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  1. I had the Future Trunks Lucina thing in my head for a long time and never talked about it with other people, I'm so glad someone else thought about it too! Oh boy, I actually see it being a thing in Awakening, with Robin being good, gets killed, bad Robin absorbs their powers and... Well... It's almost what happened before endgame, but Robin's still alive and Grima had his own powers, just had to inhabit Robin's body. But no Henkidama...
  2. You still got hit! Think again in your sleepy time, general dude.
  3. Uses FE5 Blizzard in the distance while hiding in... :3c
  4. Those look so well! And the first sketch was so adorable! 😄
  5. Ilyana has always been my absolute favorite. I know she's not that good of a unit or a character (mostly in Radiant Dawn), but I relate to her in many ways.
  6. I would actually love to see Edelgard with Arvis' clothes, considering he was the first ever Flame Emperor, or Emperor of Flames or whatever...
  7. Seems like a ploy to make a name and expose their product to the public, lame
  8. MyBoy needs exactly the same rom (but not the save file) for both devices, like, both users need to have "Fire Emblem (U).gba" to access the function. For whatever reason, they never did updated or adapted the link functionality to emulate it like if it was the real deal. Not as far as i know, tho...
  9. This is what SNES9X says, it's the 1.1 revision and has a header, apparently 😮 At first in Chapter 3, the game froze when I put Mallecia near the castle, then I found out that the Iote's Shield can be found there, so I tried with Julian and it also froze every time I tried.
  10. I encountered an issue when I put a unit in a tile where you can find hidden items, the game freezes but the music keeps playing. In chapter 3 of Book II, I had to skip the Iote's Shield since the game froze every time I waited there. I'm now in chapter 11 and I can't pick any hidden item because of the same thing. Did I do something wrong? I'm using SNES 9X 1.54.1 and the game is being softpatched. Apart from that, this got me into playing Mystery of the Emblem again, thank you so much!
  11. I'm not gonna blame Heroes, because even if it lost people thanks to the Feh Pass, it also created a lot of new fans since the start. But I bet that if Cipher was released in English this wouldn't be happening. Will this mean that the cards will rise their price too btw?
  12. I just got into the game on November of last year and this happens?! Why end the production when the Fire Emblem series is doing so well these days with Three Houses? I just hope that this is just a joke or something similar that happened with Pokémon TCG in its time.
  13. That's a nice art of Soren 9.5/10
  14. I can say that I have my fondest gaming memories on three stages of my life: On my childhood: The first game I ever played was Super Mario Bros., emulated in a PC running Windows 98 at the age of 4. My big bro helped me with harder levels, but I remember making it to world 8-3 because the last Hammer Bros. were super difficult. On my adolescence: The first two Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games endings made me cry a lot. Those had such great stories and I'll never forget how a game made me cry... Oh, add the ending of gen one of FE4 too! FE8 was also a game that marked my adolescence, but not as much. This was also the first time I got a Nintendo console ever, a used Wii, but I took advantage of everything about it and played it with my friends every weekend. On my recent adulthood: It was actually a mix of FEH and Smash that helped me through dark times, when I ended up in a toxic relationship with a gal who only wanted me to spite another gal who had feelings for me and when I got diagnosed depression because I was stuck in an university studying something I didn't expect to hate. Now the same gal who had feelings for me is my actual girlfriend, we nerd about FE or any game we like almost everyday and thanks to FEH the relationship grew and grew until we decided to have a serious relationship, now we're planning on living together. Here I am hoping that the future looks brighter for us! 😄
  15. Before the official translation of the Binding Blade and Mystery of the Emblem names, I shared names with Alan, the red Christmas cavalier and the Paladin replacing Jaigan
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