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  1. As a minor addition, if you're not banning her due to being DLC, Anna can be recruited post-timeskip, and will be appropriately leveled. So you do have her for an emergency deploy post-timeskip if you lose a unit. (Note that she'll have trained / leveled exclusively in Thief, which is not ideal, but it's probably better than an abandoned 20-levels-behind CoS member recruited pre-timeskip who'd been riding the bench since.) This is mostly trivia at this point because I don't think it's possible to sanely set up anymore, but if you have a save in the middle of a Crimson Flower run from pre-Jeritza being recruitable, he'll join the next monastery phase, appropriately leveled for the current mission. (i.e. at a higher level than if he joins right after the timeskip).
  2. Crimson Flower is basically stuck. If Edelgard & co. attack TWSITD "early", that's cheating and makes the conflict less interesting - TWSITD become even more the convenient always-antagaonists-no-matter-what. The plot post-timeskip is that they've allied with Adrestria for Reasons, so stick with it. Additionally, FE3H plays it fast-and-loose with geography (theoretically bouncing across the map in a single weekend to complete 3 Paralogues), but Shambhala is in the exact opposite direction from where you're supposed to be campaigning in Faerghus. However, Edelgard's principal foil is Rhea (and to a lesser extent Dimitri, although that's more explored on Azure Moon). Dramatically speaking, Rhea needs to be the final boss for all the marbles. (Side rant: Atheist Foreigner Claude should have been the final boss of Silver Snow as the foil of the Church, but alas.) So... that's why there's the awkward "uh we'll fight TWSITD during the ending credits." I don't see a good way around that, I think that's the best the game can do. Basically, agreeing with others that pacing / drama dictate that the focus be kept on the Church. I do agree that a remixed C11 would be good, and the only reason it isn't is budget / time. Still, since Rhea's paralogue isn't accessible in CF, you'd think that if the CF vs. SS choice happens at the start of C11 rather than the end, you could have basically run Rhea's paralogue (with stats scaled down) instead without requiring TOO much more budget. I dunno, Metodey runs off to grab a sandwich or something. I do agree that arguing about the history of Fodlan earlier, on-camera, would be cool to make the reality split between Edelgard's version and Rhea's version in Verdant Wind more clear (since both can't exactly be correct). I do think that sheerly gameplay-wise, CF could have been a bit longer. The main issue is that it's not clear who would head-up new maps added without locking out more characters from recruitment Dedue / Hilda - style and giving them a map. (e.g. make Marianne non-recruitable and turn her paralogue into some sort of "fight the Alliance monsters in a spooky forest led by the mysterious Beastmaster"). Hilda is kind of a pair with Claude so it doesn't make tons of sense to split her off from the Deirdru mission. The best thing I could propose is turn Arainrhod into two maps back-to-back - in the first part, Rodrigue is the boss, in the second part, Cornelia & her crew come out of hiding or something and you fight them. (This would make E & H's excuse about "whoops sorry Cornelia got mixed up in there uncle maybe she shouldn't have been fighting with the Blue Lions" even less plausible though.) You could also add in some sort of shameless filler mission like "collect rare materials for a superweapon from monsters on the mountain peak in a race with opposing forces". But not a huge deal. Finally, the flames in the final mission are very dramatic and awesome, but I'd skip the plotline about Rhea setting it aflame herself (but keep the part where, vaguely like Avatar Azula, she's going crazy and lashing out at people nearby). Ashe and Annette (and Gilbert) SHOULD fight you since you're the invading force and the game should handle that locals won't appreciate that, and making the fire external makes that disconnect easier to explain. Just... don't explain it at all, instead. Or blame the Slitherers for indiscriminately bombing both sides or something. Can keep the drama and not have to explain why one side thought this was a good idea, except for maybe Arundel who's already been established to dislike both sides.
