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  1. Point taken regarding the slow release, but I wasn't actually referring to SSR when talking about 'safe' releases. The R and SR Servants are where you'd expect them to try experimenting more, because in general they pull less money. By game design they also facilitate niche team building a bit more, due to lower cost allowing greater flexibility for the rest of the team and CEs. On one hand, your point about the slow releases applies even more for R and SR, because there are generally fewer of them, and they come in bursts, rather than the steady stream SSRs do. On the other hand, because they release things slow, you'd expect more experimental designs to end up as R and SR because they'd be unsure of player reaction. The second is admittedly less of an issue this year, as we've definitely gotten more experimental R and SR servants than before, along with the new bronzes. CEs tend to suffer from this too, as we hardly see much variety. They just tend to recombine the same effects in different quantities.
  2. I think I get where you're coming from now. Too used to people complaining about things being overpowered rather than the reverse. On the other hand, higher availability of the effect opens design space for more buff removal demerits like Yu and Salome. DW tends to play safe with Servant design though, so I'm not sure I expect them to try and make use of that.
  3. I'm not sure I understand your complaint then, because I don't get the comparison to short prints. From what I understand, short prints were basically unmarked rare cards that were supposed to be commons (I'm not familiar with Yu-gi-oh, so this is just what I got from Google). But the comparison doesn't make sense to me, because they've been introducing more buff removal resistance recently (both self only and team). Also, Nobuvenger doesn't seem to fit with the rest of those you brought up. Beni-enma, Semiramis, Murasaki and Medea Lily are team buffs, while Nobuvenger, Ereshkigal, Hokusai, Yu, and Qin Liangyu are selfish. The only way Beni-enma can be the first time for it is if you're referring to the team buff, but Nobuvenger's isn't a team buff, it's a selfish "I'm invincible this turn and there's nothing you can do about it". Edit: Wait, is your issue with the effect that it's primarily available on "limited" Servants (insofar as no one is likely to roll on Story for Medea Lily)? Would you no longer have an issue if more permanent Servants started getting the effect like Liangyu?
  4. Murasaki, Beni-enma, Qin Liangyu and Ereshkigal also have buff removal resistance.
  5. Given the reference to Nobuvenger, it's likely the possibility of future boss fights being able to randomly gain buff removal immunity, potentially throwing a wrench in whatever strategy you're using, especially if they also have an invincible or evade up (though it does make Invincibility Ignore and Sure Hit potentially more useful).
  6. Servants don't usually get strengthened skills or NPs when they're bosses though? Only ones I can remember are third skills that were added by Strengthens.
  7. I know what it's based on (never said that the Legendary was based on the Brave). That doesn't change the fact that the two outfits are visually very similar. It seems likely that IS used Lyn's Blade Lord outfit as the basis for her "father's" outfit that was used for the Brave alt, with changes like keeping her first dress and using a fur half-cape instead of a full cape. AFAIK, Hassar never showed up in any art after all.
  8. Micaiah getting Light Priestess (+Yune) for her Brave alt in no way reduces her chances of getting a legendary, especially given that it doesn't change that she's the most prominent candidate for being a Tellius legendary. IS has already proven that they'll take liberties if needed, or simply reuse an outfit. Lucina's Great Lord outfit was used for both her Brave and her Legendary alts, with the only difference being that she's missing her shield on her Legendary alt. Azura is wearing a white version of her mother's outfit, which never appeared in Fates at all. Lyn's Legendary outfit is basically the same as her Brave, with a different cape and trim. It seems really short-sighted to think them using this for Micaiah's Brave version is a sign that she won't get a Legendary.
  9. In a surprising turn of events, Medb got her animation update on NA, about half a year earlier than expected. I guess DW didn't want to pull out the old Warden costume sprite for NA to use for 6 months.
  10. TBF, the weapon was localized as Selena's Blade back in Fates. So they're at least being consistent there.
  11. Linhardt was expecting Leonie to have an allowance from a noble house that was sponsoring her, not from her school house.
  12. It's definitely a reference thrown in by the localizers, because the item is just a bear doll in the JP text, with no mention of armor. Which makes sense, because the JP text wouldn't reference something from the English localization of Awakening (Frederick's nickname in the F!Robin A support was a a different pun that had nothing to do with bears in the JP script).
  13. NPs are unaffected by card order and first card bonuses. The first card bonus can be determined by an NP, but it doesn't affect it. @DehNutCaseAFAIK, the first card benefits from the first card bonus, unless its an NP. Second and third card bonuses only apply to their respective card, but first card bonus affects the entire chain, including the first card and the Extra card, if applicable.
  14. The repeat doesn't bother me honestly, I just haven't used Gilgamesh much since rolling Ishtar. It's better than getting a Servant I don't like (Raikou or Schez), and much better than getting a repeat of a Servant I have at NP5 (Ishtar, Illya, Melt, or Okita). Repeats are kind of par for the course given that I'm a whale.
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