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  1. Thanks for this super accessible tool for this, really helps with my rando runs to be able to enjoy (Or just shenanigan) my randomizer runs, and on the more shinanigan side... between the original and the bonus sprites, there doesn't seem to be a hawkeye available, which would be super nice to be able to edit towards just for the sake of giving multi berserkers some variety. ;~;
  2. Zsword

    FE Recolor

    Thanks for this super accessible tool for this, really helps with my rando runs to be able to enjoy (Or just shenanigan) my randomizer runs, and on the more shinanigan side... between the original and the bonus sprites, there doesn't seem to be a hawkeye available, which would be super nice to be able to edit towards just for the sake of giving multi berserkers some variety. ;~;
  3. That, is an idea! Report: Huge success! interesting how the character and map slots link together to make this work, but as long as I have a preview of what is to come and know 'this was expected to be stolen' and it's of note (mostly promo items really), I have a black fang I can throw in the slot in their place. Thanks Bhoop. ^^
  4. Sort of a 'potential quicky' that I haven't been able to find a great answer on. I've been rocking some universal FERando runs on FE7, but run into a bit of a catch in that, I enjoy randomized thieves, I like having Matthew and Legault be something different, but this presents a problem where there's no thief 'logic' before the chapters it starts to matter (Pirate Ship), and, as I can't steal my nice promo items legit, as the game has not given me the means to do so, I'd thought I"d just drop them in merlinus or a units inventory and call it a day. The thing is, I have no idea how to do that, via Gameshark/AR/Direct save editing/whatever in VBA. If anyone has any tips or tools to get this done, it'd be greatly appreciated. ^^
  5. The touch on you can use an attack stance to negate the Halving without risk of re-enacting it is really cool, I actually didn't think attack stance would consume an already halved stat, as I knew it didn't trigger it, that's good to know. Another nuance with attack stance is partners in attack stance still trigger brave affects, even on the enemy phase, for you people who really wanna abuse Snake Spirit or Lightning. (This is especially doubled with Snake spirit as it's a Brave Halving weapon) Also thank you for the calcs on comparing some relevant forged equivelants to the S ranks, I've always been of the opinion the Aurgel is subpar as is for the reasons state, and that only makes it worse. I'd be curious to see those calcs also compared to Killer Axes or Iron Clubs just for arguments sake, but the consensus is already there: 'really only if you wanna be a dedicated pocket berserker' or so. Another thing to note is, as far as the practical applications of min maxing this far, people can just negate your forges if they fight your team, so if you want to go for raw power for your NPCs, people can't just 'turn off' your S rank melees like they could your +7 weapon that took, 128 copies to make.
  6. Indeed, Shurikens, Seals, and Hex all inflict the same 'weakened' debuff of deferring severities, which heals at one per turn, with the largest instance of weakened having the greatest priority. IE: Any Seal will override it's stat over hex, Chakram will override Hex on the four stats it affects, and etc. Silver weapon debuff is an oddity in that regard though, despite still being simply called 'weakened' as it can stack infinitely, and I have no idea how it interacts with the other weakened affects.
  7. A clarification on Malig Knight Beruka: Her scarf maintains being more purple than 'faction' colored than the generic Malig Knight's, It's a little hard to tell seeing as her default armor essentially IS the generic Malig Knight armor, but it's there. Otherwise yeah, much more distinct for Wyvern Lord. Also, that Asugi looks solid to me!
