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  1. Did the same here but not seeing any results.
  2. The characters of every FE game remained unscathed (obviously due to censorship issues) within their character models, portraits, and cutscenes. When taking away this suspension of disbelief, what sorts of long-term injuries and scars do you think your units received by the end of the game? Healing magic and elixrs can only do so much to heal someone. I am downright surprised if not a single unit had lost at least a finger (given the amount of bladed weapons used).
  3. I know that Three Houses came out recently, but I thought it would be fun to discuss what our hopes are for the next FE game considering that many players have already finished at least one of the routes. Three Houses is hands down one of my favorite titles in the series. I really like the branching storyline (unlike Fates), the flexibility of weapons among different classes, and the removal of healing staves. I am hoping that these features (particularly the latter two) will return in the future. I did enjoy exploring the monastery but I wouldn't mind if dungeon crawling returned in future games. Roaming around a hub was fun at first but it gradually got boring and hit a wall once the timeskip happened. I found myself wanting to skip to the days of the mission once my characters reached their master classes. As much as Fates was disliked, I did appreciate how classes were unisex and I would not mind that coming back. EDIT: I do like how Archers are much better now but I am hoping that Close Counter gets nerfed if such a skill returned. Maybe have bows unable to double during the enemy phase or get some sort of hit rate penalty from the decrease distance? I am also hoping future games allow you to swap out an old skill once the unit gains a new one (the 3DS games did this right).
  4. Ever since Three Houses has been leaked, it got me wondering: why do some people want to look at spoilers knowing full well it will ruin the surprise? I am guilty of doing this to myself but I don't have a genuine reason why I do so. I do the same thing to myself whenever a new Marvel film comes out yet it doesn't ruin my experience.
  5. That's pretty disappointing. I honestly liked how Fire Emblem games made use of its generational system. I only played the SNES version. Is the DS version a major improvement? I didn't like the gameplay that much but I played through the entirety of it because I found the story charming. I tried Dragon Quest 3 before and I dropped it after 3 hours from disinterest.
  6. Does anyone have any recommendations for a game that involves time skips (over the course of several years) like Geneaology of the Holy War and Three Houses? I was craving something similar to Dragon Quest 5 where the main characters start off as children but become adults as the game progresses. I don't know why but those kinds of stories appeal to me because I like watching characters grow up.
  7. No problem. I do have a bad time recollecting things after the semester ends, though Spanish classes at my school meet up four times a week as opposed to once or twice. This will definitely help the info stay intact in my head. Spanish is more commonly spoken so I guess I will stick to this.
  8. Not three years, only three semesters (basically half a year). I will still graduate on time regardless of what language I choose, assuming I do pass everything.
  9. 1. I just wanted a second opinion on what I should do. I am not giving any classified information so I didn't see the problem. 2. Nope
  10. I am currently a third year student at university. I am trying to get an Econ degree and as part of the graduation requirement for this course, I need to complete three semesters of a foreign language.I grew up with Filipino parents who spoke Tagalog so I am familiar with a few words, beyond this I am below basic here since I spoke English my entire life. I have taken two semesters of Filipino (basically introductory classes) and I haven't learned much. The only reason I passed both courses was because the professor (who is the sole Filipino teacher) offered a huge curve every quiz. The textbook was written by him and it isn't the best; whenever I come to him for some help he doesn't always understand the context of what I am asking. My parents don't exactly have the teaching capabilities for this whenever I come to them for help so this limits my options. I did take two years of Spanish in high school but I didn't learn anything valuable. My teacher was incompetent and just assigned her students bookwork to keep us busy while she does online shopping on her computer. She didn't care if our work was accurate- as long as you filled in the blanks you'd get credit. She had tenure in her position so any complaints to her didn't get by. Even though I didn't have a proper Spanish education, I did find it easy to understand the basic grammatical structure compared to Filipino. I need your advice: should I deal with one more semester of Filipino or should I start over and do Spanish? I graduated HS with some credits from AP tests so I am bound to graduate a semester early compared to my peers (assuming I don't fail any classes). If I stick to Filipino, I am going to have a hell of a time since it is required to make a presentation in Filipino. Unlike me, the other students have a grasp of what is written in their textbooks whenever we read- though those students took Filipino in High school. Even the most experienced Filipino speakers found the second semester of my college Filipino difficult.FWIW, I live in California so Spanish might be helpful overall. I would like input from both Spanish and Filipino speakers. Any alternate sources to either language would be welcome.
  11. I don’t hate on electronic screens (in fact I have a Switch and a 3DS) I just want to do something that involves other people and interactions. Regarding lifting, I have hormonal issues that make it difficult to put on muscle or gain strength. Definitely not ripped, lol.
  12. I have some medical issues that have given me depression as a side effect. This is an issue I have struggled with for years; I am not very outgoing and the only interests I have are weightlifting (which I struggle with due to my condition) and watching Netflix. I have a poor sense of willpower though I am beginning to seek help for my issues. The people around me have advised that I should seek out new activities in order to help cope though I can definitely say that is easier said than done. For those of you aren't glued to an electronic screen (I sincerely don't mean any offense), what interests do you have and how did you first get into it? I was never really into any form of sports as a child up until I started weightlifting, even then I spend I total of 4-5 hours per week and takes up very little of my time.
  13. No idea. I did an MRI scan recently and I am expecting the results anytime soon. My endocrinologist believes there may be a tumor in my pituitary gland. If I can be honest, I may have been like this for at least 2 years now. I don't feel like death exactly but I am far from a functioning healthy man. I've been lifting for about 10 months now and gained 20 lbs, the most I can bench is 100 lbs (including the bar) and squat 2 plates, both for a rep. In case you aren't gym savvy, this is rather unimpressive for a average male. I've also had periods where I feel down and mentally disturbed.
  14. Greetings all, I hope this isn't violating the rules of the forums. I got diagnosed with low testosterone as a 19 year old male last month. My results came out with 131 ng/dL and 0.7 ng/dL of free T. I took up weightlifting 10 months ago but did not have much strength or muscle gains despite eating at a caloric surplus and sleeping 7-8 hours a night. Decided to get my blood checked and low and behold, these numbers came out. Outside the gym, I felt relative normal. Yet I did feel occasional bouts of depression and I rarely ever have a sex drive. Anyone experienced this before? I am not asking for help, but I curious about other people's issues.
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