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  1. I Don't like it, because i will end up wanting my character to fail wich is not really good in a game. (looking at you conquest when i felt Nothing about the end because it was so wrong and dumb). However it could be interesting , but not for me. I prefer Something like Eliza from immortal sword when she take bad decission but try her best.
  2. Step one of using the mess hall : Always give the chief hat to Velouria or Felicia. The reaction are amazing ( and savage.) My favourite has to be Hisame :"the chef must be punished" it's so simple and effective.
  3. I'am going with Morgan for awakening she/he is absurde , they can do whatever you want them to do with no effort. Ryoma from birthright is also insane, give him lancebreaker and boom, you win the game ( exept if you want to have fun and use the other unit ). And for Conquest/ revelation Velouria. I'am doing a lunatic conquest and she obliterate everything , she save my ass for chapter 21 because she can one round all of the faceless and survive the stone-dude with no effort (and self Healing so your healer are not in danger of the stone-dude) and for some reason her crit avoid his the highest on my armies and she was also insane in heir of fate. It wouldn't surprise me if she can survive the ninja endless debuff of chapter 25. And for the other game no unit where godlike like them( Lute from Sacred Stone is close but not enough, and i never use Seth)
  4. I like that your Velouria is alway destined to be a royal and have Camilla as her mother since Elise will not benefit her.
  5. Don't forget that if you want pvp or farming support (easy post game fun) Fate revelation has the most potential.
  6. I want a lord with staff , after all you don't want your lord to die so it's better if he stay behind where he can give order and heal, i also want more staff to use. (also Killing the evil dragon with a S rank staff could be really fun).
  7. Bye-bye ugly Google map from fate , you will not be missed.
  8. Not a fan of the soldier behind ou tropey character, (Co from advance wars 4?). I Also don't like the animation, the impact seems nonexistante ( the fire magic looks ugly) especially compared to Echoes. The rest looks fine , i'am hype (and i can't wait to know if Nina , Ophélia and Forrest will be in this game, it will be fun to watch the reaction and how they looks with this art style, I would love it , even if it's probably a bad idea. Maybe she will be well executed this time?).
  9. Catria , Palla Est and Zeke can't die .Echoes takes place before important event for them (right?).
  10. A game with Velouria when she has to collected trash/stuff she likes , the purpose is to manage the resources and used them to collect a maximum of "things with history behind them" . The name should be called "Fire emblem heroes"! (or "Velouria crossing ").
  11. Randal (Lando ? the green gambler paladin) mention the great chaos in his conversation in echoes , he aske if Celica or Alm know about it wich they don't.
  12. Yuzu on a horse (Alm's army). Silque as a priestess.
  13. Yes he shouldn't be stronger or equal to Mathilda , They should nerf him or buff her !
  14. Tobin french title is "jeune innocent" ("Young innocent") ,it's what my grandmother say to describe what she consider mentally handicapped person. And the the final looks nice ,love the change 14 day is exhausting , however i find the castle weird , don't know why .
  15. There is a french YouTube series about role-playing game called "aventure" and this is what happen at the end of a season (critical miss at the most important moment ,it's hilarious and sad. ) My moment from fire emblem 8 the dialogue between caelach and Joshua is changed and Joshua called Caelach "Bro".(fire emblem 8 ) .
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