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  1. Noire can probably get a better skill from Gaius but I can agree with counter for Vaike's child, as well as Donnel's. Pretty sure the only other things worth passing are Wrath, which is actually kinda terrible on most builds, Axefaire, or Sol if the child can't get it.
  2. Already have couples paired up, just need opinions on what skills I should pass down for: -Gregor!Yarne -Frederick!Gerome -Ricken!Brady -Kellam!Laurent Females will pass down Galeforce if possible, just need the most optimal male skill to pass.
  3. I was initially thinking about pairing Gaius with Tharja, and everyone else is already paired up, leaving Olivia to marry Henry, or Virion. Would it be better to marry Gaius to Olivia and Henry or Virion to Tharja?
  4. Just had a brainwave, would it be possible to marry Chrom!Olivia/Maribelle, then Inigo/Brady!MuFe, and finally MaMorgan to any female able to have a child and have a 4th generation child?
  5. I've thought about trying it, I'm worried I'll end up slacking off and not play it a lot.
  6. I've been playing Fire Emblem for a few years, mostly Path of Radiance and Awakening, but I'm also emulating Thracia. Was a lurker for a while but joined so I could talk with people about Awakening, and get better at the game. ^_^
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