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  1. Hahaha I do when I get an e-mail stating that I have new comments :P

  2. you'd need to upload it to the internet... if you don't have personal web-space, then image hosting sites like imageshack, or photobucket will work; also many social networking site allow you to upload photos
  3. you're not going to destroy the world if we break this covenant are you?
  4. Its pretty good. the only problem I see is that some of your word choices messes up the natural rhythm. it just needs to be tweaked here and there, and it will be perfect.
  5. not really... I'm building this like a puzzle, but I have nothing but the edges to guide them together... Perhaps It'll be like: the only truth is that there are no truths, that would be my goal.
  6. nice work! all I've done was make a scrabble knock-off with a small team (I was the graphics guy) and make a game about the number 13... I also tried my best to make Dr Mario... but alas I only had two weeks to do so, and I only was able to get the pills to fall and viruses to show up... Maybe I've would of done better if I was actually taught the basics firsts >_> data structures are nice and all... but they're useless if I don't even know how to utilize them... anyways these are quite impressive!
  7. I found the last four lines to "Civil War" to be really good, it fits very well.
  8. Just remember to invade Russia from the East and not the west! It worked for the Mongols! and remember logistics, logistics, logistics...
  9. Hahahaha thats awesome! I used to watch the show... I can still kinda remember the ending theme song! I used to also watch Hamtaro as well! *Crumcrumcrum*
  10. Why not? this is what I look like indeed... but now with longer hair and a beard/mustache
  11. Its ironic when I was younger I always had a dream... but now that I'm in college I really don't have any. I'd wouldn't mind a job in advertising or graphic design. I'd love to get a job as a game designer. I'd love to become and author. any thing is really possible, and if new medicine tells me anything I'll hopefully will be living until I'm 150. So multiple jobs is more than possible... if all else fails I'd renounce my citizen ship, and become a wandering modern troubador as a citizen of the world; not bound by superficial musing such as politics and strife.
  12. I support this as well! Nuclear Plants are highly safe and regulated! Chernobyl was how many years ago? Even in Russia standards have improved greatly! The only problem is the waste... I'm pretty sure someone can find a use for it... but what I'm personally excited about are turnbines that are powered by the tides of the ocean! everytime a wave crests it generates wattage! Since most coastal cities have to be protected by a sea wall anyways this is a great idea that doesn't detract from the bueaty of a city.
  13. I preform soliloquy every so often... so yes, its a good way to get my mind moving
  14. Well since I'm living in Buffalo, I stand to be living in a tropical paradise in the next 20 years... any country at very high, or very low latitudes are going to prosper greatly! i.e. Canada, Russia, Greenland, Scandanavia... What I'm more afraid of is a global war over the world's scarce resources... especially dwindling supply of fresh water.
  15. My main fear is not having enough money to survive... my diet at home is pretty spartan as it gets... I'm rather bad at budgeting as well :-( I tend to spend way too much on gas and going out with friends... Good thing i don't have a credit card though!!!! I'd be screwed... I have some money saved, but i'vealready had to tap into it once, and I swore I'd never would unless it was a true emergency...
  16. Well I got it and its utterly amazing! I had to use some pins to shorten it so its not drapping on the ground when I wear it... its been too hot lately even at night to wear it anywhere, I'll just have to wait til September to use it for its full potential.
  17. not as of yet ;) It will be a few pages long by the time I'm finished with it. which probally won't be for another year or so at the current rate I'm going with it.
  18. hmmm? Oh I write for fun! Poetry included! This one I'm taking my time with! tweeking each line until its perfect!
  19. Well here's a poem I've been workingone for the past half a year... so far I have: ---------------------------------------------- Lightning that strikes before it hits the ground Darkness cries out before the sound Truth despairs in face of light How will I survive the sacred night? -------------------------------------------- What do you think of it so far?
  20. what does it cover? I took AP Euro in HS, and it covered from like 1442 to present.
  21. It came today in the mail!!!!! The only problem it came to my old residence 30 miles away :( I got a call confirming this from my sister earlier today! At least I'll get a free meal out of this!!!
  22. uh... aren't satanists, atheists?
  23. wait there's a second AP Euro course?!?!? When did this happen?
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