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  1. He also shares the name of a red nosed reindeer, so I don't think we can read too much into the name.
  2. I don't understand why so many people are angry at my summary of the plot of the game!
  3. Slight spoilers ahead, beware! In Fire Emblem Fates, there is a conflict between the peace-loving Hoshidans (Japanese) and the warmongering imperialistic Nohrians (westerners). The westerners don’t have enough resources in their own country to support their economy so they resort to conquest and imperialism instead. They want to increase their sphere of influence at the expense of the Japanese. This is why they want to have a war with the Japanese. Anyways, the Japanese try to use appeasement politics to avoid a total war, but ultimately, the westerners launch a treacherous undeclared attack on the Japanese (which is really wrong and something the Japanese would never do). Because of this attack, the Japanese go (against their will) into full-on war against the invading westerners. Join the Japanese, protect the country of the rising sun dragon and stop Marx's threat!
  4. I really like the FE SD graphics... I would recommend FE SD over FE3 if you care about dialogue. 8-4 did an amazing job on the translation, the English is very pretty, and they even changed a few characters' personality to make an overall better story.
  5. I (happily) admit my defeat. Hype for 2.0!
  6. I somehow always get a blessed Radd, so I enjoy Cavalier->Dracoknight. In fact, for slower characters, Dracoknight is a better class. If you enjoy Caesar, a lot of people say that Dark Mage Caesar is really good, but I always end up with too many mages.
  7. I don't think we will ever see a 2.0
  8. I'm abusing horse emblem and dancers, not one defence win. (+1 Reinhardt +ATK - HP, +3 Cecilia TA Raven, +1 Xander, Ninian) All with decked out skills, yet no wins. I have a perfect win rate in offence but I can't get a single defence team win... I'm tier 18, after having fallen from tier 20 and 19 consecutively.
  9. I'm F2P but I saved my orbs through the dancer banner and invested 100 orbs into a nice Minerva. But in all seriousness, VincentASM's article misses out on something. He says that Ayra could've been implemented to fill out the 8 bonus allies for TT, but previous TT often had one of the 3 OCs of Heroes. (Or 2 OCs if you don't count Anna)
  10. Reinhardt, a military leader of the 3rd Reich (1940, colourized)
  11. I don't know about you, but I don't imagine that during WW1 French soldiers explained to German soldiers "My government feels threatened by the demographic push of your country, and the construction of your alliance system has lead us to this inevitable conflict. As for Grust, there are plenty of villagers and general who only mention loyalty to Camus. It's obvious that Grust is loyal to Camus and Camus loyal to his king, with only a few exceptions. And the people are loyal to Camus because the guy is legendary. He is comparable to Anri. He has the strength to forge a national identity by himself. Michalis is not paranoid, he is just ambitious. He wants to give rise to Macedonian dominance because Macedon has the power to establish a new world order. The reason Macedon "fails" to conquer Aurelis is because Aurelis was willing to sacrifice everything. The narration says that Hardin has used up all of his army except for a handful of knights. Macedon had a decisive victory from the start, but Aurelis just went full Russia and endured the impossible at the cost of enormous sacrifices. And finally, of course Shadow Dragon doesn't have the same world building quality that Tellius has, but Shadow Dragon is still easily among the best in world building.
  12. The game doesn't give much detail, but you can gather that: Dohlr: Humans took over the continent and pushed dragons aside. It was also at that time that the manakete sickness started being a problem. Naga also always favoured the humans over the dragons, despite being the king of the dragons. You could understand why some would be angry. Grust: The king is being blackmailed by Dolhr and is a coward. Macedon: Macedon had the potential to become the greatest empire of Archanea if they could conquer some land, however, Archanea was in the way. Michalis's father didn't want to disturb the world order while Michalis saw the Dolhr alliance as a chance to overthrow the Archanean order and elevate Macedon to the title of first power. So Michalis does what any totally not sociopath-ish person would do and murders his father and takes the crown of Macedon for himself. After having conquered Archanea, Michalis intended to conquer Dolhr.
  13. Shadow Dragon was my first Fire Emblem game and is my favourite game. The gameplay is smooth and super fluid. Reclassing is a lot of fun once you get the hang of it and it makes the game incredibly easy once you have it mastered. The maps are a bit too campy, but I grew up with the experience and learned to love it. Michalis's Dragoons is an onslaught. Most characters are pretty bland unless you do some research outside of the game, which is something I don't mind. It keeps the experience focused on Marth and the central plot and just adds to the fluidity of the game. Under 8-4's godly localization, Marth is a stellar character and several other characters are really great. A personal favourite of mine is Caeda, who is a joke character done well. The villains are memorable and have an imposing presence, Gharnef, Michalis, Camus and Medeus's importance can be felt across the game, and not just through actions to make them feel evil. The plot is basic, but so is the plot of most Fire Emblem games. The writing is the best Fire Emblem has ever seen. The story is Marth's and he is stellar, but I repeat myself. I have to disagree with Erturian Emperor, I found the world building to be excellent. Talys, Archanea, Altea, Gra, Grust, Macedon, Dohlr, Khadein and Aurelis all feel like they have their own history and place on the continent. I'm more of a mystery person when it comes to world building, I prefer impressions than information, and there is plenty of that in Shadow Dragon. The map sprites and battle animations are nigh undefendable, but I really like the Paladin design and the more grounded animations. It feels a lot better when everything has weight and horses can't do flips. I really like the more realistic tone of the character portraits and the designs of the characters as shown in the game manual are just wonderful. I open the manual up once in a while to adore the designs. I could talk about this game for ages, and sometimes I just get really angry when I keep seeing it get unfairly dump in the "worst Fire Emblem game" bin.
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