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  1. CYBERPUNK 2077!!! - I love Cdprojectred. The Witcher series is my favorite series of all time. I'm so excited to see what they have in store for Cyberpunk, also it has Keanu Reeves in it!! Fire Emblem Three Houses - Game is looking hype as hell so far. I'm loving the adult designs for the main characters. Claude is handsome as hell. Elden Ring - The developers of Dark Souls teaming up with the writer of the greatest fantasy series of all time. Need I say more.
  2. WITCHER 3 ON THE SWITCH TAKE MY MONEY. Played the hell out of that game on my PC, excited to play it on the go soon. Botw sequel is excited. Banjo in smash is cool, didn't care for the Dragon Quest characters though. Three Houses is looking good (Claude after the time skip <3). Disappointed in the lack of Metroid prime news. But overall decent direct. Outside of Nintendo, excited for Cyberpunk 2077, Elden Ring, and FF7 remake.
  3. Geoffrey and Lucia! Like why the hell where they not add with Elincia. Also Jill, Haar is already in, so why isn't she. Those are the only one's I'm really dying to have in the game though.
  4. They have to get added eventually. I see no reason for them not to be added at some point.
  5. Excited for the next banner this month and in February. I hope for one of them to be a PoR banner. I want Geoffrey and Lucia in the game already dammit. Elincia and Nepheene BHB??? I'm sorry what? They barely have a bound. This legit makes angry, cause you know who would have made the perfect BHB partner for Elincia? Geoffrey, or Lucia. Hell even Ike would have made more sense than Neph.
  6. I openly can not stand Ike x Elincia. It literally just can't work out without at least one of them being out of character. You either have Ike committing to a lifestyle he would hate (he couldn't even stand being a lord for Christ sake), or you have Elincia literally throwing all her character development out the window in order to go run off with Ike. Basically abandoning her country, after she fought so hard to keep it (literally willing to give up her best friend in order to do so). Like WTF! I really like their friendship, but the ship... just.. just.. no!
  7. Pretty sure Patrick Seitz actually voiced Zeke in SoV, but yeah. It is weird that they're switch each others roles though.
  8. They should have given us a Bride Elincia! Would have made way more sense than Sanaki.
  9. Elincia is already a lord/main character in RD part 2, so her game would just be an expansion of that. And it would be glorious!
  10. Your list of characters that you want that are currently not in heroes yet. My list consists of Geoffrey, Lucia, Calill, Lex, Quan, Ethlyn, and possibly a RD Elincia alt.
  11. I've always imagined him having a fairly deep voice, but that's just me. Matt Mercer is a pretty solid choice for him though. I mostly prefer Travis cause of my extreme fondness for his voice <3
  12. I feel Travis Willingham should do Geoffrey. He's quite similar to Camus, and Travis was great as him. That and I just love his voice in General <3 I think Amanda Miller is fine as Elincia. Though I've always imagined Colleen Clinkenbeard would be great as her.
  13. Edit: This got posted in the wrong thread cause my phone is retarded lol. It doesnt like this site for some reason.
  14. Got RD Ike! He's +Atk -res Probably gonna pull again when we get the 50 orbs for Axe Azura and Brave Lucina
  15. Was really hoping for a Jags and Vikings SB. Dont mind the Eagles, though it would have been more exciting for the Vikings to make it and play a SB at home. But it is what it is unfortunately. Best of luck to the Eagles. They're our last hope in stopping the Patriots now.
  16. God damn! Was really hoping for the Vikings to pull through.
  17. I happen to be an Aspie too. From my personal experience, it's easier to interact with people online then it is in person, which is likely what brings a lot of people like us to the Web.
  18. Thank you Jags for pulling through. Now whether they'll have a chance against the Pats will depend on how good of a game Bortles has. Proud to see this team come so far this season, especially after the embarrassment that was last season.
  19. The Jags could easily be a Super Bowl team if Bortles could just be consistently good. Regardless, they're far from a bad team this season.
  20. Dammit Jax! Don't you dare pull a Falcons and blow this game. God Dammit!
  21. The fact that some refs feel the need to review almost every play as a possible incomplete pass is frustrating. 'OMG it looks like he lost control of the ball when he hit the ground, review', Ugh just let the players play the damn game for fucks sake.
  22. As someone from Atlanta, I hate admitting how true this is, ugh. Well there's hope for our MLS team at least. Though I do have to question why a flag wasnt thrown on that last TD attempt by Atlanta. Julio was getting pushed down before the ball was thrown. Why wasnt that called has a pass interference?
  23. I prefer canon pairs. They're much easier to write for, and are generally far more develop and satisfying to me. I mean, having choices is nice and all, but it's far more interesting to see pairs develop and interact outside of just supports, and canon pairs generally have that going for them.
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