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  1. NA stream was apparently as expected: Agartha news and animation update preview, with no sign of anniversary info. Most likely they're planning to keep 'anniversary' to AX (probably to emulate FGO Fes without actually hosting their own con).
  2. Hans is fairly regularly compared with 5 star servants, because his kit is pretty well put together. From what it looks like, the new Caster is more of a defensive support, with heals, debuff cleanse, and party charge. I think his second skill is also NP seal, though I'm not entirely sure. At the very least, he's has enough different utility from Hans that he isn't overshadowed completely, like a lot of the lower rarity support Casters are, and a decent chunk of his utility hasn't been available at the lower rarities before, so hopefully he doesn't end up limited.
  3. To add on to what MrSmokestack said, if you haven't found the repeatable raid quests, you need to progress the story until you catch up with everyone else. You won't really be able to grind the DP ladder until you're caught up.
  4. Since DQ now has a character, I don't have any specific interest in any given character or series now. Sanger Zonvolt from SRW would be an interesting pick though. Possibly a bit off the wall for most westerners though, combined with the fact that he's another 'anime swordsman'.
  5. Cleo's not really overlooked so much as just relatively unpopular, part of which may be due to her being Caesar's waifu. She's a solid AOE Buster Assassin, and she'll get a buff in the future that makes her NP inflict buff block. She has a better overall kit than Shuten, and obviously works better with Merlin due to being Buster instead of Arts. For the rest of the your comments, she's illustrated by the Danganronpa artist, like Monte Cristo is, and she's voiced by Kugimiya Rie, who also voices Oda Nobunaga for FGO, and Beatrice Flowerchild in Primsa Illya. Kugimiya's voice for Cleo is actually a lower pitch than her usual voice work.
  6. DQ content is pretty hype for me, as its one of the few franchises left that I thought 'deserved' a character, and I was somewhat disappointed that FF got into Smash first. DQ menus in the middle of a real time fight seem a bit awkward, but I'll reserve full judgement until I've actually played them. Banjo-Kazooie is whatever. Never had an interest in playing their games, so it holds no nostalgia value for me. As a fighter they look OK.
  7. NA livestream announced for the 17th, probably going to announce Agartha. If we're lucky they'll also include anniversary stuff, but I'm not hopeful.
  8. Saizo's base effect is the same as a refined Smoke Dagger+. His refine is a bonus to his stats equal to the penalty on his opponent's stats (i.e. if the opponent has -4 Atk and -4 Spd, Saizo gets +4 Atk and +4 Spd). Oscar has a slaying lance, with a refine of Drive Atk/Spd for infantry and cavalry, and +3 Atk/+3 Spd if he's in 2 squares of an infantry or cavalry ally. Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/FireEmblemHeroes/comments/byr8rm/all_36_refines/
  9. By this logic, green Olwen, Fallen Tiki and Fallen Corrin shouldn't exist. These units have as much differentiation from their base units as Severa and Inigo have from Selena and Laslow. IS has already proven they have no issue putting in alternate versions of characters from different points of their lives that have little differentiation from the base unit, nor do they have any issue messing with weapon loadouts. Severa/Inigo could perfectly well end up as Axe infantry just like Raven did.
  10. Ah, your math was for focus rate per focus hero. I misunderstood the numbers.
  11. Didn't the channel have a note that regular 5* summon rate for these banners was 2%? So it should be 4/2 for the revivals, not 4/3.
  12. Because the writers and character designers are huge dorks that like to have fun by cramming shout-outs into their joke characters. Brave Liz mashes together DQ, Ys, and Combattler V (two of those are fantasy RPGs and the last is a mecha series). Nobu has explicitly been described as fighting like Tomoe Mami from Madoka (not in FGO, but somewhere in the GudaGuda comics IIRC). Okita is a bunch of references to Ruroni Kenshin. Normal servants aren't really immune to this either, though it's usually more subtle, like Sigurd mentioning Fafnir was white with blue eyes, or various servant animations being based off of Gundam or SRW. Unless you're Rider Kintoki, who is basically a Kamen Rider and is all but called that in his profile, to the point that his intro during the Temple of Time was literally a Kamen Rider transformation.
  13. Her first skill has always been an Infinity Gauntlet reference, its name is Infinity Bean Paste (or Infinity Chocolate during Valentines, or Infinity Chestnut Paste after her strengthening now), and her profile states that it is made of 6 fundamental forces, she just doesn't know how to properly use it. This just memes it further. MHX is mostly a Star Wars reference, but they threw an SAO reference in there for her NP (likely because BUNBUN is the artist). MHXA is Star Wars + Avengers. MHXX is mostly SRW I think apparently a bunch of tokusatsu references, though her first form seems to reference Angel Notes, I guess?
  14. Not sure how they'll handle it, since the developers are different, and we don't know if the changes in FGO come from dev side or publisher side. If the altered schedules for FGO are because of DW trying to avoid creating more work instead of being mandated by Aniplex, we don't know if f4samurai will act the same. Of course, if it's all on Aniplex's side it'd probably be handled the same, but overall localization is a black box that makes it difficult to tell who makes the decisions from the outside (though some decisions are obviously from Aniplex USA).
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