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  1. It's not, it happens due to story reasons.
  2. Assuming you're referring to the story lock on the event, that's there mostly so that they can explicitly set events at a particular time in the story, and so that they can refer to events from the main story without spoiling them for players that haven't played the story yet. It also lets them make the story fights a bit harder, since you can be assumed to have a decently built box, and it provides incentive for people to actually play the main story, rather than just ignoring it. This is isn't the first time an event has been story locked, and it won't be the last time. The new Halloween event coming this year will require Lostbelt 2 completion, for example due to focusing on a character introduced during the Lostbelt.
  3. Dioscuri (aka Twins) is an SSR. It's specifically a comparison of ST Arts Sabers, regardless of rarity. Caesar being 'ranked' is a riff on the fact that Caesar is basically one of the best ST Sabers in general for JP right now, and is extremely accessible, so why bother with any of the Arts Sabers.
  4. Against most Servants (including Gawain), at the same NP level, and with only self-buffs, Enuma Elish does roughly the same damage as Excalibur Vivian, assuming the support Gilgamesh had the interlude done. Super Effective modifier against most Servants plus the NP damage buff added by the interlude lets Gilgamesh basically do ST damage with an AOE NP, and is the primary reason why he's one of the top Buster pointmen, regardless of whether the quest is AOE or ST. In this case, Gil should actually out-damage Archuria because he's Sky while Gawain and Archuria are both Earth. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Wc80dpN8-OwH_wf-wrV5zb79d4Smy-WQxkIP1YABPE8/edit#gid=0 If you can support him, Gil should be fine, but if you don't have support, then Archuria/Orion are better for the reasons you mentioned.
  5. That's not Guard. It's half of a Breath effect, with no phase restriction (as long as Oboro has a bonus). Oboro gains extra charge when the enemy hits her.
  6. Could be Japanese style wedding clothes instead of western style this time.
  7. Sprites for the Mirages show up during Special animations in battle. For some reason, this isn't shown in the archives, so you'll only ever see those sprites if you have battle animations on, but they are there.
  8. If that's the case, you're probably best just taking a break. No reason to play if you find it frustrating right now. ----- In JP news, I find it amusing that Dioscuri being added as a Saber means that technically Rowan and Lianna were added to FGO before they were added to FEH. They have similar designs, and they share VAs.
  9. The current Apocrypha rerun has her on rate-up with the other Apocrypha related 4 stars, and she also had a solo rate-up during 4th anniversary on Anastasia's day for that campaign. So she's not super common, but she does have a few more by now. You'll just be waiting a while.
  10. This is only the second collab rerun that has had strengthening quests as part of it. Prisma Illya and KnK, didn't have strengthenings with their reruns either, though all 4 of the collabs that have been rerun (including Zero) had an additional new servant added during the rerun, which Apocrypha does not. The Shiki strengthening quests were part of the celebration for them being released on FGO Arcade, not part of a rerun of their event. The closest thing to a collab rerun getting strengthening quests before this was CCC rerunning immediately after the tenth set of Strengthening quests finished releasing, as 3 CCC related servants got buffed then. That wasn't even half of the quests released in that batch, and one of those related Servants was Anderson who isn't even part of the CCC event proper. Edit: I guess I'm wrong about this being the first time actually, since CCC rerun had a single Nero strengthening quest. That's still only one out of 4 reruns prior to this that had a SQ, and Apocrypha rerun still doesn't seem to be adding a new Servant. It's still odd to complain specifically about collab reruns doing it at this point, given that over half of them didn't so far.
  11. JSND specifically hates buff removal resistance because it makes skills look like they do more than they actually do, and they're concerned that DW will add it to skills and give them a higher CD than normal because 'it does more stuff' (though that doesn't seem to have happened with Odysseus, now that we've seen the numbers). It's specifically a concern about player summoned units having a 'junk rare' skill effect potentially making the skill weaker, not when fighting them as bosses. A while back in the thread we had a discussion about this, when Medea Lily got her strengthening and it tacked buff removal resistance on to her Ephemeral Romance skill.
