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    I can't remember if I've mentioned this before, but to make this sprite map, I spliced parts of Erk and Lute together for each frame. I liked the physics of Lute's cloak more than Erk's, but unfortunately, Lute's sprite is wearing a dress, and Halos isn't a cross dresser, so... I had to combine a modified version of her head and cloak with Erk's lower body, arms, and torso, which, needless to say, took forever. Just making these few frames took many more weeks (squeezing spriting time into my already packed semester) than the 100+ frame Mage Knight map, to which there was no original spriting involved.

    I still have to do one last recolor for Halos' Sage promotion, but after that, he should be all set for the PME. Elder Baels and Bonewalkers, beware! Halos is on his way!


  2. This isn't related to emulation, but are you THE Karnage? And is it true that if Mangs feeds you experience, you will level up?
  3. The following are the chief supports and romantic pairings to be featured in FEA:

    Tristan (Hero) and Iseult (Sage)

    Rhiannon (Druid/Summoner) and Alaric (Aria)

    Io (Dancer) and Styles (Thief): A tribute to my favorite pairing of all of Awakening (Olivia and Gaius)

    Niccola (Lancer) and Albert (Cavalier)

    Sampson (Warrior) and Ajax (Berserker)

    Ansyl (Wyvern Rider) and Eilhardt (Armor Knight)

    Gabriel (Herald) and Castor (Bishop)


    I have decided to incorporate a new kind of magic user called an aria (essentially a bard/shaman hybrid that uses chants and incantations to dispel demons and monsters). Features of this class include having abnormally high HP, LUCK, and RES growths (> 100% in some cases), being able to sing units that have already moved back into action, and effectiveness against monsters. However, arias will also have typically low SPD and SKL growths.

    The first recruitable aria of Fire Emblem Afterlife will be named Alaric, the Admonisher. He is a stern, middle aged pontifex from a little known order of exorcists.

  5. As I mentioned earlier today, I am going to upload the custom sprite recolors as I make them for the Mangs PME. Attached is the complete Mage Knight sprite map that I finished last night along with a panel featuring Halos in his stationary Mage form, a frame from the Mage Knight animation, and their respective palettes.

    Complete Mage and Sage recolors to come within the week!



    1. Starkos


      Have you considered switching the cloak and tunic colors? They're great as they are, but I feel like the tunic could be misconstrued as a bare chest?

      I mean, why a mage would ever want to show his flabby, disgusting, atrophied body is completely beyond this cavalier, but hey, to each their own.

      But all occupational rivalry aside, great sprite work.


    Halos has recently had the good fortune of being picked for a spot in popular Fire Emblem Let's Player Mangs' FE8 Pick My Edits!
    For those of you who aren't aware, a 'Pick My Edits' (or 'PME' for short) is a ROM hack in which Mangs' YouTube and Twitch subscribers suggest funny edits that could be made to a clean GBA Fire Emblem ROM. Furthermore, Mangs' Patreons (of which I am one) have the additional opportunity to submit a character sheet complete with growths, skills, weapon loadout, and custom artwork that can be selected by the PME team to replace one of the canon units. I was very lucky to be selected as one of those lucky Patreons for the Summer 2018 "Sacred Stones" Hack.

    Halos was chosen to replace Lute in Chapter 4, and his character sheet and support conversations with myrmidon Vioh Skies can be viewed as an attachment to this post. I will also upload my custom spriting for this hack as I finish it. I am optimistic regarding Halos performance on Mangs' channel this summer, as he is joining early and is loaded out with special equipment and a decent personal skill, which could place him among the higher tier characters of the early game.

    It's a huge honor to be a part of this project, and I am very excited to see what Mangs does with my OC. (Tbh, I'm really hoping Mangs doesn't let him get crit and die, but I guess we'll see in May.) Fingers crossed!

    Later, guys ;)



    1. Solvaij



      Seriously, exciting :)

  7. Yeah. I like getting the Gaiden chapters, so I usually sacrifice Jagen, kill Frey and either Gordin or Norne. Later, I also kill Bord and Cord, Vyland, Roshea, Matthis, and Castor.
  8. - Charlotte is best girl - Kill Jagen, am i rite or am i rite? #onlycasualsplaytheprologuebro - Awakening is the most fun game in the franchise - Grinding should be an integral mechanic
  9. Here we are half a year later! Honestly, given my track record of perseverance, I'm actually surprised I've returned to this blog to post again. Yet here I am.

    This post's purpose is more to feature the work of another Fire Emblem enthusiast rather than mine. A high school friend (tagged Solvaij) made Halos his own character portrait. Naturally, I felt a rare artistic urge to recolor his sprite to match the palette she used in the mugshot.

