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  1. I grew up with Nintendo but none of the Playstation exclusives interest me. I loved BOTW, Three Houses, and Smash.
  2. So in my city, it seems like PS5 are still scarce since I saw one (used) for sale at $800 in my local gaming store and there seems to be a lot of sellers on Craigslist/Offerup within a similar price range. I bought my PS5 a while back and the only game that interested me was Ghost of Tsushima. I grew up with Nintendo consoles and none of the exclusives seemed to catch my interest. I bought my console mainly just to play GoT and a fighting games since the Nintendo Switch was lacking, though I transitioned to PC due to better connectivity and free online services. Since the PS5 is less than two years old, how much longer does it have before the PS6 releases? The only games I'm considering is the upcoming Wolverine game, a possible sequel to GoT, and Persona 6. Made this thread since I feel a little guilty than I'm not getting my money's worth out of the console but I'm curious as to how lifespans work as this is my first PS console. I grow bored with games fairly quickly and I'm mainly into JRPGs and Fighters which my Switch and PC already covered.
  3. I played fighting games on this laptop and there was no lag whatsoever and it looked nicer than my PS5 screen. It’s nuts because I don’t have an ethernet as my router modem is in the opposite side of the house
  4. Any idea (based off the PS3 and PS4's life cycle) when PS5's value will go down? No exclusives interest me for this year and I am just playing the few games that I do enjoy on a gaming laptop. Might as well sell it for a profit and buy a new one once more exclusives pop up. I'd play Persona 6 if/when it releases.
  5. Managed to get an HP Omen 15 with 16 RAM and RTX 2060 for $850. Not sure how overpriced it is but most listings I find have it in the $1000-$1200. Works great and had no issues whatsoever, though a bit dusty in the side. This was a major upgrade from my slow HP pavilion x360 I got 4 years back.
  6. How important is GPU? I don’t really plan on playing that many games, just 2d fighting games. Aside from that, I’m a casual gamer who probably will use it for web browsing on the side
  7. Ok so a local seller is selling Asus ROG ZEPHYRUS G14 Gaming Laptop for $750. It looks like it had been barely used; should I take this deal?
  8. You think I should proceed with the purchase or save for something better? I’m probably gonna use it for like 70% browsing and 30% gaming. Most current gen games don’t interest me outside Nintendo IPs.
  9. Not a serious gamer here and pretty much played Nintendo IPs my whole life. There are a few other franchises I do enjoy but overall I'm not someone who has a serious backlog of games or a collection for that matter. I don't know much about computer specs and am not entirely sure what to look for. Are there any decent laptops that can run the newest King of Fighters or Guilty Gear without much issue? I do have a Nintendo Switch and a Playstation 5 but I have a very small library for both systems and it looks like it will stay that way (unless I fall in love with PC gaming, I might trade away the PS5). Other than this, I really am just using this for general web browsing and YouTube, though work related things would be a bonus in case I switch jobs. Not looking for a desktop because I like the option to play in bed, plus it's more space efficient. Other than that, is wifi any better/worse than consoles? Most of my online interactions are solid on PS5 but I do not have an ethernet cable. I would buy one but the home's router + modem are plugged in near the entrance of my family home. EDIT: saw this posted in a local store, should I make the purchase or am I better off elsewhere? https://imgur.com/a/ui44UWO#A0Mab47
  10. Did it not acquire Activision recently? Don't have an Xbox so....
  11. Bought my PS5 about a month ago and the only games I've played and enjoyed were Ghost of Tsushima and Guilty Gear Strive. I've pretty much grew up Nintendo my whole life and I don't have much of attatchment to any IPs outside the company. Only bought Tsushima because I liked the setting and graphics- also thought the gameplay was pretty rad but never felt “fun”, just engaging. Should I just sell my PS5 or wait a couple more years for more games to come? Besides fighting games (most of which are on PC anyways) I liked old turn-based JRPGs like Dragon Quest but I feel less invested in them in recent years due to work and life changes. The only RPG series I like now is Fire Emblem but I would be interested in playing Dragon Quest 12 when it comes out. I understand that PS4-PS5 has a big library but none of the setting or gameplay really catches my eye. My gaming interests are pretty niche so I’m not sure if it’s worth the effort to sell my PS5 and use that money for a gaming laptop to play fighting games on. As you can tell, I already have a Switch. EDIT: for anyone here who are fighting game fans, is PC more active? From what I’ve heard, Guilty Gear and other anime fighters are less active on console. And am I SOL without an ethernet? I don’t use one for PS5 but most of my matches have solid connection
  12. Did the same here but not seeing any results.
  13. The characters of every FE game remained unscathed (obviously due to censorship issues) within their character models, portraits, and cutscenes. When taking away this suspension of disbelief, what sorts of long-term injuries and scars do you think your units received by the end of the game? Healing magic and elixrs can only do so much to heal someone. I am downright surprised if not a single unit had lost at least a finger (given the amount of bladed weapons used).
  14. I know that Three Houses came out recently, but I thought it would be fun to discuss what our hopes are for the next FE game considering that many players have already finished at least one of the routes. Three Houses is hands down one of my favorite titles in the series. I really like the branching storyline (unlike Fates), the flexibility of weapons among different classes, and the removal of healing staves. I am hoping that these features (particularly the latter two) will return in the future. I did enjoy exploring the monastery but I wouldn't mind if dungeon crawling returned in future games. Roaming around a hub was fun at first but it gradually got boring and hit a wall once the timeskip happened. I found myself wanting to skip to the days of the mission once my characters reached their master classes. As much as Fates was disliked, I did appreciate how classes were unisex and I would not mind that coming back. EDIT: I do like how Archers are much better now but I am hoping that Close Counter gets nerfed if such a skill returned. Maybe have bows unable to double during the enemy phase or get some sort of hit rate penalty from the decrease distance? I am also hoping future games allow you to swap out an old skill once the unit gains a new one (the 3DS games did this right).
  15. Ever since Three Houses has been leaked, it got me wondering: why do some people want to look at spoilers knowing full well it will ruin the surprise? I am guilty of doing this to myself but I don't have a genuine reason why I do so. I do the same thing to myself whenever a new Marvel film comes out yet it doesn't ruin my experience.
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