  3. Rhea's overriding goal is to resurrect Sothis and protect the Children of the Goddess, and in the CF route she has entirely failed at both, as Byleth betrayed her and Seteth/Flayn are either dead or in hiding. This is the "anagnorisis" moment in a tragedy where somebody realizes that everything they worked for has been worthless or counterproductive. It's reasonable to assume that her mental state would not be the best and she would be lashing out at unconnected humans in general. The main way it'd be out of character is that it doesn't seem to militarily make any sense for an ancient veteran of wars - but as stated already, the game acts like firing Fhirdiad does make sense and this is a reasonable thing to do, so in-setting she isn't making a terrible mistake tactically. Not to sidetrack the conversation too much, but nah, all of the routes except for maybe Silver Snow show multiple sides of the lord, and they aren't "clean." Edelgard still does some questionable things in the CF route if this is what you're referring to, so I disagree it's letting her off scot clean. Also, to the extent this is a valid complaint, I feel that a certain other recent Fire Emblem is an infinitely worse offender - that being FE Fates. No need to go into detail, but Fates takes pains to ensure that nothing bad that ever happens is Corrin's "fault", even on Conquest, even when it plainly is their fault. Nothing in Three Houses comes close to doing that, i.e. you win the battle while miraculously sparing all enemy troops, then evil allies roll in and execute the boss anyway, or the boss commits suicide rather than die by the Lord's hand after getting beat up which somehow makes it okay.
  4. I'll go against the grain and say Hard / Casual. Normal mode is highly not recommended if you played 3H Hard, Awakening Normal is pretty toothless. For Casual vs. Classic... my recommendation is to play "soft Classic" where it's casual mode, but solely for the purpose of being able to reload in-battle saves - self-impose a rule that character death = reset. Don't abuse the saves for crit farming, getting better level-ups, etc. either. Rather, use it only to learn about reinforcement timings. Awakening Hard/Lunatic has dreaded ninja reinforcements (STR), and even worse, reinforcements that can spawn with effective weapons (e.g. Assassins with Bows that show up from nowhere and one shot Sumia). In-battle save lets you just reload if you get jumped by a particularly unfair reinforcements set. If you do play on Classic, grab a reference / walkthrough that warns you about reinforcement turns and locations.
  5. Yeah, basically it's a case of "don't read too much into plot holes." Even in the realm where Rhea is explicitly trying to lure out Edelgard out (where I too thought they might go), the gameplay makes it pretty clear that she's set her own side of the map on fire, which is not how you'd go about such a thing in reality, but the nature of Fire Emblem maps constrains a bit here. Basically, there's two somewhat incompatible scenarios going on at endgame, where elements from both seem to be true: * A desperate Rhea wildly thrashes at all nearby for being useless traitors as part of her descent to madness in the CF route. This is intended for Rhea character-wise, defeating her and ending her madness is a good thing and builds up her boss fight. But clearly isn't what happened gameplay-wise (could have made it all Golems and Church loyalists if so). * The Kingdom / Church alliance makes a final stand at Fhirdiad. They aren't angry at Rhea because it's not Rhea's "fault" for the fire in this world, they're angry at the Empire. I'm fine with reading basically everyone other than Rhea / Catherine as being in the second scenario, while Rhea lives in the first scenario, and Catherine attempts to justify how both of these scenarios can be true at once by presenting the fire as a military tactic rather than an insane leader lashing out.
