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  1. Try clearing out the faces before giving out items
  2. Don't dogpile on him too hard, we dont want him to be super discouraged, just more realistic in his plans
  3. Do it again with a clean ROM Also, what exactly are you typing into all the names?
  4. Is IronSpear a custom definition? If it's not, replace that with IronLance, IronSpear is an old definition Edit: Whoops I didn't see the error message
  5. Things are going mostly ok I just started classes so things are definitely going to slow down a lot, but I finished most of what I wanted to get done
  6. Writing map sprites directly on top of the old ones can get funky, try inserting onto some free space and using Nightmare to replace the pointers http://feuniverse.us/t/map-sprite-insertion-mania/107 is a good tutorial, though I assume you're already following it Also -Check your custom sprite's palette in Usenti -Make sure your custom sprite is formatted correctly -Try the animation pointer from another sprite if things still look weird
  7. Where are you importing the map sprites? Animations and graphics tend to go nuts when you put them in weird places
  8. Are the world map events working properly for the chapter?
  9. https://tutorial.feuniverse.us/sound/ If you're familiar with EA installers this should be relatively simple to do, at least compared to other methods. Just take a MIDI and have the programs do all the work. I havent really done a lot with it so far, only inserting stuff I already formatted, but I think(?) you have to format MIDIs for looping first.
  10. It's working, thanks! Also, because some people might make the same mistake I did, make sure you're not using the battle palette nightmare module in conjunction with this. The changes made by this might get overwritten otherwise.
  11. I recently switched to using buildfiles to create my hack, and I want to be able to edit battle palettes. The buildfile Ultimate Tutorial doesn't currently have a method to assemble palettes, does anyone know of a way to do so?
  12. There's an option to adjust cursor, unit, and text speed? Holy cow, I never knew how much I needed this By the way, how should I set those settings to reflect FE7's default speeds?
  13. How can I discreetly kill a character? I want a character to be playable in one gaiden chapter but never show up again, not in prep screen or anything else, how can I get rid of them without borking stuff up
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