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  1. This is just speculating the potential roles for the 4 new characters on Maddening mode. Where they fit in, when to recruit, what classes to go for, etc.Yuri:Bases[Growths]:HP: 24[30%] Str: 10[40%] Mag: 7[35%] Dex: 8[40%] Spd: 9[65%] Luck: 7[45%] Def: 5[30%] Res: 6[35%] Cha: 7[50%]Strengths: Swords, Reason, Faith, AuthorityWeaknesses: Lances, Axes, Riding, FlyingBudding Talent: Bows [Deadeye]Ability: Honorable Spirit [+3 Damage when attacking an enemy in melee with no other units next to him/her]Crest: Major Crest of Aubin [Chance to prevent enemy counterattack]Thoughts: Yuri is very similar to Petra statistically. He's actually has a higher Speed and Res growth than her, although his HP growth is worse. His weakness in both Riding and Flying means you're probably sticking to the ground. I see him falling into either Sniper or Assassin as his preferred classes. Sniper optimizes his offense, giving him 3 Range and access to Hunter's Volley once mastered. Assassin lets him fall into the role of dodge tank, though he'll almost certainly not be able to get Alert Stance+. You should be able to get regular Alert Stance in a reasonable time frame though.Balthus:Bases[Growths]:HP: 28[50%] Str: 11[50%] Mag: 5[30%] Dex: 4[25%] Spd: 7[30%] Luck: 3[20%] Def: 7[45%] Res: 4[30%] Cha: 4[30%]Strengths: Swords, Axes, Fists, Faith, Heavy ArmorWeaknesses: Lances, Bows, FlyingBudding Talent: Reason [Black Magic Crit +10]Ability: King of Grappling [Strength and Defense +6 when at less than 50% max HP]Crest: Major Crest of Chevalier [Chance to restore HP when hitting Combat Arts]Thoughts: The first comparison my mind makes is to Caspar. Statistically, Balthus is better in almost every way. Balthus has better bases all around, better growths in Strength and Defense, neutral Authority, Rally Strength, a Crest, and a Hero's Relic. Caspar has better Speed and Dex, so he'll be slightly faster and more accurate. The former doesn't matter much on Maddening, making the latter the more significant advantage. I see very little reason to use Caspar when playing Crimson Flower now that Balthus is around. Silver Snow is a bit more of a grey area, but Balthus will still overall be better. For Blue Lions and Golden Deer, Balthus will make an excellent replacement for Dedue/Raphael when approaching the end of Part 1. War Master and Fortress Knight are the two obvious class choices for Balthus, with War Monk and Grappler being notable options as well.Constance:Bases[Growths]:HP: 23[20%] Str: 4[20%] Mag: 11[60%] Dex: 6[30%] Spd: 6[35%] Luck: 4[15%] Def: 3[15%] Res: 4[30%] Cha: 6[25%]Strengths: Swords, Reason, Authority, FlyingWeaknesses: Axes, Heavy ArmorBudding Talent: Fists [Aura Knuckles]Ability: Circadian Beat [+3 Str/Def in dark areas/indoors, +3 Def/Res in sunny areas]Crest: Major Crest of Noa [Chance to conserve Black Magic use on attacking]Thoughts: Statistically, Constance actually isn't very good. With the exception of Magic, all of her growths are below average for a mage. Her bases are actually really bad; I believe they're the lowest of any mage. She's way too frail to take advantage of her budding talent, which she can't even really use unless she goes War Cleric. Her two strengths are fairly obvious: Her damage output, and Bolting. She'll hit about as hard as Lysithea (about 2 damage less on average), and Bolting gives her siege range for attacking and supporting. Due to her poor non-Magic stats and reliance on Bolting, it might honestly be ideal to keep her as Warlock. It gets Black Tomefaire and Double Black Magic Uses, so she can drop 4 high-damage Boltings per battle (possibly more if her crest procs). Because her bases are pathetic, it's probably best to wait until later in Part 1 to recruit her.Hapi:Bases[Growths]:HP: 26[35%] Str: 6[35%] Mag: 11[45%] Dex: 8[45%] Spd: 6[40%] Luck: 4[20%] Def: 4[15%] Res: 7[45%] Cha: 4[25%]Strengths: Reason, Riding, FlyingWeaknesses: Fists, Authority, Heavy ArmorBudding Talent: Axes [Exhaustive Strike]Ability: Monstrous Appeal [Deals effective damage to monsters; monsters more likely to attack her]Crest: Major Crest of Timotheos [Chance to conserve White Magic use on casting]Thoughts: Hapi is a fairly solid mage. She has average bases and growths for a mage, with the exception of her unusually high Strength. It's not enough to really be a hybrid fighter, but it might help her cancel out Dark Magic's high weight and maybe keep her from being doubled. The most annoying thing statistically is her Authority weakness. Her spell list is extremely good; Dark Magic, Physic and Warp are all great. Blue Lions lack a Dark Magic user and a Warp user, both of which Hapi has. She's a likely early pick-up for them as such. Not sure about the other 2 houses yet. I'm also not sure on her ideal final class. It seems like a toss-up between Valkyrie for range and Dark Knight for damage.
