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  1. I rerolled for Celica when her banner came around. Turns out 68% of all 178 Celica's were either -spd or -atk. Yeah, 68%. Statistical anomaly, but it goes hand-in-hand with my own units on my first account. -atk lyn, -spd lucina, -atk Camilla, -spd Julia, -atk Effie. The only positive nature I had there was a +spd Azura >.> 5/6 5's were either -atk or -spd.
  2. Nephenee, Reina, Shade, Tethys, Sonya, Tsubasa, Eleonora, Morgan, Sigrun, Ethlyn, Ayra, Emma... Yeah the list goes on.
  3. I feathered up my +atk -res Cordelia because I only had mages (S!Lucina, S!Camilla, Celica and Ninian. Hey she does magic damage too!) and was losing to some high res low def mages. She's been MVP in my arena runs for more times than I'd like to admit.
  4. So far I've had a few MVP's 1) Celica - Not even biased this time. She's been pulling her weight tremendously well and has been the reason I can even clear 7/7. She's the only way I can deal with Veronica at this time, but it works, and it works well. 2) Cordelia - Before my second team (featuring Celica) comes in, my primary team is responsible for clearing up to 7/7. Cordelia, not the bridal version but the flier version, has been critical in dealing with archers, daggers and swords. Anything B!Cordelia can't kill, normal Cordelia most likely can. 3) S!Camilla - Paired up with Cordelia in my first team. Equipped with Lancebreaker ensures I can make quick work of those pesky high-def lance users like Lukas and Effie, as well as dealing with high speed Pegasi that B!Cordelia can't reach. I tried swapping her out for Minerva for two runs. I died on the third wave. Twice. 4) B!Cordelia - JESUS THE SP GRIND. Buuuuut, now that that's over and she has her Brave Bow+ she is one shotting stuff left and right. Still working on her LnD2 and Desperation3, but the largest grind is over. Whenever she drops into Desperation range, the damage and ohko potential gets ridiculous. Can't wait to finish her build. 5) Ninian. Well. She hasn't gained a single level and is still stuck at level 37 at 15k points, buuuuuuuut she dances like nobody else! Plus she allows me to bait Red Swords with Triangle Adept to trigger Escape Route
  5. I generally wouldn't start mixing and matching batteries, phones tend to be designed in a specific way with a specific battery. Amazon does seem to sell replacements: https://www.amazon.com/New-ZTE-Obsidian-Battery-Replacement/dp/B01N64YU0U
  6. Newgrounds, now that's a name I haven't heard in years. Probably a decade. Does it even still exist? I can't imagine the site being anything decent, not even now. Maybe I should visit it again, after all it hosted some... interesting... games.
  7. For Birthright I did Kagero!Kana and for Conquest I did Camilla!Kana
  8. I managed to finish both Conquest and Birthright with just having Kana as my kid. That said, she easily surpassed my M!Corrin in stats and usefulness. I'm guessing this goes for all children. So while it definitely is not required, it sure as hell seems useful to have them.
  9. Mozu a Great Lord, thought hadn't even crossed my mind. What's the stat gain like compared to Dread Knight? ASAP it is, I'll make sure to get him close to my MU so that he can use the convoy and get the item. I did indeed notice that unlike Birthright and Conquest, the Revelation maps do add a lot of weird maps already. Funky ass game haha
  10. Chrom in that map really made me question his sense of battle awareness, sheesh what a blockhead.
  11. Ha, Odin, he was benched immediately. God did he waste a spot on my team in the map he was introduced. Guy literally had nothing going on for him there sadly, Niles was so much better. I did get the before awakening DLC, but Chrom keeps going Rambo and getting himself killed so I'll need to level a bit before I re-attempt that. Leo does seem appealing as a Dark Falcon, makes sense given his stats. I hadn't considered changing Xander at all, seeing as he's pretty good as his base class, I'll definitely try it though! Azura being a witch is something I did in my original Birthright playthrough, but it felt too powerful. So I think I'm going with Rhajat as my Witch this time. Wasn't Mozu's supposed path Villager > Archer > Sniper? Perhaps I should re-class her from Archer to Dread Fighter. Makes sense due to her affinity bonus. What about Kana as Great Lord? Seeing as I'm M!Corrin this time around, I should get F!Kana, who could make use of the Great Lord class? I had her as Dread Fighter in Conquest which ended up with better stats than my mu, lol. At what level do you advise me to promote Mozu, Kana, Xander and Leo then? would 15 be best?
  12. Ack, Hayato is a character I completely sidelined. But Rhajat looks to be one hell of a devastating force. Any other recommendations?
  13. Hey all, So I've finally gotten to my Revelation playthrough, and I was wondering what promotions you did for what units. Not necessarily for min/maxing, but rather for general ease of playthrough. Also since I own all 3 paths now, which characters did you promote to the bonus items (Dark Falcon, Dread Fighter and Witch)? I don't own any of the non-free DLC, in case there was more stuff included there.
  14. So many cards I want from this set already S09-002ST (Celica) B09-004SR (Celica) B09-016N (Faye) B09-092HN (Mist) B09-056SR (Tiena (Hasha)) B09-020N (Silque) B09-019HN (Silque) B09-025SR (Mae) B09-078R (Lethe) B09-039HN (Sonya) Despite only collecting the female card art, I must say even the male art is really good this time around. My wallet is staring at me as if I'm going to pillage it any day now, and its assumption is correct. RIP Wallet.
  15. Can I give someone 2 +'s for 2 successful trades? In that case I want to give 2+ to Kirie, not just for the successful trades but also for the excellent correspondance! Really helped me get into the collection game with like 70+ cards bought from him :p
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