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  1. Even though I’m a day one player I only just now got around to making my first 5* exclusive +10. It would probably be the brave almond even without his nutty refine. Now I think I am going to save orbs for Brave Dimitri’s rerun during the anniversary.
  2. Drive NFU makes me really happy I bit the bullet and used my FMareeta manual on BIke for NFU/QR a few days ago. Besides that (and the ongoing 3H over-saturation) I’m looking forward to him. If only I had the orbs...
  3. I put the Finn-ishing touch on my favorite character today. I had him at +10 for awhile, but now he has Canto. Shoutout to Ashe who was one of my favorite Blue Lions until he decided to bleed me past dry today.
  4. I said I didn't know what to expect but it wasn't this. The rest of my votes are going to Alm.
  5. First vote went to Finn and then I'll probably go Julia -> Sigurd -> Reyson. Maybe Ced or Pelleas will take a slot in hopes they get in. After the midpoint I'll probably dump my votes to whoever I like the most who's doing well, who I'm predicting to be Alm. I'm a bit curious how things will pan out this time. I'm predicting Marth and Alm for men and Camilla and Eirika for women, but besides Marth I'm not to confident who will win.
  6. I usually notice two divides. People tend to really like either FE1-5, FE6-12, and FE13 On. There are people who dip in between, but I notice these are the big divides, but even then it's not as pronounced as many claim such divides are.
  7. I feel like he would be on an FE5 Banner. IS is clearly uncomfortable adding units from FE5, as besides the Thunder Twins everyone from that game either originates from or is strongly connected to FE4. Plus I think it's safe to say most people see Ced as using Forseti, which is only a possibility in FE4 but canon in FE5. Although they could just milk that and give us FE5 Ced with Forseti and FE4 Ced with Valkyrie later down the road.
  8. A two person banner is good for getting the desired focus but even with the skills it would be hard to find a purpose for them. Surtr might be able to compete with the Hectors and Ephraim but everyone already has at least one of those. Yglr has great fodder but she's also cute so it's not like you'd use any of it if you rolled her, and then you just got a blue dagger sitting on your bench. I'll probably roll all the blues and greens in my free session, and then go back to saving.
  9. Easy skip for me, but I'm grateful for the orbs because I'm sitting at 5.00% on Doors of Destiny. I'm neutral towards Ophelia and while her tome is neat I don't think it's worth it. Also, I have twelve blue mages already. Why use her when I could use The Reinhardt or Ishtar for pure damage, or Saias, Lute, or Delthea for support? I didn't like Dual Rally+, and I really dislike her new rally. I don't like Cyrus or Nina so they're easy passes. Nina gives me hope Light Brand gets an refine because Shining Bow is pretty much a flat out better version thanks to the refine. Cyrus is the most painfully obvious demote since probably Seth. Blue has Reposition now, but it also means every time you roll you have a chance of getting Cyrus instead of the 5* you want. He should have been added to the 3*-4* like Kaze. But maybe he'll be like Oscar and have good stats. I doubt it since we just got Quan, but it's possible. Flora is one of my favorite Fates characters but that's not enough to justify pulling for a red dagger. Hoarfrost is too much and I don't care about the context, +20 to any stat is too much from one effect. I'm most excited for Garon. He'll likely just be worse Hector, and I probably won't promote him now that I'm actually able to save feathers, but he could be neat.
