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  1. Is it true that getting a B support greatly ease the recruitment? Like the character ask to join you instead, or do you still need to meet the minimum requirement? Thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks for the guide, still getting the hang of recruiting characters. Is there any characters that are recommended for each house? I wish to play through the first run casually by not attempting to recruit everyone. Currently playing on the Black Eagles path. Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks game for the back to back summer banner. Now I have no orbs. Was very surprised when I saw the trailer popped up, was not expecting them to release the banner so early. Guess they want to hype the main game up further.
  4. I am surprised that the banner is still happening on the 20 June even with the delay. Probably have to skip the Brides sniping for this banner. Will they do a part 2 banner like what they have been doing for the past 2 years?
  5. Rip orbs.... wasted 100orbs only to be pity broken by a 5* Erika at 4.25%. Gg and good luck to all.
  6. Oh I am so sorry. Due to time difference, from where I am, tomorrow is 21st May.
  7. All flying brides huh... BUT, they all look good. Guess Fjorn is correctly guessed. Cant wait to summon tomorrow.
  8. Hello, I am planning to purchase this game 6 years later. Because of that, I am not sure if some of the earlier DLCs are still available and the main website has been replaced with Three Houses. So I need someone to help me check if the early DLCs especially the Smash pack( Smash breathen 1, 2, 3) are still available to purchase through the outrealm gate. Greatly appreciate the reply.
  9. Thanks to all the new banner, i just got 6 5*. 4 of them are free. I was like did the game just messed up? Got 2 Nailah and free W!Erika( same summon ring), free F!Nino, free B!Celica and free Selkie. After reporting this, I am pretty sure things gonna flip again.
  10. There goes my orbs. I am not sure but my luck since the start of April has been poor. All summons were 4* and 3* not just in FEH. Looking at the tempest trails.
  11. Can someone please give a summary of the video? I am unable to watch the video. Appreciate it.
  12. Was expecting Mila, haha. The tome animation is quite long. Looking forward to the banner. So many banner to summon...
  13. So we are getting to choose one path at a time? Also one game contains all paths right? Probably getting Awakening while waiting.
  14. I gonna assume the upcoming direct will feature FE3H like how they did to Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Most importantly is the release date.
  15. 2nd pull was a Greil. Noice. However, going for Ike got me Ryoma instead. My first Ryoma too. Will be trying for Ike again once I have more orbs. Anyway, I am satisfied.
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