  2. -I too love that magical Hilda. Bolting is good fun. -Bishop Ignatz is a surprisingly effective support unit. -Bow Knight Mercedes. It's really annoying to pull off, but having an 8 Movement, 4 Range magic attacker is good fun.
  3. Having played through Crimson Flower on Maddening, I'd say Sniper mastery definitely deserves to move up. With how fast a lot of the enemies are, Combat Arts with Brave weapon effects are invaluable. Hunter's Volley gives that plus extra Might, Hit and Crit. And you can do it with a Silver Bow, which is more damage than a Brave Bow, or a Killer Bow, which is better for landing crits. Shamir was easily one of my best damage dealers on Maddening, and I can tell you with certainty that Hunter's Volley was 80% of the reason for that. It's not as good as the Blow skills, but I could see it easily slotting into Upper Mid in terms of usefulness.
  4. If we're talking about Maddening difficulty, then I'd say my Crimson Flower ranking would be: 14.) Land of the Golden Deer (Lorenz): Provided you're fine with Warp-skipping, this is an easy one turn battle. 13.) Death Toll (Ignatz/Raphael): Same as Lorenz's basically, except the boss is slightly harder to kill. 12.) An Ocean View (Seteth/Flayn): The difficult terrain actually works in the player's favor for once. 11.) Rumored Nuptials (Ingrid/Dorothea): This one is hard if you try to do it too early. Otherwise, it's more tedious than anything. 10.) Tales of the Red Canyon (Sothis): Not too bad, provided you have Byleth in a good class like Peg Knight. 9.) Sword and Shield of Seiros (Shamir/Alois): This was the last Part 1 Paralogue I did, so my opinion may be skewed; regardless, it wasn't too bad at the point in which I did it. 8.) Foreign Land and Sky (Petra/Bernadetta): This one is tricky to rate because its difficulty comes from Metaknowledge. If you know that the initial objective is a bald-faced lie, then you can take your time and prepare for it properly. Without said knowledge in hand, this chapter is a giant middle finger to the player. 7.) The Forgotten (Sylvain): If you don't know what you're doing, this map can be a pain. With a proper plan, it's not so bad. 6.) Oil and Water (Hanneman/Manuela): This chapter is a legitimate pain if you don't train Manuela at all. It's not the worst, but I wouldn't call it easy either. 5.) Darkness Beneath the Earth (Hubert): Completing this chapter isn't too bad; completing this chapter and keeping enough mages alive for the reward is annoying. 4.) Legend of the Lake (Leonie/Linhardt): Fog of War. 3.) Insurmountable (Edelgard): This chapter is a complete chore. The enemy reinforcements are by far the worst part. I pretty much had to resort to Warp abuse. The chapter doesn't even give you a good reward to make the hassle worth it. 2.) Forgotten Hero (Marianne): Fog of War and enemies that ORKO a stranded character that needs to survive. 1.) True Chivalry (Felix): Definitely the worst of the ones I did, IMO. Keeping everyone (including Rodrigue, who can die on turn 1) alive for the Aegis Shield was probably the hardest part of my Maddening run. I restarted this chapter more times than any other. I somehow forgot to recruit Ashe, so I didn't do his Paralogue. I can't say anything about the other routes, as I have yet to play them on Maddening.
  5. A question: Does this take into account the recruitment differences of the various routes? By that, I mean how certain characters (Hilda, Catherine, etc.) cannot be recruited at all/until very late on certain routes (mainly Black Eagles). There is a significant enough difference between, say, Blue Lions Hilda and Silver Snow Hilda to warrant 2 separate placements, IMO.
  6. I know that the -faire skills and the weapon critical skills all stack, while Fiendish Blow does not. Vantage is a conditional skill, so stacking it doesn't really matter. The only other skill I'm not sure about is Weight -5. You can stack Weight -3 and Weight -5, so I don't see why you wouldn't be able to stack Weight -5 (Fortress Knight) and Weight -5 (A+ Heavy Armor). That said, I've never bothered using Fortress Knight long enough to actually test if it works.
  7. Just wanted to chime in that I'm doing Black Eagles (currently just finished Chapter 13 of Crimson Flower), and I can state that, at least in my opinion, Sothis's paralogue was one of the easier ones to complete. The two paralogues that really gave me difficulty were Ingrid's (first one that unlocked; not a good idea to do it right away) and Felix's (keeping everyone alive, Rodrigue included, was a pain in the ass).
