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  1. Hola / Hi everyone ~ Creo que es bastante obvio cual es mi personaje favorito isn't ? right ! is Lyndis ~ <3 But if they asked me what the other character I really like ... I think it would be : Severa <3 <3 D: !! Kya ~~ lkajdlaskdjaslk xDD She is so .. incredible, her personality, her character, her physical, all her mentality is from another world, Many will say that it is the typical "tsundere" but the truth since I met her in fire emblem: awakening, I deeply fall in love with her, she is simply "perfect" ~ Anyway, that is all i want to say. PD: If anyone of you wants to make discord and is from mexico like me, I invite you to my channel is : https://discord.gg/yqtBDdy
  2. Hola ! Que tal amigos, mi nombre es Alexander un gusto a todos, yo se que esta pagina es " only english " but i can speak both ~ So ... i wanna do friends, americans, mexicans and everything i live on Mexicali Baja California Mexico, a side of California USA, 5 minutes exactly.. I am a graduate of the university and I am currently working in the police of Mexico :D My favorite Fire Emblem is 7 : Blazing sword, and Lyndis is my favorite character of all games XD I am faithful and I will always follow " The Black Fang " - El colmillo Negro , este gremio/guild is inmensamente increible, poderoso, bien organizado y todo eso... lastima que fue corrompido por las garras de Nerghal :c , en fin.. Saludos/Greetins to all ~ PD: If anyone of you wants to make discord and is from mexico like me, I invite you to my channel is: https://discord.gg/yqtBDdy
  3. Happy birthday Jyosua admin-sama !

    u should to check discord , any admin assing me a role :c that is why i can speak and nothing :c


    Help me~

  4. Que onda !! a todos saludo desde mexicali baja california mexico !

  5. Hi Guys, il join but any admin accepted me :/ Why ? Greetings ~ im fire emblem player from mexico ! saludos
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