  6. Belated: Very few characters, honestly. I agree with the earlier point in this thread about defection from your country to the point of joining the other side to be rare. It does happen, but only because of A) An existing rebel faction that already dislikes / wants to overthrow the government for other reasons, and aiding another country is just a means to an end; B) the other country has already conquered a region and is recruiting; or C) Zealots willing to abandon their families to fight for what they believe in. Now, for Fire Emblem named characters and aristocrats with the power to control their own destiny, sure, they can be a special case; plenty of the French ancien regime DID run off to Austria or England rather than serve the First Republic or Napoleon. But those were not large numbers of people. It's a lot to ask people to abandon their families, friends, and property. For characters, I agree that Ashe / Ferdinand / Lorenz / Hanneman strike me as the most likely to go rogue. Ashe is a rare character with basically nothing holding him down to any one loyalty, no family, no money, no obligations; he's also a driven, moral character that could potentially be convinced that Byleth is Just That Awesome. Ferdinand gets dispossessed and his father arrested. Lorenz is category B above - the Glouster domain is allied to the Empire so it's not weird for him to be recruited, even if his ideological alignment isn't great with CF, and his distaste for Claude makes him a plausible Lions pickup as well. Hanneman's plot is just deeply anti-old-Empire that he left behind and compatible with what Edelgard's new Empire plan is. While I don't peg them as likely traitors, I could at least sorta buy Marianne, Petra, Raphael, & Leonie switching sides, as their ties are somewhat weaker to their factions. (Manuela->CF too for similar reasons to Hanneman.) Everyone else is a lot sketchier; I tend to feel actively bad if recruiting them. People talked about the final mission in CF, and I kinda disagree it makes sense for Ashe and Annette to switch sides there - at least the way the game presents the scenario. No, setting the city on fire doesn't make tons of sense (why doesn't Edelgard just stand back and do nothing?), but the game acts like Rhea's setting Fhirdiad on fire is a useful-if-desperate military tactic; the bulk of the forces you fight there are Kingdom troops. It doesn't seem to act like Rhea is actually destroying the city herself, oddly enough. So to the extent that this mission is treated just as Edelgard invading Fhirdiad with a dramatic backdrop, it's fine. More generally, it's important for establishing that Faerghus, while maybe once unified to Adrestria, is its own separate place now that is not going to quietly submit to an army unifying it. Edelgard has one of her most tone-deaf lines there, something along the lines of "a Kingdom without a King? Why are you still fighting?" (Yeah, and why didn't Iraq cool off after we killed Saddam Hussein? Sigh.) Well, the people of Faerghus are the kingdom, not the king, and if Ashe wasn't already recruited he's not going to go along now with a conquering force just because they're strong. Annette has a tie to the Royal College of Sorcery here and is also presumably fighting from local pride. I thought it made sense.
  7. Cool stuff. For what it's worth, I found Petra an excellent unit, but any unit can succeed in 3H and character choice tends to be a very personal thing, so don't field Petra just because people tell you to! Follow your heart, etc. On Combat Arts, was mentioned before, but for the competition to Healing Focus is usually Curved Shot, especially for characters who lack 3-range abilities. You won't always perfectly be in position, so always having a 3-range chip option, as well as a safe way to weaken a monster barrier without eating a counterattack, is always appreciated. Lifetaker - Yeah, it's good for the highly specific situation of "fighting a lot on Enemy Phase, but also taking hits and not going straight dodgetank," and Gremory Byleth is one of the rare characters that can get away with that. Impregnable Wall - You want to stick this on someone with Canto, in general. This is because the user is not protected themselves. There's basically two use cases of this Gambit: safe baiting, and saving overextended units. For baiting, it doesn't really matter, stick someone at the edge of a scary enemy's range (e.g. Kronya, Nader) and have them be Wall'd, then attack all-out next player phase. For the latter case, though, sometimes you need to send a unit forward to kill a key enemy, but they can't make it back to safety. A Canto'd Wall user can run up, Wall the overextended unit(s), then jump back to safety themselves. There's also the issue that all of the Wall Battallions are physical ones, so it's not optimal on mages like Dark Flier Byleth or Constance. Since you've given Fetters of Dromi to Bernadetta, she could hypothetically use it; if you have Alliance Wyvern Co. on your file, WL Death Knight / WL Edelgard can use it too, although it's a bit of a waste of Edelgard's good Charm since the support Gambits don't care about that. Maybe Petra too.
