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  1. +3 to ChibiToastExplosion I do business with him regularly for FE0 and havent updated his score in a while
  2. Looking for SR+ lute! Can trade or pay cash! Let me know! She's my favorite character and i am in love with the art.
  3. @Prince of Iris oh okay haha. Sadly he doesn't use other dragons. Just corrin and the nohr siblings!
  4. @Prince of Iris sadly corrin is his lead so Deirdre effect doesn't apply :/ haha. But thanks for the video!
  5. @TheVinceKnight thank you for the advice! im not gonna lie, you are one of the people on these forums whose advice i greatly value and who i see as one of the leaders of the community. Ill just have to tough it out!
  6. Thank you for the positive advice! (Unlike a certain troll on here) I'll consider doing that!
  7. Anyone have any advice to face off against a Corrin main where he also runs all the Nohr siblings? The new corrin is incredibly powerful and the Nohr siblings make it even worse with all of their field clearing skills using bonds like Leo and Corrin's skill. I currently run a pure yellow Ayra deck with leif, nanna, olwen, and erin being my other main offensive units. He used to run a Nohr deck with xander lead and I was able to hold my ground against him before, but Corrins +10 damage skill, bond place unit killing skill and starting off with 80 damage makes it very difficult for me to face her now. Anyone have any advice?
  8. Saw on tcg republic nanna SR price went up from 20$ on first day to 33$ now. Is there a reason her price is climbing so much? I see she can give you two face down bonds and swap her with BS for another, but is she really that great of a unit? Maybe for cards that send bonds to the retreat area? But you need a lot of bond flipping cards it would seem
  9. +2 chibitoastexplosion +2 oh.glory had multiple transactions with these two and they are amazing.
  10. Dude it was just an honest question. I run a yellow purple deck with main ayra so I was just wondering
  11. Splashable? Any idea what an Al deck would look like? Or a celica deck
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