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  1. Male- Ike Female- Heather Unknown- Lucius Uh...I guess Oliver would fit.
  2. ((Sorry about the inactivity around here. Schoolwork is boring...XD)) Jay started to walk back to his horse.
  3. Welcome Bramimond. Welcome to a place where herons fly in the sky(except for Rafiel.)
  4. Jay slashed Vrai's ropes, just barely missing his arm. The ropes fell to the ground.
  5. In a conversation, Dart said that he wound up in Badon(?) severely injured and no memory. Fargus saved him, yadda, yadda, yadda, so that's how he was a pirate. Wil and Dart were friends, who started on a quest to find money and fame and stuff. But either Wil or Dart bailed, and left. That explains why they were separated.
  6. "You will come with us on our journey. If not then..." Jay said, pointing to the soldiers who were glaring at Vrai. "We'll just let them do their work..."
  7. "He could join us on our quest to fight the dragons. If he refuses, well, we could just hand him over to the guards..." Jay suggested.
  8. For those of you who don't know, this is a sprite-fic. It's where all the action takes place in the form of sprites, but the words aren't posted in the image. Also, feel free to post in here. I don't care. I'm not making a feedback thread for this though. Chapter 1- Stirring of Fate ?- It's quiet here... ??- Yes....quiet and peaceful. ?- I like it here. ???- You guys shouldn't be here. It's dangerous to be outside in times of war. ?- Hm! Oh, it's just Jed. Jed-...You should go in Judas. You too, Elise. Elise- If you say so, brother. Judas- Let's go, Elise. Jed- The war...starts up. Let's hope it never comes to this peaceful little island, eh? Noblemen- Things....must go perfect. Hey! You there! ?- Hm? You talking to me? Noblemen- Yes, yes, you are the captain, are you not? Captain- Aye. Do you need something? Noblemen- How soon until we arrive? Captain- About three days. Why? Noblemen- I just wish to be on track of everything. Thank you. Captain- Something's going on.... Captain- What did you get from that? Thief- Not much. He doesn't wish to cause us harm, but there's something that blocks my mind from his every time I attempt to enter that specific part. He's hiding something, that much is clear. Captain- Anything to do with the war? Thief- It has everything to do with it. Captain-....this is bad news. I have a bad feeling about this....
  9. "That was hardly necessary. We could use him..." Jay said.
  10. No, I'm always tired. Tired of...lack of sleep, for one. Tired of....losing my contacts, leaving my backpack on the bus, losing my wallet, etc, etc, etc.
  11. "Wasn't trying to kill him. Trying to get him to stop moving, the squirmy little thief." Jay said, accepting the gem. "Is this my payment, or is it to be returned?" He asked.
  12. "Hm...stay on your course. I'll be back later." Jay said, and started riding towards the rogue. As fast as he was on foot, he could not be as fast as a horse, and Jay slashed at the man.
  13. As Vrai ran by, Jay stuck his foot out and tripped him. "He's all yours." He said to the guards as they caught up to Jay.
  14. The idiots that come to these places....That's the problem with big forums. You get good members, and you get one's who will, "Spam the topic because I'm bored."
  15. "Who's....that?" Jay asked, pointing in Vrai's direction.
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