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  1. While she had originally planned to be only ten minutes late, Helena did the unwise thing and slept on the public transport, overshooting her stop by two stations. Thankfully, it was only two stops. Unfortunately, that made her much later than anticipated. At the docks, the girl was disinclined to ask people for directions. Talking to absolute non-gaming strangers...uuurghhh. Also, those adbots. Some days, Helene wished she was a real pilot and had authorization to blow them up. Passing the multiple layers of perimeter defense consisting of boring people, noisy people, lame games people, work people, soldier people and the sort of horrors one found outside the safety and comforting sanctuary one called their room, the petite girl found the place she was looking for. As a simple nobody, she managed to avoid any complications. Heck, she was practically invisible except when questioned by the vigilant staff on her purpose approaching Team Odyssey. Clarifying the fact she was invited in her shy squeaky way of conversing with people vastly taller than her, Helena finally reached Team Odyssey shivering, exhausted and socially exhausted. "H...hey everyone! Umm...sorry...I'm late..." the girl greeted as she plopped onto a seat. Thinking on the one topic she was confident in, Helena asked with more strength behind her voice, "So what's the call for? We planning a training schedule?"
  2. Helena barely got three hours of sleep after heading home. The strange day's events just made her want to play more frame ops at home. Blow up some random pubs regardless of whether her side won or lost. When her phone rang, it sent her room alarms buzzing, because it was attached to a contact she grouped under 'Frame Ops priority', and she was loathe to screw up on impressions. In a zombie like daze, the petite girl replied she would go there. Then snoozed for a good extra thirty minutes because she was not bothered with being ten minutes late. After all, her eyebags were atrocious at that hour. Thankfully with her complexion, it would be less noticeable by the time she got to the docks.
  3. What happened to just esports? Why is there a rogue AI after us? But ignoring that, this is my chance to win some actual money! Helena thought to herself. All these protocols, quarantines and nonsense were just too much for a little girl to understand. But Frame OPs, team games? That was just up her alley. "Uuhh, ah, YES! I'M STILL IN!!!" Helena shouts clenching both her fists and trying to mimic some cutesy idol pose that she had seen many times...and failing with wobbly steps and clearly nervous smile. "Shall...shall we talk about team tactics?"
  4. Helena shrinks away a little at being acknowledged by Melanie, but her chest swelled with some pride. Deciding she was not in the mood to head to the toilet...and thankful she had not wet herself in the commotion, Helena tailed Karina instead, eager to head to the cafe, but too lazy to navigate herself.
  5. With the shouts happening, and most of all, her visual mods were not acting proper(Helena had sensitive eyes for colourful explosions) Helena smelled a rat and logged out immediately. She had played in enough cheap shoddier gaming centres to know when to make a retreat and douse her digital signatures when hackers were involved. Though today was markedly scarrier. Kicking her door open, the petite dusky skinned girl scanned for Hitomi. It was useless being part of the tryouts and not being in Odyssey's leader's sight for the day at least. But sadly Hitomi did not standout. Someone else seemingly close to her however did. A shy girl, it was only after they escaped the crowd did Helena stood by the side of the outstanding Melanie, a few inches shorter than the catgirl. Flashing a toothy grin as she addressed the trio without really gauging their mental states, "Rough day today girls? I was Crimson Meteor in the tryouts...I like wingwomans who appreciate shooting from a safe distance...or can zoom to safety fast."