  8. I can't say how bad it is for either Blue Lions or Golden Deer yet, but I tried it for Church route (I'm doing Crimson Flower, but I reloaded a save and tried Chapter 13 of Church route out of curiosity) and it's an absolute nightmare. Seteth is definitely worse than your typical house leader, Petra joins in by herself, Caspar and Dorothea are your top-left reinforcements (so good luck if you neglected one/both of them), you have less power in general... oh boy, it was not a fun time. It might be the hardest story battle in the game (haven't seen the final chapters yet).
  9. -When I did my "meme" run, I made Caspar a Cavalier/Paladin; he had 15 Speed (so 1 extra point) after 10 levels as Paladin. -I once went 8 level-ups in a row without Lysithea gaining a point in Magic. -I've tried using Ignatz 3 times, and he got horrible level-ups on 2 of the 3 times I used him; the one time he did well was when I decided to make him a Grappler/War Master. -My Byleth always seems to get Defense screwed; in my meme run, she had 10 Defense at Level 20, and on my current Maddening run, she has 11 Defense at Level 17. On the flip side, I've had a Level 35 Dorothea with 35 Magic and my Ingrids have yet to get Strength screwed. Count your blessings, I suppose.
  10. Prior to Maddening's release, I was doing a sort of "meme" run, where I made a bunch of units atypical builds on Hard/Classic for GD. -I took Hilda down the mage route; once she unlocked Fiendish Blow, her damage was solid; 4 Bolting casts at Warlock is really good. -I took Marianne down the Swordmaster route; she struggled a bit as a Merc, but upon hitting Swordmaster, she started ORKO'ing everything without Soulblade/Levin Sword. With Soulblade/Levin Sword, she was the highest damage dealer on my team. -I recruited Ingrid and made her a mage; pretty much the same deal as Hilda, but she had support with Physic instead of Bolting. -I also made Leonie a mage; she gets some decent spells, but her damage output is pretty bad (this is in comparison to Hilda, by the way). Warlock bases and Fiendish Blow makes any mage with a decent spell list valid, though (at least on Hard). -I recruited Caspar and took him down the Cavalier route for fun; it was... mixed. He had really good Strength and Defense, but his Speed was still at the minimum as a level 25 Paladin. -I took Ignatz down the Brawler line; it worked out pretty well. -I made Lysithea my Dancer because why not? -I also recruited Annette and tried her as a physical axe fighter; she was terrible up until I unlocked Death Blow and Warrior for improved bases. I'm even more convinced now that Annette really only works as a wyvern due to Lightning Axe and having a flying rally bot.
  11. Claude: Barbarossa; it's not even a question. Dimitri: Dimitri's Great Lord class is pretty damn good; for no investment, you get 6 Movement, Terrain Resistance and solid growths. If we're talking strictly the best endgame class, though, then Bow Knight is a little better for him. He can get there fairly easily and 8 Movement plus 4 range on Bows is just nuts in this game. So yeah, Bow Knight for the poll, but Great Lord is still really cool. Edelgard: Edelgard gets really screwed over in terms of her unique class. Emperor is a Fortress Knight with 5 Move, which is... meh? On top of that, it has split Strength/Magic growths... but it is NOT able to cast magic. I mean, seriously, why? As such, her two best options are either Wyvern lord or Dark Knight. Wyvern Lord is the obvious path, as she's strong with Axes and it capitalizes on her high Strength. Dark Knight requires quite a bit of leg work, but it lets her utilize her magical abilities on a mount. Overall, Wyvern Lord is her best option.
  12. Uh, do you mean this picture? Because this is from clearing the game on any difficulty, not just Maddening.
  13. 1.) Either allow multiple seminars per week based on Professor level or improve the single seminar to give more EXP. A single seminar is currently nearly worthless. 2.) Allow Edelgard's unique classes to cast magic. Because just... why? Why give Edelgard good magic growth and give Emperor a 10% magic growth bonus, then NOT let her cast magic? 3.) Change Canto to how it was in the GBA games. Runner-up/non-singular Ideas: -Remove gender-locked classes. -Add additional penalties to fliers, such as restricting them from using bows and giving stat penalties when dismounted. -Nerf Close Counter so that it cannot double. -Rework the required skills for several of the Master classes.
  14. No problem! I've used both Iron Bows and Training Bows; it sort of depends on the unit and the scenario. Training weapons are really useful in the very early chapters, as the enemy's AS is unforgiving in the first few battles. Petra could only avoid getting doubled by Dimitri when using a Training Sword, Caspar needs Training Gauntlets to avoid getting doubled period, etc. A Training Axe on Edelgard is also very useful. However, their main use is for enemy phase; during player phase, you need all the damage you can get.
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