  8. I think you might be overpreparing a tad - Maddening is difficult, but not that difficult. If you're throwing the full weight of NG+ Renown, Ashen Wolves DLC reward, Pagan Altar, NG+ skills / statue level / battalions at it, you should be fine. At the very least, I'd say you probably needn't bother with perfectly farming stat boosters from the Holy Tomb, or using it at all - less grinding, more battling it out. As a few thoughts - I'm not in general a big fan of Healing Focus, although I suppose it's okay on brawlers who get it anyway like Caspar. Combat Art slots are too precious, IMO. That said, it is especially unneeded on Byleth, who already has a form of Healing Focus in grabbing Concoctions from the Convoy on demand. It also usually requires either faculty training or a weird build route to get it, although I suppose NG+ renown spending makes this particular issue moot, but there's just no need for it regardless even if the skill was free. In the same way, you really shouldn't need Healing Focus on Hubert, or Lifetaker. Hubert will die horribly if he gets engaged upon by Maddening enemies during Enemy Phase anyway; he will be sniping from afar with Mire and the like on player phase. He will occasionally have to absorb a single hit from a slow monster's counterattack, but in general, player phase damage he takes from counters can be patched up by Lin / Dorothea /Constance / Concoctions at your leisure. So the humble HP+5 is probably better than Lifetaker as far as "can safely survive a single nasty counterattack" which is about all Hubert can ask for. By the same logic, same is true for Linhardt - he should never be taking damage at all, except from occasional mages, so Lifetaker / Renewal / etc. isn't that useful. When Combat Linhardt is a thing, it's because he's blasting a Wyvern Rider with Excalibur or otherwise chipping range 1 units from afar. If he does take damage, he needs HP+5 to hope to survive it (he still probably won't), not Lifetaker. White Tomefaire is only buffing Nosferatu here, and even buffed Nos is still probably worse than Excalibur, so that's more of a style points pickup. Opera Co. Volunteers isn't usually available on Crimson Flower, but if you want to maximize it, it's normally stuck on a non-dancer because Dance of the Goddess can restore the turn to an already-acted Dancer + others, which allows some exceptionally cheesy plays. If you decide to build Paladin Ferdinand, you don't particularly need to hamstring yourself by going Thief/Assassin first. Pally Ferdie's speed really doesn't matter because Swift Strikes guarantees a double anyway on Player Phase, and he'll ideally be dodgy even if doubled on Enemy Phase (especially if you NG+ him an Alert Stance+). I'd say to just stick at Cavalier straight into Paladin forever, will make your midgame stronger at the cost of some lategame irrelevant speed. While on the Ferdinand note - this could go for several characters, but don't underestimate tossing bows on random physical characters and giving them the Curved Shot Combat Art (don't even need Bow Proficiency). It's especially handy for breaking monster armor from range 3 safely, or just plain safe chipping to set up a kill that doesn't risk a counterattack. Ferdinand is especially good at it, though, since his horse & Canto will let him bait & position safely, and he can run Seal Speed so that even the tiny damage chip greatly weakens an enemy. In general, I'm skeptical of the X-effect-Null skill slots being worth it. They're good if you're doing a low-deploy count strategy, but in general, just paying attention to enemy weapon loadouts and using other characters also works and frees up a skill slot for something else. Constance's bad defense means she doesn't particularly want to take on enemy archers anyway, short of using Bolting of course. Boring stuff like Mag +2 is more consistent and reliable, if admittedly less flashy. If you're worried about Def & Res being low, then toss the Impregnable Wall Gambit on someone, ideally someone with Canto. Empire Armored Co. is easily accessible and on CF, Alliance Wyvern Co. has it as well for fliers if you finished a Deer run in your NG+ file. It is unironically the strongest Gambit in the game, it makes Linhardt a better tank than Dedue. Watch as Nader quads Edelgard with a Brave Axe for 4 damage, it's great. Good luck with the run!
