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  1. Oh lord, someone's gonna get the banhammer for having such an "amazing" pfp, even if it's a mirrored image meme onto the wrong pic.
  2. Hey! I am DerTheVaporeon, and I am normally a furry artist, and I did some attempts at spriting. Here's some of my work ever since I started spriting mugs: The Male Mage from Dragon Quest III Monika from DDLC Female Warrior from Dragon Quest III (left is original colors, right is less saturated colors)
  3. The boss of Chapter 10 in Ephraim Route, Beran, becomes Aion with 20 Magic and Skill, but the rest are his stats from FE7, and comes with one Thunder, two Boltings and a Master Seal. He also has Lance/Bow/Axe/Sword/Tomebreaker and Lucky Seven for skills. Change the Cyclops boss from Chapter 12 in Ephraim Route into the unused bandit (a.k.a. Bandit) and name him Phil, give him the Ranger class, Beran's stats +2 skill and defense/resistance, +3 every other stat, and Savage Blow as personal skill.
  4. Beran > Cameron Pablo > Ephidel Binks > Zagan Gheb > Lungdren Faceless Berserker of Chapter 15 > Batta (imo he should remain faceless, but that's up to you)
  5. ...What game again? I only know all of the games, even Tear Ring Saga, but what the BBBB is a Berwick Saga?! Anyway... Fir is now Amelia from FE8, Class is now Soldier, her growths are the same as FE8 with +15% more Str growth. Sin is now Franz from FE8 (whichever you prefer), with his growths from FE8 and all bases are increased by 5 or 6 points. Treck is now a Brigand with Marty's growths from FE5 and Dagdar's bases, only Str is down by 2 points. Leygance is now a Nomad Trooper with a Killer Bow, a Longbow, and a Lancereaver, and his bases are as following: 55 HP, 19 Str, 16 Skl, 19 Speed, 7 Luck, 16 Defense, 15 Res, and 10 Con, and has Beran's FE8 Palette. Henning is now Denning from FE7. Class is unchanged, but speed is down by 3 points, and all of his quotes are from FE7 ("This is a message from Lord Nergal. I await you in Dread Isle."). Scott is now Gheb from FE8, but his class is a Warrior, wielding a Killer Axe and a Tomahawk. 'Nuff said.
  6. Ironically enough, I can read spanish, but... I have encountered a problem in the chapter "Banright", and I have followed everything and opened all the chests, yet I can't find a way to open the room in the middle. I even watched one of your streams of the game and followed what I had to do, yet I can't find a way to open it. Is this chapter bugged, or did I fBBk up somewhere?
  7. I have like, several propositions for this, but I am not sure if you can handle them. Anyway, get ready for a ride, I guess! Player Characters: Jerrot/Zealot is now Marf (Santagelo) (That Eliwood recolor with FE7 Wil's palette) from Ostian Princess, has Arran's bases from Shadow Dragon, but Seth's growths from FE8, with +15% on each growth but Resistance. Carries a Silver Sword, a Steel Lance and a Vulnerary. R-Text: "A traveler of sorts. Friends with some abomination named Zanatta, and some Lilian person.". Death Quote:<Marf> "B-But I am Marf Santagelo...! I'm too handsome to die-" <Dieck> "Cut it out, man. You're already dead." Fir is now Marisa but with Mareeta's Growths from FE5, and Marisa's Ephraim Route bases. Wields the Wo Dao and a Elixir. R-Text and Death Quote are the same as FE8, but no longer supports Karel. (A rather dicklish nod to Ewan recruiting her even though they don't support each other). Miledy is now Ephraim from FE8, same class and bases as Miledy, except he only starts with Gant's Lance, a Javelin and a Elixir. Death Quote is from FE8. R-Text for Ephraim: "The current prince of the Kingdom of Renais. Actually working as Guinivere's escort." Zeiss is now Eirika from FE8 as well, starts as a Level 1 Wyvern Lord, but starts with Glen's bases from FE8, and has Est's Growths from Shadow Dragon, but the Str growth is 35%. Her inventory consists of an Al's Sword, a Light Brand and a Goddess Icon. Death Quote is the same from FE8. R-Text for Eirika: "The current Princess of Renais. Assists Ephraim in escorting Guinivere." Yuno is now Sigune, same bases (except