  12. No, it's probably because buff removal resistance is a junk effect. @JSND Alter Dragon BonerAt least the for player control, the buff removal resist doesn't seem to affect the skill itself. Even when you ignore that part, it's still a better Eye of the Mind(True) (Invincibility instead of evade, and 30% Def for 3 turns instead of 20%, plus the CD is 5 turns instead of 6). Unlike Maou Nobu's second.
  13. The FEH channel stated that going forward both Special Hero banners and New Hero banners would have 4 star focus. So it's unlikely that rerun focuses like BHB or skill banners will have a 4 star focus, but all banners with new units should.
  14. It's nice to see TMS getting repped here, with permanent units even. I guess they finally figured out how Mirages should work in game, and decided that the characters weren't too out of place. Also, for those complaining about the differences between the release of Warriors and the release of Encore, keep in mind that TMS has been out for 4 years now, rather than being a completely new spinoff with OC characters no one knows much about.
  15. Astolfo was the last SR Rider added to the general pool.
  16. Marie is finally getting an animation update! Of course, since I don't actually play JP, I have to wait for 2 years, but hey, at least I have a concrete date to look forward to now, rather than it just being sometime in the future. Now if only she could get some more strengthenings...
  17. Isn't 'Sword Emperor' just a title indicating great skill with a sword, like sword saint or similar titles? I'm pretty certain I've seen in used in other works, and those characters had nothing to do with empires either.
  18. It's specifically enemies with the Man Attribute (which I guess the localization is calling the Human Attribute). It works on both Servants and regular enemies with this attribute. Note that this is different from Sanson's third ability, which gives him bonus damage against enemies with the Human trait (which is entirely non-Servant enemies, since Servants aren't human), as attributes and traits are two different things. https://fategrandorder.fandom.com/wiki/Attributes
  19. Leif's older sister Altena is still missing.
  20. That's net income. Gross income is revenue before expenses and taxes. Edit: To be more on topic, I'll probably pull a bit for Xmas Sothis, with Nino and Marth as secondary goals. Seasonal armors don't really bother me, because there'd be less variety in armors if they didn't exist.
  21. @Silverly It's nice that you're hyped for FGO, but I'd be cautious about posting your entire servant list like this. It'll probably fine if they can't connect it to any other account info you've posted online, but that can be used to try and steal your account.
  22. I think they opted not to use break bars to mimic the fact that in-story you don't know how long you have to beat Abby up in order to make Yog-Sothoth withdraw. It gives the feeling that there's no sign of that the entity empowering her is weakening, or that she's losing access to it.
  23. Elves and Fairies are actually relatively interchangeable terms until you get to modern usage from about the 19th century I think. So having different fairies for the light elves and dark elves isn't necessarily wrong, just not normal by modern standards.
  24. Berserker Kintoki actually has a unique ME lorewise. Most of the time he's sane, but taking damage has a chance to make him go berserk. This is the reason his ME is relatively low, though the lore isn't really reflected in-game otherwise. That said, as far as I know, everything in-game treats Rider and Berserker as the same individual, and the two show up interchangeably. You and Rider Kintoki even recognize each other when we first see him in Onigashima, and Rider refers back to events that occurred during Rashomon, where Berserker was present. Aside from which, Beowulf has E- ME, which does pretty much nothing in lore except make him a bit fiercer, so if they wanted Kintoki to keep his ME at a diminished level Rider could have had E- ME as well. Edit: I think it's likely she keeps her ME, but it's not really a rule that has to be followed. You had to change your argument to 'seasonal class change' to try and avoid Kintoki, and I don't think that really works given the above, since his class change is basically the same as most seasonals.
  25. Kintoki says hi, as the original Berserker class change. Arguably, Vlad III counts too, though I know a lot of people count Vlad Extra as a separate character from Vlad Apocrypha.
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