  6. Felling a lone Soldaat grunt, Helena felt a giddy feeling near her lower abdomen as the adrenaline pumped throughout her system. It had been a good purchase, the visual mod of extra explosions installed on her account where things had additional rainbow eruption when downed. Hearing the ping for ammunition drops, the dusky teen activated the boosters on the Crimson Meteor and swung over to greedily take her share of ammunition. The Meteor burned itself quickly and steady logistics was its lifeblood for additional blood letting. "Swinging over to flank the enemy!" Pulling up, Helena noticed another lone Soldaat Soldier sneaking through some buildings to the group. Conventional tactics would call eliminating the target, but the girl had other grander plans. Marking the three clustered Soldaats boxed together in a stalemate on her group's frontline, she brought the Crimson Meteor to a low altitude...then unleashed a barrage of large missiles and plasma missiles at the helpless troops. As their systems get disabled one after another, Helena cackles on her comms while she popped a smokescreen around her, catching blocking visuals for the lone Soldaat Soldier some paces away. "You're trapped in the darkness with me buddy," she taunts the AI controlled grunt, then switches on the teamspeak while pinging her position to the team, "Enemies moving through the buildings, some close combatants to flush them out would be nice!"
  7. Not in possession of any fame of extravagant wealth, Helena did the only thing she could as a plebeian. The girl reached into her credits and paid for the use of one of the normal sims nearby, making sure it was hooked up to the tryouts game. With a few test flicks, the girl's nose wrinkled in disdain. Despite how clean the device looked, the controls had a minor minute lag time noticeable for one who has many hours of gaming under her belt.
  8. Being small and diminutive, Helena found herself able to squeeze through the crowds and followed the flow to the arcade. Bounding forward, the dusky skinned girl made her way for the Megasim, "Heeeeey! Got a room in the first round of tryouts!" Clapping both hands together in a form of prayer, Helena added, "I promise I won't disappoint!"
  9. I like the colour blue...but WHO CAN RESIST siding with THE EMPIRE?
  10. Noticing an opening, Helena swooped to the momentarily vacant seat before Hitomi. The very act itself had involved breathing exercises, some self pinching to work up a fury. There were lots of people around her, she was not going to let them deter this little shut in from opportunity! "Hiiamhelenaprofilenamemay13slaughteritiswithgreatpleasureandhonourtosignupforteamodysseyiwillshowyoumyworthinthetryouts. Cheers!" the little girl smiles weakly and bows before rapidly vacating the seat for the next hopeful as she shrinks back into the crowd. I think that went, well...I kept my face straight when I said...what I said.
  11. Helena weighed the opportunity to join in this Team Odyssey, her endless streak of playing solo queue with random stranger, some good, many pretty terrible was indeed getting stale. An organized team constantly practicing and actually communicating with each other seemed like a critical step towards actual recognition in the community...and easier to hide behind the team name if things turned sour. Squeezing around in her diminutive form, the dusky skinned girl knew opportunity seldom rang twice...and team formations tended to be limited. Unfortunately, her short stature meant many others already ran past her with superior strides. So the girl pouted as some cat girl started speaking to Hitomi, some four people away.
  12. "Please not be micro-transaction exclusive, please not be micro-transaction exclusive, please not be micro-transaction exclusive..." Helena chants, keeping both her fingers crossed as she does so. Her dusky eyelids firmly shut as the mantra goes on.
  13. Helena starts taking snapshots of the event, being a teen in a convention does not make her immune to the peer pressure to record the going ons...despite no one else to share them with. She remembers to breath through out the ordeal. Shocking.
  14. Somehow managing to squeeze to the railing due to her small frame(she might be more than a little disappointed with the condition of her parcel when she gets home...), Helena pokes her diminutive head over the railing to catch the sight of the battlecruiser in its full glory. Definitely commandeering one of that if there's a patch that adds it!" And then the Silver Bullet was introduced and Helena promptly dropped her dessert on the floor. it was very difficult to applaud without both hands empty while skipping like a hyperactive schoolgirl.
  15. Deciding now was a good time as any with much of the patrons distracted, Helene pushes her way past the crowd to order one of those triple scoop Cosmo Cones yogurt ice cream. Usually a long row would stand in queue, but not as this very moment, and the petite girl was always one to seize opportunities. "Three scoops please, and an extra helping of those star candy sprinkle, the frosty one," the girl ordered. Noting the cashier was still squinting at the approaching spaceship, Helena clapped both her hands in frustration saying aloud, "HEY, SOME PROFESSIONALISM PLEASE!"
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