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  1. Cool. This is super useful for Mac users like myself. Anyway that you could randomize the characters as well ? (e.x having Glen as your main lord) are creature campaign characters randomized as well ?
  2. So exciting ! This was one of my favourite hacks and I'm happy to see your working on it again, implementing some of the new ideas developed since you began this project ! Will definitely play !
  3. Hey Dunal, Im curious about a couple things. What are your plans for the weapon triangle in hard mode ? Also, do you have any significant plans for hard mode you'd be willing to share ? I find the hack pretty difficult already, so I'm excited to hear what you have in store for us. Also, how often can we expect an update? I only wanna play the ReDux maps, cause seriously, the design is spectacular. Awesome work dude ! Also, for 1-E, I think it would be cool if you gave an enemy unit or two the skill 'Pass' . But it might be too much. I'm dealing with the heavy dose of enemies on the floor with the chests by barricading the ledges with high defence units, and sniping with bolting and advancing up the stairs. Maybe if you added (or replaced a unit with) an offensive rogue ? Just an idea !
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