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  1. (I was eventually thinking of the "stats" topic to post that, but I wasn't really sure. If there any topic to post that, signal it to me without hesitation) This is pure speculation, but I think that the game could have items that you use to definitively increase stats of your character. That would look like the logical continuation of the heart receptacle of Hyrule Warriors, but for any stat and not just HP. Like the heart receptacle of HW, they will be assigned to one specific character. You will won these either by a comeback of the treasure chest mecanic (I heard that it wasn't in any other muso than HW, but choosing to take a detour to get a item would fit the Fire Emblem series and his Treasure chest/villages far away of the road), or in the bonus campaign/adventure/DWA-like/whatever mode (just one thing Tecmo Koei : no more of the "use a compass to know which and where use the item to unlock the right of unlocking an item if you do a A-Rank with a specific character"). That would help differentiate character, as well as upgrading an unused one. I didn't really follow the information around the game, so did anything like that had been annonced/denied ?
  2. Thank you all! And I disliked Amelia Paladin because instead of a 100% of taking no or 1 hit, I have 33% chance of taking serious dammages. Much harder to play than the General one.
  3. I'm a very bad Fire Emblem player. Almost as I'm bad in English. I managed to clear Sacred Stones after A LOT of attempt, and I didn't cleared Awakening and Birthright yet. But I like the series (ok considering the number of times I played it i'm now disgusted at life of FE 8) ! My favorite class is the knight (because you can throw it on the middle of the battlefield with few risk), and I like trying contre-intuitives things. Yeah. Playing FE with ORIGINALITY probably isn't the best things to do if you don't manage to clear the game at all, I have to admit. And the results are sometimes questionables (damn you Amelia Paladin). But it didn't stop me to have ton of funs doing class changes that make scream in agony the few FE fan I know. Outside of FE ? Well... I don't want to talk about my private life right now, but I watch sometimes anime (none actually, the last one was Evangelion), play videogames (actually Ace Attorney and DK64 (I'm curious to know the opinion of somebody who had discovered the game in the 10's and liked it) and of course Fire Emblem), and... Play CCG ! Well in fact I didn't play a lot of CCG (pokemon at school ? At least we followed approximately the rules of Yu-Gi-Oh, thanks to the Anime. Hmmm, I've also played a little heartstone... ) but when I heard that there was a Fire Emblem CCG I took information (because I like to know things about boardgames I will never play)... ...and here I am today! Searching for eventually do a few games on Lackey/CipherVit (?). I've only did two games and half, so my level for the moment is extreme beginner. But if you want to battle against somebody who use starter deck and gonna take 2 minutes at each turn because he's searching for the skill of the card he have in his hand, here I am ! I hope that I will take my mark with the game enough fast to build my own deck. At least I should know the effect of the card I chosen !
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