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  1. I wish I could trade you my spare Bartre for it.... xD
  2. I've really enjoyed the game so far. It's fun collecting various characters, raising them to lvl 40, doing the various story maps and missions and building up my favorite units. I've managed to pull most of the heroes I've wanted as a f2per and I do pretty well in the arena battles. Only thing I have to complain about is Reinhardt and dancers, Rein in particular being an annoying stain on what is otherwise a really fun time.
  3. Important ones, like Shanna and Florina. I need desperation and ardent sacrifice, but I've only gotten one of each. It's kinda painful how I can't get either one. Also, I really want to train an adult tiki, but I've only gotten one so far since this game 1st released... ;_;
  4. I tried 1 summon session, including my free pull, and the free one was disappointing, a 3* Gauis. May as well just coughed in my hand instead. At least I got something from the session, a 5* +Atk -Res Faye. It's something and maybe can work. The others include: 4* Nino (Like I needed another one of her...) 4* Lachesis (Already have one) 3* Jagen (End with turd on my hands)
  5. Well, I feel pretty silly when I pulled from the Tempest Trial banner, rushing to get a bonus unit on its launch day. I spent over 100 orbs just to get one, trained him to lvl 40, and got him some skills... only to learn TT doesn't start til Friday... orz I did get some new units though. These are the units I got: 5* Gray 5* Lilina (repeat) 4* Abel 4* Merric 4* Athena 4*Clair 4* Klein 4* Fae 4* Eirika 4* Chrom 4* Tharja I did manage to get some good fodder units too, along with some annoying repeats. My green pulls were pretty bad overall.
  6. I tried my one free summon on the Bound Hero Banner and got... Ogma. Well, at least it's good fodder for my Summer Tiki. ...I wish I had gone for a blue instead...
  7. Thanks for the feedback! You've definitely given me more to work on. Also, if you'd like for me to post a 1x version of the image, I can certainly do so : )
  8. I used up all mine already, as it looked hopeless for one, and I had over a thousand too. Even with all the bonuses Gauis had, there was no hope of him ever getting close to Corrin. Ugh, I regret my decision...!!!
  9. The main appeal for me is being able to get my favorite heroes, put them together in a team, and build them to their max potential. I still have some characters I'm waiting for, but I hope to have my absolute favorites together in one ultimate team one day...
  10. Dang, I don't think I'm ready for Squad Assault 2, haha. The 1st one was pretty hard, and still need to do some quests and the chain battles. With the new challenges happening soon, there's going to be too much to do again, haha.
  11. At this point, I wish I had joined team Gauis instead. Not getting any multipliers is just killing my overall score. I think next time I'll purposely choose the losing side for potentially more feathers.
  12. Well, Corrin passed Robin in the VG. It's the beginning of the end for our team D:
  13. Interesting set of mugs you have here. -I think the 1st one could use a neck.It looks like he doesn't have one at all and looks weird as a result. -the right eye looks a little off. Maybe adjusting it one up would help? Also, I think the collar is a bit long and big. -Not sure what to say about the 3rd one. I like that one quite a lot. Maybe the nose ring could use some light colors to help it stand out. -The 4th one looks pretty good as well. Really like his expression. Are the 2 sides of the collar trims supposed to be different colors? -The 5th one looks pretty good over all.
  14. I can see the small change in the head, which I think it looks good. There's a blend from the black lines to the lighter colors. The collar looks good too. Not sure what more I'd suggest...
  15. Well, the Robin team is doing alright against Corrin, but unless we get a well placed multiplier bonus, we're gonna lose the round.
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