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  1. got stuck in asia due to covid lockdown; ended up watching konosuba with my cousins again. we just saw the yun yun and megumin duel episode and i thought of your potentially concerning gif ;/

    hope you're alive, well, and get (got to?) enjoy your birthday this year 🙂

  2. Oh my, I do not believe such truly exists. But I shall bestow you the answer of Monopoly, in which one might deem such as the game of capitalism. As to why one such as myself would be ever so mildly fond of this game, the reason is not of the concept of holding a large stack of faux currency but rather due to my curiously high chances of emerging as the most befitting victorious player. And of course, such a board game possesses a large amount of variety in regards to board themes—as such, this would mildly alleviate the tedious elements of such entertainment, no? If one may ask, might there be any composers of the classical genre whom in which you are fond of?
  3. This user possesses a curious affinity with penguins—so such is true if my I can remember correctly.
  4. Me? I simply lack any sentiments regarding such an ingredient. Of course, such must be prepared most excellent if it is ever to be acceptable for my ever so refined palate. Perchance, might you possess any interesting notions in regards to law, justice or politics?
  5. It's not Halloween anymore, madame.

  6. I find your 'about me' a full delight to read, thank you for this treat~

  7. I must say, I do believe there are simply too many options to choose from. As such, my answer would likely be related to the attire of female characters, for a lady such as myself would find such to be far more appealing, no? And to think I might be interested in the culture known as "cosplay". If I dare say, one may simply state the name of a female character of nobility and one such as myself would likely be truly fond of their attire choice. You simply must alleviate my curiosity! Just where does your profile avatar originate from?
  8. My, how most unfortunate. In fact, if one may dare say, such a type is simply far more befitting of me. But of course, I never truly expected much accuracy from this particular personality quiz. Oh my, and to imagine your statistics would be so inflated. I shall jest and say perhaps such is why you were able to earn my attention. But I suppose I ought to say we have now assembled the entire Avengers team, against me so it would appear. Do excuse my absence but if one must know, I do wish to maintain this thread further. Onto far more important matters, the majority of participating Serenes Forest users have deemed the two quizzes themed around the video games of Danganronpa and Pokémon acceptable. As such, you may now partake in answering these if one have not done so already. Quiz #14: Which Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc character are you? Quiz #15: What Pokemon Type are you?
  9. If I may say, the user above kidnapped Fjorm a day prior to now and is currently holding her as a prisoner in his basement. Such is something I believe you ought to know.
  10. Clarine

    FE Name Game

    Allow me to contribute with... RauĂ°rowl.
  11. My word, how truly insolent! I know not of what you might be insinuating but a lady such as myself would never partake in any culture involving pursuing the rear ends of men. But of course, I would never wish to be around vulgar and unrefined individuals such as your aforementioned Dieck. Perchance, you are one to be in possession of an updated paperback dictionary? If so, then just what do you deem to be your favourite brand of these tomes? And if one may ask, of a dictionary or thesaurus, which do you deem to be superior?
  12. Very well, I ought to at least contribute something after my absence. This website is a truly magical place, full of wonderful and noble individuals. I say, I am simply whelmed by emotions even by the slightest time browsing this divine location! With facilities and entertainment even I deem to be of the first class, one shall say I desire to remain here for eternity. Oh, I jest. If one must know, I do not "like" Serenes Forest but rather deem it superior to the ever so dreadful excess of lowly troglodytes browsing the internet. One ought to be grateful, for I do not despise the denizens of this present community.
  13. Most certainly not! And just who do you think you are, demanding for my brother in such an unrefined manner? Oh, I jest. But if one truly requires my brother of the "freeloading" variant, then I may bequeath him if he persists on vexing me in his many ways. Just what words do you believe other individuals might use to describe you?
  14. Such would be Serra, Donnel, Bartre, Lon'qu and Gaius of course! In regards to Heroes of the five-stars variant, I do believe Lyn: Brave Lady would be the most abundant. May I ask, just where does your profile image's character originate from?
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