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    Fire Emblem, (obviously) video games, sports (mostly soccer and football), and listening to music (rock and metal)
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Huge Elincia fangirl, used to frequent Reddit Fire Emblem a couple of years ago and ended up meeting my SO over there because of our mutual love for Elincia, hehe. I still occasionally post on there, but not too often anymore. 

As for hobbies, I spend a fair amount of time playing video games. My primary platform is PC, and my favorite franchises are The Witcher, Fallout, Dark Souls, Elder Scrolls, and Fire Emblem. So basically I'm a big RPG nut, haha. I also love sports, soccer being my favorite, as that was the sport I grew up playing, but I also really enjoy watching Football as well. I also spend a good bit of time listening to music, mostly hard rock and heavy metal.

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