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  1. I particularly like Naga due to the really satisfying moment of inflicting massive amounts of damage onto (generally low-res) dragon units, especially when using Julia's Dragon Fang special. That a dragon gets summoned is also pretty nice, distinguishing the tome from the Falchions. Dire Thunder would come second for its neat, extended "brave attack" animation when used by Olwen/Reinhardt.
  2. Here's an OC unit idea that's been in the making for a while. As always, feedback is appreciated! Tuli - Tundra Lights
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    Thanks for the warm welcomes, you two!
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    Hello there, everyone! I myself can be considered really new to the FE series as a whole, having only started carrying a greater interest in the series just around the release of Fire Emblem Heroes. With games I have played recently, I can't help but imagine how I could design original game concepts, including original characters, into said games' universes. The same applied to FEH, and what attracted me to this site was the Create-A-Hero Thread, an OC/fan unit designing thread about said game. If you are wondering about my icon, it's cropped from an original character design I completed recently and plan to use for the above mentioned design thread (I consider myself decent at drawing, although always with room to improve). I feel that I have not had nearly enough exposure to the Fire Emblem series as a whole to designate a particular favorite yet, and I currently have a lack of video game consoles to play on (mostly use PCs these days). Nonetheless, I look forward to good experiences with these forums!
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