  9. Belated reply on the Lord conversation: Optimizing Claude for the Sword of Begalta is a funny thing to do in replays, but I can't say it's ever likely to make sense. It doesn't even come with a cool Combat Art. Barbarossa is the best class in the game, so giving that up to go Assassin or the like is the wrong call from a power perspective. (Although if you do, sure, Lord Claude can work on the way to Assassin.) If you stay in Barbarossa, then skill slots are precious; not clear if there's room for Sword Prowess, you're giving up something like Hit +20 or Strength +2 that will work for any weapon. If you absolutely need a range-1 option, Mini Bow should work fine; if you want some healing, Concoctions or a Goddess Ring are that way. Also, as some random catch-up, here's my own personal ranking for the earlier topics of discussion in this thread: Genuinely good Bolt Axe Weight -3, Faith Prowess, Seal Speed Okay-but-outclassed Holy Knight (it's fine, just Dark Knight or Bishop is usually better) Longbow (it's fine, just Curved Shot / Hunter's Volley Silver Bow is usually better) Niche use Defensive Tactics, Seal Defense / Seal Magic, Poison Strike Lord Theoretically useful, but so expensive to learn/acquire that why bother Weight -5 (would be totally great in NG+!) Venin Weapons Not useful, but harmless and easy to learn/acquire Battalion Renewal, Desperation, Miracle, Seal Strength Armored Lord / Emperor, Swordmaster, Hero Absorption, Recovery Roar Not useful, and either difficult to acquire or expensive to set Great Knight (w. t. f. at the skill requirements to certify in this class.) Lifetaker, Pavise, Seal Resistance Talisman Shield / Hexlock Shield Wild Abandon (Combat Art slots are precious, there's no room for a worthless one that could be a movement CA at worst.)
  10. For those who didn't see it, there's a translated interview with the devs here that basically confirms the reasons us nay-sayers brought up for why there isn't a Revelation-esque route (note that it's two pages, click through at the end of the first page for more on Cindered Shadows & Anna) : https://nintendoeverything.com/fire-emblem-three-houses-devs-on-the-games-difficulty-why-there-wasnt-a-revelation-like-route-cindered-shadows-more/ Note that Genki Yokota says afterward he *would* have been up for doing something like Revelation, but would be worried that they'd just end up repeating Revelation too closely, so there were clearly issues to work out even if they decided to go forward with it. Anyway, I entirely agree with the above thought from Kusakihara. A true Golden Route needs to be something "between" all of the characters that's acceptable to all. (To be sure, it's easy to imagine the likes of a Crimson Flower +, Azure Moon+, etc. where fewer allies die and more enemies just convert to your side, but that's not really a Golden Route, just an "I don't want any setbacks or sad things" route that will ring hollow.) But the three leaders have unique and unwavering beliefs, so having them all put their ideologies aside weakens both the narrative and the characters. In FE Fates, the war was basically nonsense that only started because Garon was influenced by an insane dragon, so it's reasonable to see a Revelation route where everyone agrees this is stupid and stops. The war in 3H is not so easily undone, since it's not caused by blatant evil mind control or anything.
  11. No, but with one proviso. I believe Nintendo has said that DLC Wave 4 will be the last set and we won't see a long ongoing set of new DLC like Awakening and Fates had. Let's say that's wrong and 3H releases some proper postgame content balanced around levels 40-60, similar to Awakening's DLC paralogues and DLC challenge maps that were balanced around L40+. Pavise is a skill that gets linearly better the more often you can activate it, so if Ultimate Power Wars DLC Pack 7 is released some day with level 60 units with 50+ Dex running around, then let's talk; Pavise & Aegis start looking a lot more tempting. (If 3H gets the equivalent of some of Awakening's skills like Rightful King, say on a relic, it'd get even more interesting.) Otherwise, just keep the simple but effective HP +5 on instead if you want more tankiness.
