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  1. As a kid I had hard times in FE7. :(
  2. Ok ok, thanks so! I'll try to find one and, it I can't I'll go back to Inner Saint lol. Aaaand... I found one on my 2nd entry lol. RNGesus is on my side!
  3. Mmh... I didn't find any Balor in the Secret Shrine. Are you sure it's this one?
  4. That's not the question, guys. :) It's just an objective, like trophies for PlayStation Games. So now, could we not create a debate about the utility of rank?
  5. 0 / 1 / 3 :( Not really the point of this thread lol
  6. Yo again! Currently trying to farm and get Sol (I have 1 Astra and 3 Luna...), I decided to farm Thabes Labyrinth. So I did multiples runs, staying for hundreds of turns in the last fight (until the Wheel stops working), but I don't see any of those "Balor" monsters. I read somewhere, on Gamefaqs I think, that Balor spawns in the last fight of Thabes Labyrinth but I never saw any! Do you know on which spot (monsters always spawn on the same spot, in this fight) is he? Or, if he's not in this fight, where I can find it? Thanks
  7. I know, that's what I farm. But man let's be serious a minute, people with 5-6 medals and max renown? 9 999 999 is really a huge amount ya'know? Well, you don't answer to the thread here.
  8. I don't think she would have sold her soul since she wanted to be free, not like her sisters. It would make no sense!
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