  8. Let me start off by saying that, if this information has already been discussed before, then I'm sorry to be covering it again, I tried a search just in case and it came up empty so here we are. To the point of this topic, there are a number of weapons in fates that say they 'Half your *attack* stat for the next attack.' and would like to mention some of the nuances of this little mechanic. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, it can be found on the A rank Tome and Scrolls 'Ginnungagap', 'Snake Spirit', and 'Dragon Spirit', as well as all three of the Melee S rank weapons: The 'Hagakure Blade', 'Whaterwheel', and 'Aurgelmir'. It's also on the A rank physical ranged weapons 'Soldier's Knife' and 'Crescent bow', as the off set to their 'Brave' effect. Talking to some other people who dismiss these weapons just from the 'Half' effect alone got me curious to try and use a couple of them, and pay more attention to the effects for the handful of instances of when the enemy uses them, and discovered a nuance that makes these weapons a little more appealing. The misconception that people get from the description is that when you use this weapon, you have full strength on your first attack (read, combat) and keep that halved attack until you attack with a different weapon. This does line up with the description but that's not how it works in practice... entirely. First of all, yes, switching weapons and attacking will negate the halved attack, that works as expected. The oddity is that if you don't switch weapons and enter a round of combat with the halved stat, you'll no longer have your stat halved when you exit combat, essentially meaning you're 'alternating' between halved and not as you keep the weapon equipped. It's also worth mentioning that any combat instance will trigger this toggle, even if you don't attack. So if someone attacks you from out of range and it triggers the combat scene, then you're halved state will swap. Despite having no 'combat state', Lilith will trigger this as well, but the Ballista, Orb Launcher, and Fire Orb do not. Also if you're curious about how the Halved effect stacks with the various sources of 'Weakened', such as Hidden Weapons, Draconic Curse, and Seal skills, know that they DO stack, and that the stat is halved, THEN reduced by weakened. EX: You have 20 strength and are hit with a steel shuriken while wielding Hagakure, your effective strength after the combat is (20/2)-3, which is 7. It would stand to reason that Rally is added as a flat +4 in a similar matter, but I haven't experimented with it direct myself, or how it interacts with Pair up bonuses, Tonics, or flat +stat skills. +/- Damage skills work after the halving, as those aren't based on strength or mag, they're just flat damage bonuses/penalties. If anyone else has any other information on the matter feel free to throw it out there, I'm but one man and I know my method isn't the most scientific, and there is always a margin of error that I may of overlooked something, especially with the LARGE amount of nuances that Fates has in it's damage system.
  9. I have like, no portrait editing skills at all or I'd do it myself, but that man needs a monocle and a cutlass on his back. To be the most dapper mint scottish gentleman corsair thing.
  10. Yeah, I've just given up on this, I've spent a good couple hours trying to fix it, and it just doesn't work. I just don't have the mental capability of making this image in my head turn into an actual product, even if I got the base sprite worked out, I couldn't even possibly begin animating it with a shred of my sanity in tact.
  11. Alrighty, after a little more fussing I came up with... alrighty, Critique away. (No, It's not great yet, I'm just trying to make some form of progress. @[email protected];;
  12. I dabbled with that idea, but my biggest issue is I can't seem to find any sort of 'texture' for the shirt that doesn't look either incredibly awkward or bland, I tried taking it out and going bare chested, but the sprites size (and my mediocre pallette that I still have no real idea how to fix. @[email protected];;) just makes that a non option cause I lack room to do decent looking muscle tones.
  13. Yeah, before I move on with anything I'm gonna need some advice on how to make the chest piece, not bland as all get out, as well as some tips to finagling the pallette more to help with that, I've done a little experimentation on the side but everything seems to come out worse, not better. @[email protected]
  14. ... So, when you say into the far point of view, do you mean, like, moving it 'back' by putting more of the torsos pixels, up front of it, or moving the head Right a mixel so that it looks a little more like he's just, leaning back a bit? (Your terminology confuses me, but I do see what you mean on the mis alignment.) I"m not gonna make any more edits tonight cause sleepy, but I can definatly set the cogs in motion for tomorrow, after homework.
  15. One head swap later, with a kind donation from Hector, we get.... Definatly an improvement, I was feeling so good I added the wings and a tail! ... I think my pallette needs a total re haul before I begin animating though, and the tunic still refuses to come out looking even remotely decent. >:I
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