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  1. Buddy...a 2015 fire emblem hack and now we are at 2021. Project has promise. Now it looks like a graveyard. 6 years. I hope you launch it. But you certainly lost alota followers here.
  2. This project started at 2014 and it's still going. Damm...Looking forward to get my hands on it but sheesh the wait has been too much. I almost forgot about the Hack and by accident I remembered it by a random youtube video.
  3. Hallo I need abit of help. I just started playing and I am at Chapter 5: Trouble Afoot. At the moment where the soldiers bright out the slaves. And then our turn afterwards where more of their forces come out of the fort. Once the conversation is over I get my screen to the top left of the map and then it stucks. I believe something is to appear there? Or whatever? I try and try but everytime I reach that point game stucks into enemy turn. Bugs? Ideas to get unstuck?
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