Luck, which is 9), but starts as a level 10 Pegasus Knight, has Palla's growths from Shadow Dragon, carries a Silver Lance, Iron Sword and a Elysian Whip. R-Text and Death Quotes are unchanged from Yuno's. Dayan is now Joshua from FE8, but with Carlyle's Hard mode bases, FE7's Karel's growths, class is now Swordmaster and carries a Wo Dao and a Runesword. Death Quote is the same as FE8, and so is his R-Text. Bosses: Dory/Dray/Drei is now the infamous Money Man. Same bases, but with 7 Luck. Inventory unchanged. R-Text: "A helpful, but greedy old man who lives in Pherae- Wait a second...". Battle quote: "Hey you, guess what? Money is important, damn it! .. Not as important as lustful affairs, though... Er... anyway, to the point! Fight me and you shall see our master!". Death Quote: "Money!! Money is important, damnit...! Without it, your weapons will rust... and you can't fight without your weapons...! Argh...!" Oro is now Beran from FE8 with his Hard/Difficult Mode Bases, change his class to Nomad Trooper (perhaps even higher for this game's Hard Mode, about 1-2 points more for these bases, +5 speed), same inventory (except the Lancereaver should be one Al's Sword/Killing Edge), and same R-Text, Battle Quote and Death Quote as FE8. Change Roberts (A.K.A. "The only Hard Mode-exclusive boss in the entire game IIRC") to appear in Normal difficulty as well (unless that's hardcoded or something...), and/or change his class to Valkyrie and give him Bolting and Fimbulvetr, with Kempf's bases from Thracia 776 as well. Sigune is now Valter, with his Hard mode bases, class is unchanged/Wyvern Lord and wields a Killer Lance, a Spear, and a Delphi Shield. R-Text and Death Quote are the same. Battle quotes are from FE8, and his exclusive battle quotes now happen with Eirika and Ephraim only, having none for Jerrot or Marf. Gel now has nearly-maxed out luck (around 25-28 should be fine), a Wo Dao and maxed out Strength. He smiles in his portrait now. R-Text: "Perhaps the most hated Swordmaster boss in any GBA FE other than Carlyle. Fight with caution." Aine has Morzas' bases from Shadow Dragon. Gale is now Lyon, except he spawns warping in except of "diving down" (although the Wyvern Lords around him still spawn in the normal way). Bases from FE8's Hard mode, carries Apocalypse, and a Elixir. Battle for Whose Sake plays for him. Eirika can still talk to him, though. R-Text: "The former prince of Grado. Warped into Elibe after screwing up in a summoning ritual.". Death Quote is unchanged. All of Pereth's quotes, battle quote and R-Text are changed to "You can't win against Pereth!". His stats are maxed out, too. He also has the portrait of the buck-teethed bandit. Death quote: "You... can't win... against... rgh.." Yahn has Medeus' Bases from Shadow Dragon's Hard 5 difficulty, and is accompanied by two Sages with Forblaze, yet they have Veld's bases from FE5. Items: Gant's Lance and Al's Sword have the rapier's effectiveness, have the Überspear's Stats (uses are 25 instead, however) and it's stat bonuses (only no HP bonus). It's sold in every secret shop in the whole game for 5000G each. Maltet is now a 1-2 Range Lance.
  8. Hello, I would like to say that I did enjoy your hack, and that I loved the changes, as well as the challenge in Final Chapter part 1, though I did find a few bugs and have some questions. Bugs Questions That's pretty much it, but I did enjoy this, even in a semi-grindless run.
  9. Colm is replaced with Cath from Binding Blade, with her Hard Mode bases and her growths from there, only with %10 more growths. Same R-Text, and same death quote. Neimi is replaced with Beran, with half the bases and same class, FE11 Sedgar/Wolf growths, and a Prf Bow with 13 Might, 150 Accuracy, 35 Crit and Devil Effect, R-Text for it is "A very unpredictable bow. Might injure Beran". R-Text: A mysterious mercenary, and also Anna's bastard cousin. Death Quote: Urgh... Thanks god... this RNG curse wore off... Murray is replaced with Gomes from FE5, same stats, and carries a Killer Axe. Beran is replaced with Toras from FE3
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