  12. No. I guess you could drag these shields around in spare slots or the convoy for Byleth / Mages, but even if you did, it is very rarely worth equipping them, and if you do it can backfire if you forget to unequip it later and mess up your attack speed. Compare these shields with a Goddess Ring. The Ring will restore 10% HP every turn, regardless of source, which at mid-game HP levels and beyond will be equivalent to or better than the damage reduction from the shield (4-5 HP a turn). More importantly, it weighs 0, so no need to stress over whether it changes a doubling equation, and for good measure it throws in +8 Luck. And Goddess Rings aren't considered particularly high-tier. I guess the Shields will ever-so-slightly reduce battalion damage? If they didn't get the unit doubled? Too minor to care about. I've dragged out all the Bolting charges of an enemy mage before, and a Goddess Ring is fine for the purpose. It's a matter of map design as well. Nests of all enemy mages basically don't exist in 3H. What enemy mages do exist are all power mages throwing Abraxas and Ragnarok at you; there aren't really any equivalents of FE6 Lugh / FE7 Lucius / enemy Valkyries in FE13 that are speedy but with individually weak hits. So you're not generally absorbing multiple magic hits in a phase very often. If there was some 3H map, anywhere, that had something like the map in Fates Conquest with Iago and a room full of Sorcerers that all want to eat you, then sure, toss a Hexlock Shield on a Flayn or Mercedes and send them into the den o' mages, wherein the damage reduction will get to apply a lot of times in a single phase. But that doesn't exist. I suppose I'll grant one possible use: against hypothetical extremely badass mage bosses who double you no matter what, these shields might be the difference between life and death, and maybe you forgot to use Pure Water the turn before and are in a hurry. I can think of exactly one case: Lord of the Lake from Leonie / Linhardt's Paralogue, who activates Quick Riposte on his final lifebar off ludicrous durability. So, if you had room, you can use these Shields (in addition to a Pure Water?) so that units can survive tearing off some of his health to get him out of QR range. But eh, that's hyping them as extra Pure Waters that slow you down, which is pretty uninspiring.
  13. This is getting a bit off-topic, but TVTropes is an exceptionally weak source to cite. It's a wiki, anyone can edit, so it's like citing a GameFAQs or Reddit thread.. if all the usernames were removed, so you had to guess by context whether an entry knows what it's talking about or not. Moderation exists but not generally for content matters, only for conduct matters, and even that can't stop "petty person who feels strongly Gilbert is OP and won't stand for him not being praised." Quite a number of the people there are, frankly, "scrubs" compared to Serenes Forest types, and just plain not at the highest levels of playing the game. And even when a particular topic is well-curated, nothing stops the most recent editor from sneaking in their own craziness. Put things another way, if you want a good tier list, get 10 people to individually make their own tier lists, then average it, which will downplay any outlier opinions. Don't ask 1 person to make it, then 9 of them to edit that one single original list each in a row by throwing in their own favorites. Now that I've sufficiently ragged on it, I'll say that I contributed a bit to it myself (don't trust anyone, even yourself) and cleaned up some of the explanations over at .https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/GameBreaker/FireEmblem , which is the closest thing to a TVTropes Tier List ( bad stuff is at https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/TierInducedScrappy/FireEmblem , I never edited that one personally). I have very little faith any of it will stick for long. Anyway, according to Whoever Modified It Last, the current TVTropes Tier List tops out with Lords / Byleth / Felix / Lysithea / Jeritza / Seteth / Ingrid / Petra / Ferdinand / Catherine / Yuri , all of whom are super-ultra-top-tier powerful enough to effortlessly solo the game. (I guess 3H must be really easy with 13 "game breakers"? Yeah I'd personally chop it down to just the Lords.) Also, by definition, everyone hates low tier characters in the low list. (Don't ask me to make any sense of the "both" list there, that's for good characters that are also bad, or bad characters that are good I guess.) For the original topic of discussion, see AxelVDP - recruiting everyone is certainly doable, but it's more for completionists. I wouldn't call it fun or particularly recommended since it makes the post-timeskip battles far less dramatic and interesting, but some people really like to do that kind of thing, so more power to them.