  10. 0/10 couldn't get the song right I really like the banner as a whole, but Jugdral is my favorite continent so of course I would. I do feel a bit for the fans of other games, as now Genealogy has gone from no representation to having almost all the big players (The only ones I can think of are Brigid, Lex, and Claude from Gen 1, Shannan, Larcei, Ced, Faval, Altena, and Arion from Gen 2, and Travant and Manfroy) Tellius, Elibe, and Valentia could all use some more reps. I'm expecting Lewyn to just be Green Ishtar statwise. Forseti looks great but I wish it completely blacked (or greened?) out the background like it used to. He still looks great, and his new skill looks interesting. The clear big boy of the banner. I never used Quan too much. He's nice but he didn't have the utility Ethlyn had or the availability of Finn. His base stats plus the few level ups he would get along the way would be enough for him, while others like Azelle and Finn really needed the EXP. Doesn't help that the Gae Bolg is a pretty underwhelming legendary. But I'm glad he's here to reunite the Chalphy Bro Alliance. His weapon is interesting and I like that it excludes fliers. I don't like Dual Rally+. Part of me thinks he's demoting. I don't really care about Silvia. My only five star dancer is Ninian, and the only other one I use is an Olivia I didn't bother to promote. I don't use them too often. I'm wondering if Dance Buffs are enough to go down to the 4* pool, or if she's staying 5* like her daughter. Although I'm pretty sure the reason Lene's where she is is just because of her art and Valor. It's hard to really mess up a healer, especially a troubadour, but I trust IS will find a way. I think I'm being very generous by staying there are five decent TT units, and even then only one is really great (BK), while two are good (Masked Marth and Arden) and two are just okay (Finn and Marth). Also I'm pretty sure most people have Brave Vero, who Ethlyn is guaranteed to be worse than. I'm predicting a Travant GHB coming up. Jamke feels very odd as a GHB unit. He has nothing to do with any of the banner characters besides sharing a generation, and by Doors of Destiny his plot relevancy is deader than Byron. Maybe CYL proves me wrong but I remember Travant being a very popular villain, and with the banner name, Cuan, and a new schedule coming soon, I wouldn't be surprised. It wouldn't be the first time we got two GHBs for one banner. ALSO: There's a TT coming up, and what better final map for a Doors of Destiny themed trial starring Quan and Ethlyn than the Yied Massacre?
  11. Rooting for Ephraim and hoping for Eph vs Luci rematch. But I'm predicting Ike/Eph and Lyn/Vero into Ike/Vero with Ike winning.
  12. Marth looks fun. He's basically immune to Panic and will be a monster with Tactics and Waves. I have five Dragon Effective weapons already, but he looks to put them all to shame. I have the resources to give Titania her tactic refine so hopefully I can get him to pair him with triple tactics. I'm very concerned about the cost though. Jugdral is my favorite continent (tied with Magvel), and it looks like it's getting a banner soon. I've been burned on legendaries before, so hopefully I can get him or at least pity broken quickly. Also, if we don't count the Yato (since it's not in it's Omega form unless it is once it's refined), we finally have a Fire Emblem in Fire Emblem Heroes. It only took them a little over year and a half, which isn't the longest it took for it to show up.
  13. This banner doesn't do much for me. The only unit I really want is Hardin, and even then it's just for Bold Fighter. Atk/Def bond and Brazen Atk/Spd would be nice consolation prizes, but I really need Bold Fighter. I'd like F!Grima but not enough to risk getting the other two units she's with, and Green just doesn't do anything for me. Anything from Red would nice, but I have both Sigurd and Tiki, so I don't think I need anything from there. As for Ryoma, meh. I don't have a problem with him, but I was hoping for Alm with a red Parthia. I was hoping for a bit more change than just adding the Kinshi Knight thing to his back and changing his shoulder pads. His personal skill is just Wrath but worse, although he couldn't use Wrath anyway. Still, my only Sword Flier is an Atk+/Spd- Caeda, so maybe I'll spend a few orbs trying to get him.
  14. I feel like it would impossible for Julius to not be at least a little disappointing when one remembers him from Genealogy, but that goes for all the weapons from that game. Take Naga for example, which went from giving +20 Skill and Speed and Defense and Resistance while also nullifying Loptous' defense, to either giving +2 to Defense and Resistance on the enemy phase or the ability to ignore on-field buffs. Nevertheless, Julius is still excellent as a magic tank. He has the highest res in the game with Loptous, so his ploys should always go off if somebody is in range. Because of that, he's really giving a debuff of -11 Attack most of the time, which bring his Defense to an effective (and still not impressive) 27, while his Resistances rises to an effective 49 before any buffs.
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