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  1. If she was a mary sue she shouldn't be able to die in 1 hit and able to OHKO everybody like Ryoma in Birthright Normal Phoenix Mode.
  2. Girls love it when you stand next to them and slay someone with your weapon. So hot! After the battle, try talking to her. Repeat 4 times. Congrats, you got laid. Also, thanks for the free karma for me to reap on r/niceguys.
  3. Discovered the series pretty recently. I knew the Fire Emblem characters in Smash 4 but never really did more research than that. Well comes ZeRo Saga and MKLeo wins it with Marth. Like 2 weeks later there was that nintendo direct with the nintendo switch, and they showed that 10 second clip of Warriors and the FE logo. I thought the music was pretty amazing. After the direct, I saw FE direct in a week and watched that because I thought the music reminded me of the orchestrated pieces in Mario Galaxy. Well, all I could understand was 4 FE games were going to be released. Sometime next week before Heroes launched, I wanted to play a FE game because I was like why not? Some dude in a Smash tourney won with a character in the franchise, the music seems amazing, looked up the most recent game and decided to buy Fates. I needed money so I sold my Pokemon OR and Y cartriages for 40 bucks and went to local video game store on my college and bought BIrthright. And that's pretty much how I discovered the game series properly. Of course, first run in Birthright, I didn't understand anything and all I knew was Ryoma killed everything. I learned how things worked sure enough and as of this day I have played all the 3DS games (except relevations), the Elibe games, PoR, and currently playing RD.
  4. In my PoR hard mode I used Ilyana from the chapter you can recruit her to endgame. I really didn't think she was that bad. Sure, in the later parts of the game, Soren completely beats her in every way mostly because he can double enemies while Ilyana can't.(at least in my walkthrough; its possible my Ilyana got speed screwed) This means Soren can OHKO most enemies for me near the later parts of the game. However, I rarely saw her accuracy go below 100 even with bad biorhythm, and is very reliable accuracy wise. Also, most enemies besides mages have lower resistance than defense, which means Ilyana was quite useful to me. She could survive most physical weapons like handaxes, bows, javelins for me so as long as I heal her up, she will be ready next turn to fight. I just finished Part 1 of RD in JP hard/EN normal mode and from what I have played from Ilyana, I am probably not going to use her. The speed problem from PoR was here again, but this time, her accuracy was in the 50s at times and there is no way I am going to trust take units with that bad accuracy. Heck, even Micaiah, who I read from most forums that she was not a good unit, had her uses of killing armored units with Thani and weaken enemies reliably since her accuracy was very high. Can't say the same for Ilyana for this game.
  5. Of course, but I would believe most Heroes players have at least played one main FE game and vote based on who they liked there.
  6. Am I the only one who seems a little baffled about how OCs are so high in this poll?
  7. The game doesn't tell you. It's up to interpretation. If you go on fanfiction.net and look at Awakening fanfictions, some authors have them come back literally the week Robin dies, others have Robin come back in 2 years; I even remember one where he is gone for 15 years.
  8. One thing I remember that helped a lot was the fact that the 3 knight units in front of you don't attack you unless you go into their range, so take out the enemies on the sides before dealing with the knights.
  9. Get Genny into a Saint and she gains the abilities absolve and soothing light. The absolve prevents her from taking damage in the swamp, and cover all 4 adjacent side of her with units you want to cross the swamp. After 1 turn ends, Genny will use the soothing light to restore the 4 units adjacent to her while she takes no damage at all. You can get your entire army across like this without taking damage, although that is what I did and is quite tedious.
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