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  1. Damn I love your sprites they got such an unique Style and there colours Are so satisfying.
  2. Hello, I've updated the prologue again, the prologue is now a cutscene chapter because I just planed a too crazy story so I was in need to do this. The sprite on the far left is for a character I've planed. I know the sprite is bad but I'm still working on it and just can't get it right. Also another cool thing I've planed is too replace the mini portraits with banners which will look like this. I'm trying to show you some more gameplay in the next updates.
  3. Good Job on the Rose man, I had the idea too but I just couldn't get it right so I left it haha
  4. Well I guess you're right, thank you.Also remaking FE6 would be a Good idea too, even If there was already someone who did it.
  5. Well from what I'm reading this looks very interesting, good luck! You can add screenshots if you use the full editor and click on the "Image" Icon and then you have to insert the link of your image. I personally upload my images to www.postimg.org and then I just copy the link and insert it.
  6. Hello, since some time I had the idea to edit FE8, but not just some simple edits I thought about doing it from scratch on a FE7 Rom. I haven't really done much work or don't know if I should continue with this, but the reason why I post this is because I wanne know: 1) Do you think it would be a good idea? 2) Is it really worth because the normal FE8 Rom got all the extra stuff like monsters, splitted promotions... ? but otherwise FE7 hacking is so much easier and it's much more explored. 3) Is editing the normal FE8 Rom enough to make it a brand new experience?
  7. Alright man thank you! Haven't really thought about it.
  8. So I've revamped the prologue and modified the story with a lot of text because in the old one I would really have way to much things to explain in the later chapters so I tried to implent some things already in the prologue. Basically at the very begining there is a war going on and there are orphans that get saved by a group of bandits from some other bandits. The bandits pick up the children and live with them together for 2 years. Later the bandits have to move on and hand over the children to some knights of the holy kingdom Goa. After that, 15 years later the story starts with the children alll grown up. Two of the children stayed at Goa and became part of it but the third one flew and lived as a mercenary and become a giant general. Giant generals are something like the 7 samurai from One Piece. I'm still working on the story and please excuse the placeholder sprites and the tile error in the 3rd screenshot.
  9. The normal attack animation already looks like a Good critical haha, Good Job looks great.
  10. Thank you! :) Still haven't done battle palletes but I inserted some custome battle sprites and revamped some mugs. Credit goes to Sqawl for Marys animation and Yangfly Master for the beta Lyn animation.
  11. Well I'm back after a really long break. Prologue: Chapter 1: Right now I'm working on Chapter 2, events aren't really a problem and I'm getting fast along. Spriting and planing everything cost a lot of time but I like it, the problem is inserting battle palletes I will have to take a closer look inside all the tutorials which is really a pain haha.
  12. Well I played the new Patch and didn't had any Problems everything worked fine.
  13. That Are some really Good Points and I agree with you, althrough I think that an important Aspect of Ashs in battle is the hood, that's why his mug in game has the hood on an in cutscenes he doesn't wear Them. I personally think the generic Necromancer would fit the Most plus it looks badass haha
  14. In my opinion the sage really fits Alicia because of her Hunger for wisdom and she isn't the type of Person to be a druid/Valkyrie... IDK it just fits her.
  15. I remember when this hack first started with renamed characters and I think it was up to chapter 10, you've really came a long way since then and the screenshots looks awesome. Damn can't Believe it has been already 5 years and I even made the first Post
  16. Well I actually thought the Same About Ashs promotion and I thought the generic Necromancer animation from the Animation topic would fit really well and beside of that you already got more then enough healing units so Ash using staves isn't really necessary.But for the other classes I think there Are already enough and it's really Good balanced within the game.
  17. Realy great game, everything was on point man! I especially liked the story it was really well written and had a lot of great twists in it.
  18. Alright thank you I'm gonna check it out
  19. I got a Problem With disabling the Tutorials in Lyn Mode, my Custome events and everything Works fine But the only Problem is the option to end the Players turn disappeared and I have to wait With every unit to end the Turn.
  20. Does anybody got a save file for the final chapter/ post game of The Last Promise? I accidently deleted mine
  21. Will fix it Thanks, I have already planned a lot more of these "frustrating" things I'm still working on Ch.1 just haven't got so much free time and on the 3rd October I'm for about 3 weeks in Miami so progress will be really slow for now.
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