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  1. I actually promoted him as a Mage Knight and was sometimes slow and lacked the magic to do damage, so after he got lv20 I changed his class to Sage and him being 1 of the 3 people that have 4 mov doesn't matter much when I have a dancer
  2. So that's why Framme can do some damage while using physical weapons... That's interesting to know!
  3. Playing in normal mode for now Best: Framme/Etie/Lapis Framme became one of my tankiest units overall, she can easily take hits from anything, even those ballistas at Leif's trial and I don't really know if it's because I gave her Tiki's emblem (didn't made her transform at all or just when I needed chip damage with the fire breath) or just because she becomes infinitely better after being promoted. Etie got a refined Longbow and she always kills the target with that big damn str. Lapis is just that good, even if you promote her to Hero, i just did to replace another axe user. Worst: Boucheron I knew from the start that he would be an axe fighter like Bord/Cord and he got fixed somehow when I promoted him to paladin, but it was too late. Disappointing: Anna/Timerra/Clanne Who thought of giving axes to a small unit like her would be a good idea! A friend told me to reclass her into an archer, but it was already too late and just didn't use her at all. Timerra was outclassed by Alfred, Chloe and Alear, who was also very dissapointing until I made her Griffin Knight and now she heals and deals decent damage overall. And here I thought Clanne would be Asbel 2 but ended up being Merric in New Mystery... I still use him because having a magic user always helps, but my boy... you could have grown that mag stat a lil bit more...
  4. I wish this got translated, I had the look on this for years...
  5. I see, I see... So what the boss did there was override the status to not let him kill everyone!
  6. I used a Berserk staff on Reinhardt with a 20+ magic Sarah, but I never saw this happening before... Does the AI of the enemy changes to kill the berserk unit or hitting a berserk unit recovers them from the status? I never tested it with my units because I prioritized using Restore staves.
  7. The game is fun until you see the things it could do so much better compared to previous entries, but if you want it just to have fun it's okay, nobody will try to stab you with a Master Lance. Chairman Rose having man boobs and beer belly was funny the first time I saw it tho, ngl!
  8. What kind of arbitrary labels? Something more specific?
  9. I had the Future Trunks Lucina thing in my head for a long time and never talked about it with other people, I'm so glad someone else thought about it too! Oh boy, I actually see it being a thing in Awakening, with Robin being good, gets killed, bad Robin absorbs their powers and... Well... It's almost what happened before endgame, but Robin's still alive and Grima had his own powers, just had to inhabit Robin's body. But no Henkidama...
  10. You still got hit! Think again in your sleepy time, general dude.
  11. Uses FE5 Blizzard in the distance while hiding in... :3c
  12. Those look so well! And the first sketch was so adorable! 😄
  13. Ilyana has always been my absolute favorite. I know she's not that good of a unit or a character (mostly in Radiant Dawn), but I relate to her in many ways.
  14. I would actually love to see Edelgard with Arvis' clothes, considering he was the first ever Flame Emperor, or Emperor of Flames or whatever...
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