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  1. uhm quoted the wrong one I think, sorry about that. Bartiozos recent post seems fine to me. (I was typing when he posted)
  2. ##Unvote ##Vote: Bibbon I feel like he's overdoing the "zeus is manipulative" thing. I would like to claim I'm smart enough to do that, but I aint. Feelings on athena: He doesn't look like scum to me. When some thought he was "putting oil on the fire" I thought he was trying to get me talking some things that did make sense. Feelings on marth: I really don't see why people vote him, could someone please explain.. Feelings on fable: Chaged my mind, sorry man :) I do trust him after reading his post at me and reading what he said afterwards. Feelings on junk: I'm sorry I don't really know about him. Doesn't seem scum to me though Feelings on Satsuma: As seemingly most of you he's kinda off my radar. Didn't seem distracting/scummy in his last posts Feelings on Bartiozo: Same as Satsuma, he was one of my primarries but I'll have to see some more off his coming posts to be sure about that. For now he's not scum to me
  3. the back and forth posts were probably to finally get me talking so he (and you guys) could get a more accurate read on me.
  4. hm, I'm off now. -Maybe tomorrow I'll be more thougtfull..
  5. little effort.. I'm sorry for being a scrub, but I just aren't as sharp as you guys and just not very sure about voting before real information (apart from peoples tones)
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