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  1. I held back with my money a lot when it came to DLC, more or less because of the fact that I did not find most of them really... Well... The DLC in awakening did not have the umph that I wanted. But I will admit I bought limit break because of peer pressure and the fact that my groupies would always have their high stat teams v. my high but not limit break high stats. Fire Emblem: Fates was a game that I felt was not the best game to play after one play through and I bought only the point blank DLC / heirs of whatever and felt it was decent. Echoes was a game that I regret purchasing (Ironic as I like gaiden) DLC for as I felt that It was kind of excessive to buy pack 1.
  2. Many thanks Teapot, I'd hate to say it but I love the amount detail you put into your critique, I shall apply what you said to the mug. Moreover I totally agree with the FE6 armor bit (FE6 armor looks kind of strange to stare at after a while).
  3. Thanks for the feedback Yosh and Jedi, I'll be sure to re-post an image of the updated version later.
  4. Thanks for the feedback! I would like to know, which parts of the hair specifically the front side or the back side, possibly all of it?
  5. Hello everyone, I am RetroLukas or Retro for short. I found this site through a friend while discussing fire emblem games, they suggested that I join despite telling me that they never joined them self. After that I decided to join, so here is my greetings and salutations.
  6. After recently replaying Fire Emblem Fates Conquest on lunatic mode, I felt the need to make a sprite of Effie in Gba style graphics. I would like some constructive criticism on how to improve it or perhaps just scrap the whole idea in general. All forms of bashing or strengthening criticism is welcome!
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