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  1. I like the animations very much; it reminds me of the dragons of Shadow Dragon and Heroes of light and shadows. My only problem is I think the transformation is a little quick. Of course, you dont have to change the whole animation, it is fine the way it is.
  2. Yes you are right. There are multiple and more reliable ways of editing texts(mostly because of random crashes and bugs, though it doesn't happen often), but this one is the most simple. If you open a non text edited rom into FEeditor and you go to the text editor you should see two hex numbers. 0001 and 133D. As you can tell 0001 is the text you are viewing and 133D is the most amount of text Id you have in the game. If you want to increase the amount of text in the rom increase 133D to the wanted number.(133F) On the input index you should be able to go to number 133F now. Now simply start inserting your text. Once you are done save your progress. To make the change appear in game, we now have to go to nightmare and insert the numbers where it say Class Name or Class Description. Save that and the new text should be in the game. Also make sure that both nightmare and FEeditor are not open at the same time with the same rom. You could lose a lot of data if one saves and the other doesn't.
  3. Im going to explain everything just in case you may need extra help. - Im going to start from the bottom up, it will be easier to explain. (Leave separator alone) 'Animation Played' is what animation will play, if later conditions are met. - 'All weapons or a certain one' mean that all weapons of a certain type (swords, lances, axes, etc) will play a certain animation. For right now leave it at 'all weapon for a weapon type'. - 'Weapon Type' is similar to the second one, only difference is this is where you pick the actual weapon type.(again swords, lances, axes, etc.) For the dropdowns just look at the left (all swords, all spears, etc.) I know that I was a little difficult to understand so if you have any questions just let me know.
  4. For fe7 there is a module called 'Fe7 custom battle animation editor' in the fe7 module folder. Do you know how to use this module.
  5. Are you editing Fe7 or Fe8 because it is slightly different for both?
  6. There's a new feditor that allows more than 0xFF portraits. That's the Feditor EN uses. I believe you can find it if you simply searched it.
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