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  1. I never thought I would end up liking any of the Blue Lions. I first played BEs, but curiosity for the other routes made me realize that BL fellas are good too! Same with the GDs, Lorenz was difficult to like until his supports and performance in combat made me like him.
  2. I found out weird that the students changed so much, but neither Manuela, Hanneman or the other fellas at the monastery show any sign of being older (except Cyril). I mean, it would be funny to see Manuela struggling with some gray hairs, but yeah, that was sorta weird for me. I'm 23 years old and I know I got a little itty tiny bit taller since last month. I think women are the ones that get stuck before mid 20s since they develop quicker.
  3. I thought this one with my gf, probably took another woman for him in Fodlan too! Didn't they mention the name of the race of dragons from Fodlan? I don't remember it right now but it was veeery different from "Manakete"
  4. I remember that in Shadows of Valentia, those were also available by forging weapons, but it made more sense since Valentia is very close to Archanea. Fódlan is a distant continent from all the others, so how did these 3 weapons ended up here? Are the three regalia just forged weapons with fancy names?
  5. Thank you so very much for this! You guys are amazing and made many people happy! ?
  6. Oooh, nice!! I hope it comes out nicely!
  7. That's a very nice portrait! I'm sure you'll do great with more practice! Keep up the good work :3
  8. I'm pretty sure that Kalosians eat Slowpoke tails as high quality food, so seems like Johto people feel like it's wrong to eat em'
  9. It's so helpful! Considering that this game has a bit of Kaga influence, I liked the idea of giving Roy a PRF a lot! Gonna give it a try to provide feedback!
  10. Oh yeah, I remember that when she show me in photos. It's alright for newcomers. I don't think much grinding would be necessary, partner Pokémon get boosted exp and for what I can tell, Partner Pikachu also gets busted moves and stat increases that makes it different from normal Pikachu.
  11. This can be helpful for people who are scared of everything that is said of FE6 hit rates and so on! I really like that you used lore to create new weapons and for St. Elimine thank you so much for helping Roy, Sophia and most importantly, Fae! Didn't the Flame Brand exist in Thracia btw?
  12. Good ol' snack machines... Can't trust em' after several coin eating tragedies. It was the herb I was thinking, then! I think I never got to taste it in anything, so I dunno what to say about it. SOMEBODY TO... meme x3 Only on special occasions because I would never change my tomato sauce flavored spagett'! I'm not allergic to seafood, but since a sort of bug appeared on a clam while I was eating... I never touched one ever again.
  13. My gf and I were wondering if it's possible to make Pikachu/Eevee solo the entire game. At first we thought that was impossible since in previous games there were some cases that you absolutely need Pokémon from different types and to our surprise, the game is not proving to be a challenge for her at all. She expected something harder after playing UltraSun (Last game before that was Sapphire when she was little) which was challenging for her at some parts. This one, apart from spoon-feeding the player, is soooooo incredibly slow that she gets bored and prefers to take down spirits in the Spirit Board in Ultimate. Like, they give Pikachu/Eevee moves to cover everything that the trainers (with mostly 3 Pokémon) throw at you! Why having a water-type Pokémon when your Pikachu can Splishy Splash that slow ground-type with ease, removing strategy value! I swear this is not a rant
  14. Same thing here! They recently removed every snack from kiosks inside schools and replaced them with fruits, which crippled their business. (And I'm not satisfied by eating just an apple, teaching consumes lots of energy!) Kids bring their own snacks from home anyway so it didn't do much for that part. I like em' in my spaghetti with cream and occasionally on pizza because I prefer pepperoni most of the time. So, what is this "cilantro" y'all speak of? It's a plant? Here in Chile we have a plant called like that and I wasn't sure if that's you were talking about D:
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