are foot units tough to use consistently in this game...) and I at least think this caused the strange effect. As soon as Tiltyu was recruited, Azel's love was listed as her though they've spent zero time together, obviously, while her own... is still listed as none. And this still persists in Chapter 4. How did that happen? Did the latent love growth just pair them up while I was taking forever in chapter 3? Even though Tiltyu "didn't exist" yet? I've never seen something like this before and I just have no idea what happened here and how or why it created the only one-way relationship I've ever seen. I promise it wasn't caused by a runaway AR code or anything like that, I don't have any enabled.

    Second, the storyboard bit. Again this just never really occurred to me before and I'm wondering if I missed something or am misunderstanding. Okay: In Chapter 2 one of the cutscenes with Manfroy has a Lopt dude telling him Kurth has been assassinated, so this is presumably the moment that Vylon goes into hiding/on the run/whatever. Then, most of a year passes in between in end of Chapter 2 and the start of Chapter 3. Afterwards, Sigurd & Co. end up in Silesea where they spent another year? Once Chapter 5 starts, am I to believe Vylon has spent the last TWO YEARS fleeing from or hit&run fighting against Rangobalt's forces?? That's... insane. That's somewhere between very stupid and incredibly badass, and I can't make up my mind which.

  4. Some thoughts:

    Top Tier looks perfect to me.

    High Tier - I have to admit that 20+ playthroughs of FE9 later I have never once used Tanith. What makes her rate above the likes of Ike and Boyd? Is Reinforcements just that good?
    As a what if, where would everyone rate Ike if he could promote freely?

    Mid Tier - I fail to see Mia above Zihark, he statstically dominates her in HP, STR, SKL and DEF, and let's not forget built-in Adept. They'll both ram the cap on SPD, leaving Mia's only advantages as LCK and RES (and while her RES is certainly better, it's still not exactly good...) I'd also argue that Zihark has a slightly better support list and that sweet, sweet Earth affinity.  Initially I thought it might be a question of Mia's earlier availability and performance for her forced deployments but if Stefan is rated higher than both of them that can't be the case at all.

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