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  1. I noticed something on chapter 2-3S that isn't a bug, but may need to be changed. The enemies on the right are placed in a way that if you place a unit in the right spot, they can't be attacked because of the enemy movement order. Anyone can just stand there, never be attacked, and hold the choke just fine. This was a very helpful trick during my 0% growths playthrough, but I wouldn't mind the challenge if it was removed. Also, the nomads have the image of griffon riders on their stat screen.
  2. Dodge is your Critical avoid, and doesnt affect hit rate at all. The skill basically just makes the crit rate you see when looking at their stat screen the crit rate you will get during battle. I am unsure if it affects enemies with the Hoplon Guard, though.
  3. I have found a problem with the hp bars that show up beneath the units. They dont show up when you level up hp, so units can be missing hp and not have their hp bar show up. This can be particularly annoying sometimes because of the staff buffs units like Aurora give. Other than that, everything looks good so far.
  4. Does Fenrir do higher damage to units with higher res? Because O'Brien does 18x2 to my avatar, who has 33 res, and 11×2 to Sven, who has a whopping 4 res. Is this how this works or is there something that I dont see? Edit: I think it actually targets physical defense. I thought it didmore damage to units with higher res because when I switched Brendan to a shine tome, he took more damage, but that is just because both lightning and divine give defense.
  5. Does anyone know the current growths of all the characters? I think my Martel is getting speed screwed and defense blessed, and I think my Negu is getting screwed all around. Edit: Also does anyone know the new support bonuses, I heard they were changed but not what they were changed to.
  6. Nevermind, I just got it working. Apparently it was the app I was using, even though I used the same app to patch numerous other ROMs.
  7. Is there a specific type of fe7 rom you need? Because for me it says that the ROM is not compatible with the patch.
  8. This game looks really good so far. Anyway, I feel that Carol is too much weaker than Claudus, as she has less hp, strength, (not that it matters, but) magic, defense and resistance growths. She does have higher speed and skill, but claudus still has good speed. Please buff either her strength or resistance growth to make them more balanced compared to each other.
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