    Attached are Solvaij's Halos mug and my recolored stationary sprites of Halos' mage and summoner forms. Maybe in another year, I'll actually get around to recoloring the other 35 frames of his animation. Who knows. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


    It's now 12:33 AM the morning after I posted this, and I'm nearly halfway done recoloring Halos' battle sprite (not the crit animation). I'll try to finish it up tomorrow, but like, school, ya know? Pece.



    Halos Mug 22.png



    I'd like to officially introduce you to Halos, the first character I imagined for FE Afterlife. He was kind of created after I discovered how much I love the GBA anima mages. They're SO sassy! Like happy-steppin-all-over-the-competition-and-dabbing-Brigand-HP-away sassy. So I decided I had to recolor Erk's sprite and bring my own mage to life.

    To put it simply, Halos is the brainchild that sparked this whole notion of creating a fan game. Something about making him really made me want to make him more tangible. Like I really wanted to give him more substance - to make him more lifelike and REAL. I've found that there really is a lot of him in me. Hopefully, he's an omen of good things to come for this project. Fingers crossed. :D:

    I picked Halos' name from a book that claims "halos" comes from Greek and refers to the flares of light that surround the sun and moon and herald coming changes in the weather. (When I was a kid, my dad referred to these as "sun dogs." Maybe that's a term you've heard before? It could just be a Midwest euphemism.) Anyway, his name befits his personality, which I'll get to in a minute.

    Our little mage friend sports a light green cloak with a yellow tunic and white pants. He is a promising young conjurer accomplished in the art of controlling wind and weather. Halos is a turbulent spirit - composed one minute, but a maelstrom the next. The only things that remain fixed with him are his perpetual optimism and his fierce determination to see challenges through to end, no matter whether they lead to success or failure. His perseverance is respectable and he's earned a reputation from his companions for bringing down formidable foes. Succinctly put, he's a trump card, with high SKL, MAG, and LUC.

    Ladies and gentlemen, here he is: Halos, the Wind Mage...




    What a player... :-_-: He'll be RNG screwing in no time...

  11. Last week I began recoloring sprites for use in an original Fire Emblem ROM hack. It's kind of a new thing for me, seeing as I'm using MS Paint to manually recolor everything. I'm too poor to really afford Photoshop, and, although I actually considered subscribing to Adobe for this, I decided that I'm not really a strong or commercially active enough artist for the software suite to be worth the cash. Besides, what I've done so far isn't too bad. I'm actually kind of impressed with the results since I've never sprited before.

    Even though nobody will probably read anything in my profile for some time, I decided to use this space as a spot to post my sprites and record my progress on my fan game. I'm pledging now to officially and seriously begin my production of FIRE EMBLEM: AFTERLIFE !!! (I hope to God I don't give up once I have to start spriting portraits... *sigh*) Here goes nothing.

    Stay tuned, Internet. Here I come... :)

  12. I have recently become EXTREMELY interested in learning how to ROM hack and develop my own original fan game. I'm in the early stages of planning a title called "Fire Emblem: Afterlife." ("Early stages" means I've day-dreamed extensively while working my boring summer job. '__' )

    Here are the characters I've dreamed up so far:



    Halos, the Wind Mage


    Rolan, the Curse-breaker


    Tristan, the Dragon-slayer


    Iseult, Bearer of the Sunrise Circlet


    Ajax, the Champion


    Sampson, the Avenger


    Rhiannon, Wraithqueen


    Castor, the Unigenitian

    Light mage

    Khana, the Direblade


    Ansyl of the Westwings

    Wyvern Rider

    Fay of the Pyrenine


    Gabriel, the Swift


    Io, the Starling


    Styles, the Marauder


    Eilhardt, the Ironwrought


    Albert, the Stillguard


    Niccola, the Pointguard


    *Denotes new classes I hope to implement.

    The Paragon class is essentially a better soldier with improved strength, defense, and resistance but low skill. Paragons are often patriots and holy warriors who defend their homelands from the forces of evil and darkness.

    The Beorüt class is this game's equivalent of the Taguels of Awakening and the Wolfskins and Kitsune of Fates. They are shapeshifters who metamorphosize into sleek, fearsome mastiffs many times the size of normal dogs. The Beorüt defend their territory fiercely, but are known to aid humans, with whom they cooperate well.

    The Herald class is a cross between a lance cavalier and a bard. They are faithful messengers and scouts who precede their lords with utmost loyalty, riding wherever they are directed without question.

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