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  1. Now I've never done it, but if you plan on using him then I'd conjecture pairing him with someone like Ayra, because then she will bear two tankier-than-usual sword units and seeing as how Arden uses swords--both parents will pass down weapons. However, literally anyone is good with Ayra and there are better matches. Edain and Brigid. Between the two, Brigid is the better option because Arden can pass down weapons to Patty but Edain's daughter is a healer and will suffer from Arden's physical growths. Sorry emporer hardin i just updated lol
  2. So basically, when you guys use it (if youdecide to use it at all) then the main candidates are Astrid and Kurthnaga. I also forgot to mention how I was upset to see Sothe not start out with Blossom, but then I realized how OP your low-leveled Dawn Brigade characters could become.
  3. Yeah I’ll admit with the BEXP in this game. Blossom doesn’t really help cap anything as effectively. Still, I always use it on Rolf because I love the way he turns out. Also on Ike during 4-1 when he has just hit Vanguard—he levels up a bunch anyway so I figured I might as well slow him down and get better levels. And then later on Kurth I use Blossom + Paragon because it’s another OP king laguz.
  4. I know that this has probably been opened and closed before, but I’d like to know what other people think of the skill.
  5. Favorite: Ike, more in PoR but in both really. Second fav: Ephraim. Even though he's talking crazy when we first use him (ya know, 4 guys against an army, possibly a country), is he really talking crazy? We first hear him talk about taking the fort and whatnot, but I guess it's not that hard when you're a level 4 unit with as much speed as a level 3 promote. Ephraim's base stats for his base level are seriously good, and he can honestly solo the chapter you get him. My only 2 problems with him: not enough weapons for him and caps are too low (cause his growths are great as well) Hector is next bc he's Hector. Least favorite: Micaiah takes the cake here seeing as how undesirable her stats are to me while you can level anyone in that game to a literal god. Second least fav: actually gonna go with Eliwood on this, just bc I think that Lyn is cooler w/ high SKL and SPD and Hector is insane. Eliwood has meh stats compared to the other two, and i just can't shake it. EDIT: Nvm I forgot Chrom, Eliwood is third last. :/
  6. One thousand percent with you, man. PoR contains a "coming of age" kind of storyline where Ike basically learns everything about combat, corruption, racism, loss, etc. He's simply a boy learning to be a man, warrior, and leader. His stat growths are also higher than most of his friends, so he's a solid unit as well. Micaiah, however as we find later in the story, is actually not a teenager. She is older than she looks, yet is painfully naive. She was around during the war in PoR, and probably was around during the time Ashnard slaughtered his family and rose to power. She has witnessed much more than Ike and most of his friends, but she still lacks emotional maturity. To add to this, she doesn't contain the SPD stat PoR Ike does, so I never even bother training her up without BEXP. Also, she complains whenever Sothe mentions Ike, and it makes me mad. :) When Ike appears in Part 3, he is no longer a boy. Some can argue that he is too perfect in personality to be considered interesting, which isn't far from the truth. But I think that a lot of people are simply missing the point. Ike is now a hero, both ins class and in Tellius-status. He now leads a group of mercenaries that he has grown acquaintance with has attracted the attention of the antagonist(not villian)Black Knight as a great swordsman. Who is identical to RD Ike in PoR I wonder? Uhh... it's Greil, his father. What I know from PoR: Greil was a great man who treated his friends like family, and his wife (Elena, methinks?) was a woman of great compassion and understanding. Ike is clearly being portrayed as someone who has grown up and turned out to be much like his parents. More proof of this, Ike's physical appearance looks significantly more like Greil in RD than in PoR. Micaiah is boring and I just use Edward and Nolan for Part 1.
  7. "I had to let you live, so that you could continue to train and perhaps one day be worthy of Gawain's legacy. My armor's blessing is gone; let us see if that day is today." - Look it up.
  8. First, I will state how Ephraim, Joshua, and Cormag shouldn't have been placed under the three children. Maybe in a "Best Characters" list, but not in a "Best Units" list, as there is a large and noticeable difference. Ewan should also be placed lower than the other two trainees, as they can prove to be unique units while he has competition from multiple other mages/healers. Tana is a traditional pegasus knight, and she is super awesome as a unit that can fly around with great speed and dodgability. She is an excellent unit. Cormag is a non-traditonal wyvern rider, as he (don't let his base stats fool you) gets a bunch more speed than he does defense. He also flies around but starts out with more strength and defense than Tana, one-shotting a number of enemies with a javelin. He is an excellent unit. If there's one thing I agreed with the article on, it's putting these two into the same category.They have similar roles as units, seeing as how they both fly around with lances and end out with high STR and SPD stats. Honestly, why not just use them both? They both can prove to be terrors on the battlefield. They don't require the babying of a trainee, and have insane growths. They'll both gain loads of EXP as they both have high movement and survivability. Neither fare well against archers in the beginning, but they can many times stay outside the archers' range, and then fly over and kill them by melee hits. All in all, a superior pair. If I were myself, I would use both. If I were you and wanted a choice between the two, I would use Cormag.
  9. ^So true. They’re just not worth it. Units I like: Ephraim(duh, he’s a god), Eirika, Joshua, Natasha, Gilliam(slow however), Cormag(I agree with the comment of him being Raven on a dragon), and finally Seth, who I honestly prefer not to use just bc of his low HP and me not carrying items so I have to constantly heal him. He’s not bad though.
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