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  1. I too am having issues getting this to work. At first I had the same problem listed on page 1, with gibberish text - same issue I had with the "Menu Translation" patch - likely caused by having an NP rom. Well I tried a different one, applied the patch via Lunar IPS (If there's a different way i should be patching things let me know), and got this error message when trying to start up, then black screen. Nothing. Using Snes9X. Above: The error message I get (after patching) Below: Picture of the rom title screen I'm using (before patching) EDIT: Tried using a different rom, a 1999 version of the game. Started up and looked fine, but crashed as soon as I got control in chapter 1.
  2. As title. I want to experiment with some of these spell lists, like may's cleric list, but I don't want to lose her mage spells. Does anyone know if I will lose these if I'm still in a magic- using class? I don't want to waste my pitchforks just to find out.
  3. Ah. Not that useful for me since I'm already starting to hit dlc classes, and my main string units got powered through villager loop anyway, but I still want one if only to say I "completed" the DLC, for what it's worth.
  4. So basically i need to keep grinding for a Virgo shard. I don't even know what a full starsphere actually does but at this point I feel like it would be a waste to not complete at least one.
  5. Astra/luna/sol are only found rusted at the bottom of Thabes afaik. Never found any myself. But I've gotten everything from ladyblades to zweihanders to killer bows from the inner sanctum, plus a ton of iron/steel/blessed everythings.
  6. So I've spent the last six or so hours in the inner sanctum breaking pots. I've gotten at least half a dozen of every other shard, extra Dragon scales, hexlock shields, black pearls, and so many of every weapon, but I still have yet to find a Virgo shard. Does it only drop from certain enemies, or the astral temple 1? Or am I just incredibly unlucky in that regard?
  7. If anything got the nerf bat it was the rings, specifically speed and Angel. The sol/luna/astra trio probably got nerfed just to make it so they aren't completely insane compared to other weapons. Not that Echoes doesn't have its fair share of imbalances anyway.
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