  14. What Sid / Jotari said, "Yes but actually no." I can imagine a case, but it's so ludicrously unlikely that the answer is still no. Hero has two good things going for it: it's easy to qualify for, and innate Vantage. So if there's some sort of unfocused build / change of plans and the options are "stay an Intermediate class" or "go to Hero", then sure, Hero for "grabbed a little bit of everything" Byleth or Deathblow Felix maybe. This isn't worth much hype since Assassin is also easy to qualify for and having a little bit of bow on physical characters is good, and for Byleth specifically, the character most likely to be doing an unfocused build if you are trying to recruit random characters, he'll have Hero for about 2 minutes before getting Enlightened One, which is better anyway. This benefit only really matters on first playthroughs / speedruns / LTCs, really. For Vantage, sure, you can do a Vantage build, but why not just grab it from Merc if you're already building B swords, then go to a better class? Normally the argument might be "getting Deathblow from Brigand for the Axes" but if you're doing an enemy phase build, you probably don't have room for Deathblow anyway. Taken together, you end up with that Silver Snow LTC somebody posted on YouTube that decided to use Hero Seteth & a unit with a Retribution battalion for some maps: Seteth doesn't go through Intermediate classes (so has an excuse not to learn "real" Vantage) and is a LTC so can't grind it up in an Auxiliary battle. This is a pretty crazy confluence of events to require Hero to have a use, though. Additionally, it's worth pointing out that Vantage enemy phase strats are far from bulletproof, and a good way to chew up Divine Pulse charges if you aren't careful / willing to gamble on luck. Gambits, high HP enemies or monsters, missing a crit, and so on can all ruin your day. If Vantage was really That Good I might have some sympathy, but it's pretty situational. As one final note, it's worth pointing out that Defiant Str does not count as a good thing. There simply isn't room for such a situational skill with the 5 skill max, take vanilla Str +2 every day over it. Defiant Avo or Defiant Crit, maybe toss those on if you somehow have gotten them and making a dopey Vantage build, but Defiant Str? Never making the cut. (Maybe if you had 7 skill slots, or if Prowess skills didn't have to be equipped, or if Defiant triggered at <50% HP.)
  15. As a pure gameplay thing, I think there is merit. All the characters would be too many, but I would like it if IntSys made a DLC5 pack where you had some sort of sped-up, plotless, monastery-and-training-absent FE game that threw escalating maps at you and with some more freeform method of recruiting & building characters. Don't even attempt to give it a plot, anything more than "Byleth having a creepy nightmare" or FEH Tempest Trials or something. Since we're plotless, throw in the kitchen sink of characters - let us have Edelgard, Dimitri, Cornelia, Randolph, Saint Rhea, Archbishop Rhea, Acheron, and Ignatz all on the same team if the RNG decrees. Similar to Randomizers, could just use the existing stock of maps with some simple rules for scaling up & down enemy levels & stats and preventing really late maps from showing up too early. This would be somewhat similar to running the Lagdou Ruins in FE8, and you can have everyone live and high-five everyone afterward for a happy Golden Ending. As a plot idea? Hell no, see other comments, it plain doesn't work with the game's setup. Interesting, sympathetic villains that could be heroes in their own story is a good thing, not a bad thing, and if every edge-of-greatness character like that is made to come out well, it ensures that only uninteresting, baby-eating villains are left. FE has had plenty of insane baby-eater villains already. Doing a Golden Ending inherently means that some of these characters have to mellow out and stop being themselves; I don't want relaxed Edelgard / Rhea / Dimitri who now understand they can work out their differences with a good chat. Those aren't the same characters anymore, then.
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