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  1. A bit late to the party (I honestly forgot when this thing was suppose to start) but I'm joining Marth cause why not. I'll be leading with LA Lilina but If you guys need me to switch her out for someone else I'll see what I can do.
  2. Hello there, so I'm currently building up a (+ATK -HP) Hawkeye and was wondering for his refine should I double down on his ATK/RES or should I try to patch up his DEF to make him a mixed tank? His stats are: 42 HP, 50 ATK, 22 SPD, 28 DEF and 30 RES. For his skills right now he has: Slaying Axe, Mirror Stance 2, Quick Riposte 3, Reposition for the assist and Glacies as his special. Thank you so much in advance.
  3. Hey everyone, so I have two units that I need some advice on: I have two Halloween Henrys (one +SPD -ATK, and another one that's +DEF -ATK) and I need to know which nature works better for him overall. The next unit I'm building is a Halloween Jakob (+ATK -RES) and I've given him Distant Defense 3, Guard Bow and Ward Armor. So besides Bold and Vengeful Fighter what b-slot would work best for him. Thanks in advance and sorry for the wall of text.
  4. Spent around 180 orbs on this banner and I got a pretty sweet haul: 2 Legendary Ephraims, 1 Legendary Lyn, 1 Female Grima, 1Halloeen Jakob, 2 Halloween Henrys, 1Genny , 1 Michiah and 1 Shigure. Shame about red but I aint complaining over luck like this.
  5. Managed to pull a (+SPD -ATK) Bow Hinoka on my free pull so I can't complain.
  6. I'm running a horse emblem team of Eliwood, Titania, Olwen and Leo. For autoing I'll just to slap something together with Seliph and three other units.
  7. Aside from Masked Lucina (Marth), no they haven't. The closest we have is the starter pack with Black Knight.
  8. Since Camilla didn't pan out I'm going Alfonse for the time being with my lead being the same as last time.
  9. Hey everyone on team Camilla just wondering how my Shiro's been working out for ya? He's +DEF -SPD with Steady Stance 3, Quick Riposte 2, Def Tactic 3, Swap and Bonfire with +1 merge. My summoner name is Ceru and my ID is: 1629852223 for those who wanna use him.
  10. I'll go with Camilla this time around since she's been a big boon for my flier emblem team.
  11. Got super lucky this morning and pulled: (+ATK -HP) Grima, (+ATK -RES) Genny and a (+RES -DEF) Celica.
  12. Well since Takumi didn't workout for me either I guess I'm going Grima for the final round. I'll have my (+DEF -SPD) Shiro as the lead, hope he serves you well.
  13. Hello there, so I have 2 Shiros ( one +DEF -SPD and the other +ATK -DEF), I was wondering which boon and bane combination works best for him. Ive already started building up the second one but I wanted some input on which one is better before I fully commit to one. Thanks in advance.
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